The Prophecy (chapter 25)

25:44  "The structure of the heavens and of the air will be disturbed, and the

            land will burn because of the black oil of the earth, ignited by the

            greed of the people, and the sky will be dark because of smoke and

            fire, and so the weather will break down, and severe cold and many

            deaths among people, plants and animals all over the earth will result

            from people's power senselessly developed, and people will live with

            their greed for power and mania and vice."

                                                         - Talmud of Jmmanuel

This is my rocket stove, my own design made out of a 5 gallon bucket. 3 inch burn area was made by getting a 3" mailing tube and making a 90 degree L out of it.

The exhaust pipe (to the right) is 1 1/2" metal pipe. That is a galvanized 90 degree L at the bottom.

25:25  "If these days were not shortened, no one would remain alive; but the

            days will be shortened for the sake of the spirit and of life.

25:26  "This is for the sake of people who serve the truth and the laws.

25:27  "There will be howling and chattering of teeth when this time comes,

            because of people's lack of understanding and greed.

25:28  "They will build machines made from metal for use in the air, on the

            water and on land, to kill off one another.

25:29  "They will throw heavy projectiles out of these machines made of

            metal, across the land and the cities,

25:30  "and fire will come out of these projectiles and burn the world so that

            not much will be spared.

25:31  "They will put the cornerstones of life into the projectiles to kindle

            the deadly fire.

25:32  "If at that time powerful people did not appear as did the celestial

            sons long ago, in order to bring to a standstill the unobstructed mad-

            ness of the deluded dictators, truly, I am telling you: No human being

            would survive.

25:33  "Since the human races will at that time comprise far more than ten

            times five hundred million people, great parts of them will be eradi-

            cated and killed.

25:34  "This is what the law ordains, because people have violated it and

             will violate it again into the distant future.

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Gulf War 1990, & Automobile Pollution

"black oil of the earth, ignited by the greed of the people"

Pretty depressing huh?

My upper dimensional team really gives me a lot of energy when I did the Zyac Game page just now.

So go to the Zyac page and have some fun. Maybe you'll get some insights on this with a zyac message.

"It's not the way that you say it
When you do those things to me.
It's more the way you really mean it
When you tell me what will be."

Question, The Moody Blues

"Listen to the tide slowly turning
Wash all our heartaches away
We're part of the fire that is burning
And from the ashes we can build another day."

The Story In Your Eyes, The Moody Blues

25:45  "Then there will appear signs in the sky, and all races on earth will

            cry and come to see the signs in the clouds of the sky that witness of

            great power and strict judgments against irrationality.

25:46  "Since God is the ruler over three human races, the laws and com-

            mandments of Creation will be valid in all eternity through which, as

            representation of Creation and human irrationality, people will judge      

            themselves with anger.

25:47  "People owe their existence to God, who is the ruler over them, so that

             they have to follow his commandments and respect him as the great-

             est king of wisdom.

Grand Solar Minimum chart from Adapt 2030 who are predicting 2019 winter to be 6 times worse than 2018 winter. If 12 feet of snow in 2018, then 6 times is 72 feet of snow in 2019.

Note: I don't see how they conclude 6 times harder winter in 2019 compared to 2018, when the line on 2019 is only a little more than twice as long as the line in 2018. The line in 2020 is only a little more than 4 times the line of 2018. But maybe the line size is exponential. 2018 was far more severe winter than 2017, and look at those 2 lines compared to each other.

This rocket stove is for my RV where it sits in the picture (Got to declutter.) I haven't fired this stove up yet; you can see the tube on the bottom left hasn't been burned off yet. I'm getting a steel plate for the top.

Rocket stoves use 1/4 the amount of wood as other stoves; maybe better than that. This stove is likely to use 1/7th the amount of wood of regular stoves because of the good mass around this stove and the small burn area diameter. Pendulum says 7.... 6 or 7. (Yeah, there I go with that pendulum again.  : - )

Use the concrete mix called Quicrete 5000, or equivalent. I am going to run the exhaust pipe up to a skylight close by.

A good solid stove and my first time working with concrete in small area like this. I used 2 four foot long 3/8" rebar and 1 three foot long, so its got a lot of metal in there. I let it cure for a couple weeks, took a knife, scored a couple lines and the bucket came off real easy. The bucket was the mold and was not reusable so I tossed it in the recycle bin.

The Great Cold

July 15th 2018 video. No sun spots means cold weather coming.