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Peet's Coffee Shop

Here is a live video I made to get a zyac message. At the time I was wondering about my V8 powered RV and pondering running the RV on alcohol. Then I got this zyac message, which suggested  i run the RV on hydrogen (H) by separating the hydrogen from the oxygen in water. H2O is 2 hydrogen. If I remember my chemistry correctly, H2O can be written HOH, but perhaps HOH means separating the Hydrogen molecules from the Oxygen molecule.

The Zyac Game

Peet's Coffe Shop in Los Angeles used to give access codes for 2 hour internet access. The access code was 4 characters, a combination of letters and numbers. I got some profound messages from those access codes. I showed a Peet's manager the copies of codes that you can see on the About Us Too page of this website. 2 weeks later Peet's discontinued the internet access codes.  : - )

And then the manager transferred to Long Beach. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I was missing the good messages at Peet's so I came up with the Zyac Game, and now I can get messages anytime I want to.

If you're all alone in a lonely world the Zyac Game is a truly good friend. Get your messages and see what you come up with.