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Peet's Coffee Shop

Here is a live video I made to get a zyac message. At the time I was wondering about my V8 powered RV and pondering running the RV on alcohol. Then I got this zyac message, which suggested  i run the RV on hydrogen (H) by separating the hydrogen from the oxygen in water. H2O is 2 hydrogen. If I remember my chemistry correctly, H2O can be written HOH, but perhaps HOH means separating the Hydrogen molecules from the Oxygen molecule.

The Zyac Game

On a whim I decided to set up a small wood TV tray table and do some Zyac readings for people walking on Venice Boardwalk.

I didn't have a sign. It was just me and my table. So I called out and said, "Free reading!"

A woman trailing 5 daughters and pushing a baby stroller with a baby boy in it. The woman was in a real rush, but I convinced her to get a free Zyac reading. She kept interrupting me, "Hurry! I've got to go." And,

"What's it say? Am I going to get a job?" at which time a daughter said, "Stop having babies!"

I got the coordinates for the buttons so I was ready to turn the buttons over. You get the coordinates first and then you turn the buttons over. I saw the message immediately. It was obvious, but I decided to tell an alternative message. The message was,


So, "X the URG mamma.",

but for whatever reason I said something else.

X is time (cross, times)

I can give you a message now:

Time, U R Good. (good for you now. it is time. Time for ur (your) good.) Also, time for UR (yur) godhood, connecting with perfecting your spirit.

It wasn't time for the above message for that family, so I fumbled around and said something similar. I could have said "Listen to your daughter mamma, X the urg." but maybe I didn't want to develop a following there. Word could have gotten around real quick as the family was from Anaheim, CA, very close to Venice Beach.

Finally the mother got the message and her eyes got real big with an expression of fear on her face and she quickly said, "OK! Time to go!" and she startled away, pushing the stroller on by, the daughter's slowly trailing along in a kind of daze to this new experience, the girl who posed the comment with a quizzicle look on her face.

See how funny the zyac game can be? Ah ha ha ha.

: - )

Venice Beach

Peet's Coffe Shop in Los Angeles used to give access codes for 2 hour internet access. The access code was 4 characters, a combination of letters and numbers. I got some profound messages from those access codes. I showed a Peet's manager the copies of codes that you can see on the About Us Too page of this website. 2 weeks later Peet's discontinued the internet access codes.  : - )

And then the manager transferred to Long Beach. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I was missing the good messages at Peet's so I came up with the Zyac Game, and now I can get messages anytime I want to.

I used to do 5 or 6 character sets when getting a Zyac message, but now I mostly do 3 or 4 character sets. Easy and fun game. See the videos to learn how. You can use coins or stones and buy the character buttons by typing  "wood craft discs" in ebay search. You don't have to use a board. A table works. Simple to do, so enjoy.