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empty, low or no energy, false teachings, dark side, parasitic.

Comes a time you might realize the pendulum is better in the drawer.

I use my pendulum all the time. I love my pendulum. So soothing. So loving.

The Pendulum, The Way

expansiveness of this energy has created galaxies, solar systems,
planets and beings becoming to appreciate the process. This
energy is as powerful as it is subtle. The more relaxed and know-
ing the “intender”, the more potent the result."

101  Embracing the Rainbow


Not a s#*^t -faced grin. Some kind of devious grin though

The pendulum is the way of the spirit. The pendulum will make you laugh and smile. This is the way of the spirit; the pendulum will comfort you, soft, soothing, gentle, insightful, sometimes heavy, sometimes adamant, always for you, the pendulum.

Generally, back and forth with the pendulum is like nodding your head up and down, and left and right is like shaking your head no. Even if the pendulum is serious, the pendulum's movement has a calming effect.

It took me 4 years before I ever got a clockwise on the pendulum. I bought a book at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood.  The book purported to teach people how to use the pendulum, written by a man from India, a picture of the smiling author on the back of the book with what has been called "a s#@t -faced grin". (When you see that kind of smile beware and watch out!) The author said in the book, "When the pendulum goes clockwise that is yes. When the pendulum goes counter-clockwise, that is a no." (no doubt he wrote that with a smile.)

I never got a clockwise with the pendulum so I said, "This isn't working!" Throw the false teachings away. And I did. I threw that damned book into the recycle bin. Because of that book and because I didn't search further it was 14 years before I ever got a clockwise! 14 years!   (4 years after starting the pendulum.)

Throw the false teachings away! The quicker you take up the true teachings, the quicker you will throw the false teachings away, for good, for good, forever.

10 years after the lousy book I finally got introduced to my very good friend, the pendulum and the correct way to communicate with this new friend of mine.

"... because Creation is the immeasurable secret."

Note: You might want to do the pendulum alone. It can be devastating for a time if other people observe you doing the pendulum.

Talking Pendulum

Referring to the pendulum swing, a guy told me, "Your yes is my no." I said, "You mean up and down is 'no' for you?" He nodded his head and said, "Yeah, my dad used to shake his finger back and forth at me (Don't you do this! Don't you do that!)"

Later, after some time the guy said, "My 'yes' is now up and down."

6:6  "The human spirit does not need many words, however it needs

knowledge to be powerful.

6:7  "Pray therefore to the omnipotence of the spirit, in the knowledge that

its greatness and power are infinite.

6:8  "If you do not know how to pray directly to the almighty power of the

spirit, make use of something which is sacred to you to help you

make connection to the spirit.

6:9  "But never be like the ignorant, the hypocrites, the idol worshippers

and the selfish, who worship something sacred in the belief that the

omnipotence of the spirit dwells in it.

6:10  "Be aware also, that through this sacred thing the almighty power of

the spirit always dwells within yourself.

6:18  "However, if you believe in the false teachings that the power and

spirit do not dwell within you, then you will be without knowledge

and will live in spiritual poverty."

6:10  "Be aware also, that through this sacred thing the almighty power of
the spirit always dwells within yourself.

full, abundance, good energy, high energy, the plus side,

Light side, true teachings.