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The End of the Federal Reserve Bank

This page is a work in progress.

Usury has proven itself the biggest violation of the laws of Creation; in order to keep people in the dark, thus keeping people from being smart enough to attack the usurers, the usurers money has to be used to promote violations of the laws of Creation. You have heard of "dumbing down of the population?" Promotions of the violations of the laws of Creation does that. Eventually the usurers print all the money they want to, corrupting any chance of audit by simply owning the government, and owning everything in sight.

I have not watched tv for 9 years now, movies too. 10 years ago, and even before that, they were showing violations of the laws of Creation right there on prime time tv, family time tv, family hour!; fornication on the screen for your kids to see. This was 10 years ago in 2008!; family hour shows like Buffy  and Superman, showing fornication on prime time. Same thing they're teaching kids in school too.

Who is funding this evil destruction of all that is good? The Federal Reserve Bank. Follow the money. You can't. They won't allow an audit. Guilty by refusing the evidence. "The 'traditional' enemies of truth."

The punishment for the banksters is castration, sterilization and loss of life multiplied by how ever many people are in the USA. So The punishment of the Federal Reserve officers is 400 million times to be castrated, sterilized and loss of life.

How do we cause this to happen? That will reveal itself more to you with the practice "daily, in due manner," the gaining of wisdom and knowledge, the right knowledge; the true teachings.

When the 100th monkey is reached through sharing this information virally around the world, then the Federal Reserve Officers will be forced to hand over the keys to the Federal Reserve Bank branch, every branch! Handing over the combinations to the safes and handing over the plates. Or the threat will be too great; they will have to do it.

Otherwise the consequences will be sharp and true.