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The Essenes

(see also TJ Game pg, for more clarification.)

The False doctrine of Saul

26:30  When Jmmanuel had finished that speech, behold, a man named Saul

            came to him and said,

26:31  "You preach a new teaching, and it is strange to me from the begin-

            ning; it seems dumb to me, and your mind seems confused."

26:32  But Jmmanuel said, "How can you tell me that I am confused in mind

             when it is you who are confused in mind?

26:33  "Truly, I say to you: Since you are Saul and persecute me and my dis-

             ciples because of my teachings, you will change your mind.

26:34  "From now on, you shall be named Paul. You will travel in all direc-

             tions and will have to suffer for having called my teaching false and

             my spirit confused.

26:35  "You will heap great guilt upon your shoulders, because you will mis-

            understand my teaching and preach it falsely due to your lack of


26:36  "Your speech will be confused, and people all over the world will

            lapse into slavery and worship the false doctrine.

26:37  "When you place the land of the Greeks in bondage to an evil sect with

            your false teaching, you will call me "the anointed" in their language.

26:38  "It will be due to your ignorance that they will call me Jesus Christ,

            which means "the anointed."

26:39  "Because of this name so much human lood will be shed that it can-

            not be held in all the existing containers, which will be the fault of

            your ignorance.

26:40  "You are still persecuting me and my disciples because of my teach-

            ing, but soon the time will come when you will change your mind,

26:41  "when you face me again and assume that I am a ghost.

26:42  "Truly, I say to you: Like so many others, you will be greatly to blame

            that my teaching is adulterated and that the human races build false


26:43  "You will be the cornerstone for the folly that I will be called 'Jesus

            Christ' and the redeemer of a false sect."

26:44  Jmmanuel was furious, seized a stick and chased Saul away.

26:45  Saul, his thoughts full of revenge, joined up with Juda Ihariot, the son

            of the Pharisee, and discussed how to seize Jmmanuel to turn him

            over to the authorities.

                                                                     - Talmud of Jmmanuel

Chapter 35

Cults About Jmmanuel

35:1  It came to pass that Jmmanuel, his mother Mary and his brother

          Thomas traveled along to the cities near the sea in the North. Since

          time immemorial, warlike women lived there whose descendants,

          however, were now peace-loving.

35:2  He preached the new teaching to them according to his knowledge

          but had to flee from their cities because they tried to kill him.

35:3  Their own teaching, far removed from truth, was from a strict sect,

          and they punished with death followers of other teachings.

35:4  These people outlawed Jmmanuel and persecuted him as a rebel

          against their sect, so he fled.

35:5  It came to pass during his flight that he met a large caravan. he and

          his following joined it and went inland and into the mountains.

35:6  They traveled through the central part of the country for many weeks

          and came to another sea and into the city of Ephesus.

35:7-8  But Jmmanuel was ver much afraid and no longer preached his new

             teaching so that no one would recognize him, because in Ephesus

             there were many people, dealers and merchants, who came there from

             Jerusalem to conduct business.

35:9  There were many among them who knew Jmmanuel but felt hostile

          toward him; therefore he left them and veiled his face.

35:10  The dealers and merchants in Ephesus had spread the story of

             Jmmanuel and his supposed death, which had occurred two and a half

             years earlier.

35:11  However, after he had stayed in the city for a few days, behold, one

             of the merchants recognized him and informed those of like mind

             who belonged to a secret group called the Association of the Essenes.

35:12  They took Jmmanuel to a meeting that was secret because their asso-

             ciation was not permitted and they feared the people.

35:13  Among them was one named Juthan, the oldest of the secret associa-

            tion in Jerusalem, who said,

35:14  "Behold, we know very well what happened to you in your life, but

             we do not know why you are still among the living. So, do tell us your


35:15  But Jmmanuel was afraid that he would be tied up and returned to

             Jerusalem if he reported everything to the Association of the Essenes.

35:16  Yet he told them what had happened and how he fled from Jerusalem

            and came there.

35:17  Juthan, the eldest, said, "Behold, we belong to a secret group called

            the Association of the Essenes.

35:18  "Our seeking and knowledge are not attuned to the teachings of the

            scribes, but to the secrets of nature and everything that is inexplica-

            ble to people.

35:19  "You are great in your knowledge, and by all measure you have pro-

            gressed in knowledge far beyond us and the Pharisees, the

            astrologers, and even the elders and wise men.

35:20  "Therefore, join our group, be one of us and teach us your knowl-


35:21  But Jmmanuel answered, "Even if I should teach you my knowledge,

            it would not agree with your teachings because you follow human

            wisdom, whereas I adhere to spiritual wisdom.

35:22  "Therefore I think that our different teachings will be incompatible

             with one another.

35:23  "It is not my inclination to spread my knowledge and teaching secret-

            ly, as you do, because your secret association is not permitted.

35:24  "But let me think over the pros and cons for three days, because I

            must think about everything before I give you my last word on it.

            Then I will tell you yes or no."

35:25a  Juthan said, "Be it as you say.

35:25b  "Peace be with you.

35:25c  "Go, and give us your answer in three days, if you want to."

35:26  But Jmmanuel went away, fleeing from the city with his following,

            and traveled east, far into the country.

35:27  Jmmanuel said to his followers, "Behold, the Essenes live in a false

           sect, though their followers gather much of my teaching.

35:28  "Their old doctrine, however, is not the teaching of truth, knowledge,

            love, logic, wisdom and laws of Creation; therefore it is false and


35:29  "They have recognized this and are now weaving my doctrine of truth

            into their teaching of half-truths, to create a new sect, and they

            demean me by calling me one of them.

35:30  "They will claim that I am connected with their association and that

            they had helped me from the beginning of my life.

35:31  "They will also say that my teaching stemmed from the knowledge of

            their sect and that they had saved me from the cross as one of them.

35:32  "They will also claim that all my followers were from their sect


35:33  "and that I am the Son of God.

35:34  "But I tell you that I never belonged to this association of Essenes,

            and that I have nothing in common with it or its followers, and I never

            received any help from them.

35:35  "The Association of the Essenes is not the only group that will make

            use of my name.  Many sects will come forth in my name and there-

            by consider themselves great and want to appear this way before all


35:36  "Thus, strange sects will arise and glorify me to make themselves

            more credible, so as to enslave more people.

35:37  "Many sects will be established in my name, but only for the purpose

            of enslaving the human consciousness and freedom, thereby bringing

            great power over the people and their land and money.

35:38  "But I tell you that no sect is just unless it recognizes Creation alone

            as the highest power and lives according to its laws and command-


35:39  "There will be no sect which preaches truth, knowledge and wisdom.

35:40  "it will be two times a thousand years before the time comes when

            my teaching will be preached anew, without being falsified, when the

            condition of  false teachings and sects, the lies, cheating and deceit of

            the conjurers of the dead and spirits, the soothsayers and clairvoyants

            as well as the charlatans will be at their peak.

35:41  "Until then, there will be so many false sects, liars, impostors, char-

            latans, conjurers of the dead and spirits, false soothsayers, clairvoy-

            ants and false mediums who claim to be extraterrestrial, from other

            dimensions and coming from the distant depths of the universe, that

            they can no longer be counted.

35:42  "They will be built on human blood, hatred, greed and power, lies,

            deception, trickery, misunderstanding, self-deceit, confusion of con-

            sciousness and mania.

35:43  "But after they have been established they shall be destroyed, because

            the truth shall triumph,

35:44  "for there is no untruth that shall not be denounced as a lie.

35:45  "There is nothing hidden that shall not become evident.

35:46  "People shall recognize what is in front of their faces, and what is hid-

            den from them will reveal itself, provided they search for truth and

            the explanation derived from wisdom.

35:47  "But the truth lies deep and within the laws of Creation, and mankind

            shall seek and find it there alone.

35:48  "Those who seek shall not stop seeking until they find,

35:49  "and when they find, they will be deeply shocked and astonished, but

            then they will rule over the universe.

35:50  "People shall recognize from this that the kingdom is within them and

            outside of them."