40 buttons: numbered 1 to 36 (there are 36 chapters in Talmud of Jmmanuel. 4 blank buttons.

The Answer to the Economic Problems of this planet.

This is in addition to the other portion of Chapter 12 shown in the Blog. I was going to put this in the Blog, and still intend to do so to explain further how this will solve all economic problems of the planet. Perhaps you can figure it out.

12:24  "And you should adhere to additional laws, so that you will have

prosperity on earth and peace in your families.

12:25  "Do away with the enforcement of the old law that woman should be subject to man, since she is a person like a man, with equal rights and


12:26  "But when a man marries a woman, he should pay to her most trust-

ed steward of her possessions a price as security, so that she will not

suffer from lack of necessities.

12:27  "The price should everywhere and always be reckoned such that a

hundred pieces of silver will be required for each year of the woman's

age, if her health is not lacking. Thus she will be measured in accor-

dance with her knowledge, abilities and strength.

12:28  "The price should not be considered that of a purchase, but as securi-

ty for the woman, so that she will not suffer any lack.

12:29  "The bond of matrimony between man and woman should be permit-

ted only if both are mentally competent and capable of conducting a

marriage according to the laws.

12:30  "A marriage agreement between man and woman should be conclud-

ed only when the price for the woman is paid.

12:31  "If, according to prearranged agreement, no price is paid, the law

applies that the man must provide for all the wife's necessities.

12:32  "A wife's infertility is no cause for divorce, nor for other judgment or


12:33  "The only basis ever for divorce, besides adultery, is the destruction

or endangerment of the material consciousness, the body, or the life

of a member of one's own family.

TJ Game, 8-18-2018

1st time I have done this game. It worked perfectly. Very very slow and solemn movements with the pendulum that day with this particular TJ message. I was only expecting it to pick one chapter, but it picked 3 chapters. Each of the chapters chosen in this particular reading has 4 pages to choose from.

This message comes from my 3 ladies and the whole galactic citizenry. 3 chapters is my ladies, times 4 pages = 12, the number for the galactic citizenry. The explanation of the derivation of the messages is below these 3 messages. Here are the 3 messages.

The Prince of What?

10:42a  "Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth.

10:42b  "Truly, I have not come to bring peace, but the sword of knowledge

of the power of the spirit, which dwells within the human.

10:43  "I have come to bring wisdom and knowledge and to provoke son

against father, daughter against mother, citizen against government and

believer against preacher and priest.

10:44  "People's enemies will be their own family members.

10:45a  "The path of truth is long and the wisdom of knowledge will pene-

trate only slowly.

10:45b  "Dark ages will follow, centuries and millennia, before the truth of

the spirit will penetrate to the people.

10:46  "The unrighteous and the ignorant, including the scribes, priests and

authorities, will hate those having the knowledge, so they will perse-

cute them and sow enmity."


Lets be true. If they're following false teachings and they don't want

to change individually or collectively, who cares what happens to them?

"practice love in truth and don't doubt"

"Though those of you who dread its onset, knowing the addi-
tional suffering that will be endured by the many you consid-
er the pawns of innocence is understood, yet indeed are they
innocent? The same opportunities that have been afforded
you, though they may have been clothed in different appear-
ances, have been offered to all."

pg 21  Becoming

21:11  "Truly, truly, I say to you:  If you are knowledgeable and understand-

ing in spirit and embrace wisdom, and if you practice love in truth and

don't doubt, you will not only do such things with blind eyes, but

when you say to the fig tree:  Dry up, it will dry up, or when you say

to a mountain:  Lift yourself up and throw yourself into the sea, it will

come to pass.

The Mistakes of the Fellow Men

19:16a  "If your fellow man makes mistakes and embraces false teachings, go

to him and confront him in private.

19:16b  "If he listens to you, you have won your fellow man.

19:17  "If he does not listen and continues to misunderstand, leave him,

because he is not worthy of your teaching once you've done every-

thing possible.

19:18  "It is better to let an unreasonable person walk on the path of misery

than to bring confusion to one's own spirit.

19:19  "Truly, I say to you:  The heavens will fall down before an unreason-

able person can be taught reason; therefore, beware of them.

19:20  "Sow the seeds of wisdom on firtile soil where they can germinate,

19:21  "because only germinated seed will bring forth fruit."

Coordinates derived were 3 2/3, and 43. Turning the buttons over revealed Chapters 10, 12 and 35.

6:10  "Be aware also, that through this sacred thing the almighty power of

           the spirit always dwells within yourself.

My spirit, you are omnipotent. Your name be holy.

My spirit, wake up, we need solutions. My spirit

wake up. We need you. Or wake me up to you.

6:18  "However, if you believe in the false teachings that the power and

          spirit do not dwell within you, then you will be without knowledge

          and will live in spiritual poverty.

6:19a  "Though you will also receive now and then what you in your false

             belief request from misused sacred things, idols and gods, you will be

             receiving only out of your stong false belief, without knowledge of

             the real truth.

6:19b  "Truly, I say to you: Blessed are only those who serve the actual truth

             and knowledge, because only they receive in honesty.

Turning buttons 2, 3 and 4 over revealed, the 4th page for Chapter 10, the 3rd page for Chapter 12, and the 2nd page for Chapter 35.

Then pendulum determined the range of the 2nd page of Chapter 35 to be from the top of the page to about 1/3 from the top for the lower range of what to read.

Since each of the chapters chosen has 4 pages in the chapter, we only needed buttons numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Pendulum picked button 2 for Chapter 10, button 3 for Chapter 12, and button 4 for Chapter 35.

The right mark shows the upper portion of the 3rd page of chapter 12 to read. The left mark says read all the way to the bottom of the 3rd page of Chapter 12.

Clarification to "The Essenes" page

35:12  They took Jmmanuel to a meeting that was secret because their asso-

ciation was not permitted and they feared the people.

35:13  Among them was one named Juthan, the oldest of the secret associa-

tion in Jerusalem, who said,

35:14  "Behold, we know very well what happened to you in your life, but

we do not know why you are still among the living. So, do tell us your


35:15  But jmmanuel was afraid that he would be tied up and returned to

Jerusalem if he reported everything to the Association of the Essenes.

35:16  yet he told them what had happened and how he fled from Jerusalem

and came there.

35:17  Juthan, the eldest, said, "Behold, we belong to a secret group called

the Association of the Essenes.

Talmud of Jmmanuel Game

Well I wasn't intending on writing up this whole page today. I just wanted to do the heading right now and leave it for tomorrow or something. But my ladies loving energy is right here with me, and I can't resist their love. I guess I'll get going on this today. Might take a little break right now and feel this love.......... aaahhhh. Mmmmmmmm.  

  : - )                      Troubadour                      English Sunset (the one I want is the one I'm aiming for. Whatever destiny says. Miracle or not,

"Creation is above...... and above everything."

34:1  Jmmanuel preached powerfully saying, "Behold, Creation is above

         humanity, above god and above everything.

16:44  "Never doubt in the power of the spirit, which is part of Creation

             itself and therefore does not know any limits of power.

16:45  "Behold, there was a little bird that circled high in the sky and whis-

             tled rejoicing about life when a strong gust of wind came and made it

             waver.  It suddenly doubted its power to fly, plummeted down and was


16:46  "Therefore, never doubt the power of your spirit and never doubt your

             knowledge and ability, when logic proves to you the law of Creation

             in truth and correctness."

7:15  So if you, now, though being wicked, can nevertheless give your chil-
          dren god gifts, how much more will your spirit give you, if you ask
          for it."

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Top of Page

Next, 2 buttons are moved far apart and represent the top of the page and the bottom of the page.

Then, using the pendulum and a marker (or 2 buttons; I prefer using the marker.), you are going to find the portion within that page to read. This is the portion to read on the 4th page (last page) of Chapter 10.


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