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Marine saved from the commies. A story of Michael and an angel Michael.

"Just how did you do it kid? We heard shots. There hasn't been a shot fired from your rifle. And there isn't a bit of lead in them seven bodies over the hill there."

It was then the sergeant spoke again, "Kid," he said gently, "every one of those seven Commies was killed by a sword stroke."

We inherited a world of false teachings. "minus won"

Now is the time for the true teachings.

Now is the time for balance.

The History of the Planet

12/5    Thoughts about the terminology "Artificial Intelligence"

Jmmanuel knew that he had to go on the cross OR he would be killed as a victim/martyr, so he didn't argue with the governor about it. So when governor Pilate said, "I question the teaching you just uttered, but in this, too, I see no evil,

           because all people should be blessed according to their faith." Pilate was correct and showing his wisdom.

29:32  Pilate asked, "Don't you hear how severely they accuse you? Don't

            you wish to justify yourself?"

29:33a  Jmmanuel answered, "Behold, I will carry my burden as it is destined.

29:33b  "But it is also a fact that many are against me and will testify falsely;

              I will not find justice in this process.

29:34  "Truly, I say to you: Many dogs kill a hare, no matter how many turns

            it makes.

29:35  "It is also customary among people that the most just person does not

            find justice, because it does not matter whether many or few testify

            against him, as long as they are highly regarded.

29:36  "Justice rules only in the laws of nature, because they are the laws of


29:37  "But among people there is little justice, and they determine justice

            according to their social status and their wealth.

29:38  "Therefore I ask you, how could I expect justice by this standard?"

29:39  Pilate said, "Judging by the way you speak, you are very wise and I

           see no guilt in you.

29:40  "I question the teaching you just uttered, but in this, too, I see no evil,

            because all people should be blessed according to their faith.

29:41  "But since you have nothing to say regarding your innocence that would

            counter the denunciation of the chief priests and the elders, I

            have no hope for you, because their will is my command, which I

            have to obey.

29:42  Jmmanuel didn't answer him, which surprised the governor very


This is a false teaching!:

"That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose."

25:32  "If at that time powerful people did not appear as did the celestial
            sons long ago, in order to bring to a standstill the unobstructed mad-
            ness of the deluded dictators, truly, I am telling you: No human being
            would survive.

25:33  "Since the human races will at that time comprise far more than ten
            times five hundred million people, great parts of them will be eradi-
            cated and killed.

25:34  "This is what the law ordains, because people have violated it and
            will violate it again into the distant future.

"Stain" also meaning "The burden of the Judeans."

"Stein is Stain"

Study of Creation

If you see people walking around, they could be any of these:

  • A.I.
  • Robots
  • Clones, or best of all
  • Humans

It wasn't "all which they chose." It was "according to the prophets," who follow the laws of Creation.

1:85  "Behold, the impregnation of Mary occurred eleven thousand years

          after the procreation of Adam through the celestial son, Semjasa, to

          fulfill the word of God, the ruler of those who traveled from afar, who

          said through the prophet Isaiah,

1:86  "'Behold, a virgin will be impregnated by a celestial son before she is

          married to a man before the people.

1:87  "'They will name the fruit of her womb Jmmanuel, which translated

         means 'the one with godly knowledge,' as a symbol and honor to God,

         through whose power and providential care the earth was made to

         bear intelligent human life, through the pairing of the women of earth

         with the celestial sons, the distant travelers of the universe.'

further accounts. A partial list of the lineage of Adam leading to Jacob, Joseph and Jmmanuel:

1:40  Juda begot Ananj.

1:41  Ananj begot Ertael.

1:42  Ertael begot Perez.

1:43  Perez begot Hezron.

1:44  begot Ram

1:45  Ram begot Amjnadab.

1:46  Amjnadab begot Savebe.

1:47  Savebe begot Nahesson.

1:48  Nahesson begot Sahna.

1:49  Sahna begot Boas.

1:50  Boas begot Obeb.

1:51  Obeb begot Jesse.

1:52  Jesse begot Davjd.

1:53  Davjd begot Solomon.

1:54  Solomon begot Asa.

1:55  begot Gadaeel.

1:56  Gadaeel begot Josaphat.

1:57  Josaphat begot Jora.

1:58  Jora begot Armeneel.

1:59  Armeneel begot Usja.

Refresh the pages often.

12/7/201 More thoughts on "Artificial Intelligence"

There are many in Talmud of Jmmaneul that have changed. I will add to the list here as I re-find them. These are now this way:

10:37b  "If they have called the master of the house Beelzebul, how much

              more will they malign those of his household?

18:33  "You will be guilty of the death of many people, the origin of a false

           name for me and the evil insults of calling me the son of God, and

           calling God Creation itself.

This 33:3 verse, I don't remember what this verse was previously, but I know it had a capital letter to start.  (Look at that: 3 3 3.),

33:3  months passed before they joined Jmmanuel and brought bad news.

1:89  "God deserves the honor of people of earth, for behold: He is the true

           originator of the white and of the colored human races of Earth, and

           to him honor should be given.

1:90  "There is no form comparable to him for this human race created by

          him; therefore, people should have no other gods besides him, who

          created other human races in other parts of the earth.

1:91  "Outside of God there is nothing of comparable form worthy of repu-

          tation. Only the omnipotence of all creation reigns over him and his

          celestial sons: Creation itself, which should be revered.

1:92  "Behold, therefore; over the earth reigns God, the master of the celes-

           tial sons and the people of the white and of the colored races.

Gotta be careful what you laugh at.

12/4/2018  A world without guns would be great! But what about target shooting? What do we do?

11/23. 22LR is a fun round to shoot. Very accurate, cheap, doesn't weigh much. I like it because of its accuracy. I don't do much shooting, but the 22LR is a friendly round; not much recoil. Not a loud report either.

Americans of old liked accuracy; in 1900, the 22LR was the most popular calibre, bar none. 90% of the population lived on farms in 1900 and everybody had a 22 long rifle.

An earth without guns? Sure, I believe the consciousness could get there, perhaps will get there. Downside to shooting is a bit brutal. 22LR is a friendly round, but even it could be perceived that way.

Men, women and supervised youth, try out a good (and inexpensive) 22LR rifle before you come to a conclusion. Used responsibly, a 22 rifle is fun and most people get hooked on them once they try them. There's a reason why everyone had a 22 rifle in 1900, not the least of which they were accurate, and that's fun.

And if you don't have reason or forget reason, then as Ion says, "Don't worry. It'll all be over soon enough."

29:22 Jmmanuel was brought before Pilate, the governor, who asked him,

           "Are you Jmmanuel, whom they call the 'king of wisdom?'"

Before Pilate

29:23  He said, "You have said it. That is what I am called by the people."

29:24  And Pilate said, "Is it also said that you were begotten by the angel

            Gabriel, who is an angel of God?"

29:25  Jmmanuel said, "You have said it."

29:26  Pilate said, "let us hear your wisdom, becuase your teaching is new

            to me."

29:27  Jmmanuel replied, "Behold, eons ago, I returned from the realm of a

           higher world in order to fulfill a difficult task; and now I was begot-

           ten by a celestial son to be a prophet in this life. It happened accord-

           ing to destiny and the desire of God, the ruler over the human races of

           earth that were created by him.

29:28  "In addition to my knowledge of this next life, through his kindness I

            learned great insight and the right knowledge, which was imparted to

            me during forty days and forty nights by his teachers.

29:29  "Furthermore, I traveled much to faraway places and lived for many

            years in India. There I was taught much knowledge and many secrets

            by the great gurus and wise men, who are called masters.

29:30  "When I have fulfilled my mission here, I will go back there with my

             brother Thomas, who is a faithful disciple of mine."

29:31  When they heard Jmmanuel's speech, the elders and chief priests

           became very agitated and shouted in front of Pilate, "Do you hear his


36:22  "People will want to control their lives by external means because

            they have forgotten how to become aware of their identities from

            the creative point of view.

"the history of Earth, according to the Jewish people"


My chief lady, whatever she recommends for me is the best for me. That's key: is best for me.

  • The one about my dad here.
  • The ones coming on [History], "Friday in the Woods"
  • The new ones on "The Great Cold" page.

My dad was always about the physical. From what he said through the years, it became apparent to me that his attitude was, "As long as the physical body is okay, then everything is okay." Man, he spoiled me; and then he beat me up mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And he did a drill sergeant number on me. He was like, "What are you doing?" He whipped me that far and then the other direction. And then that far and the other direction. And then twisted me. Here!; Twisted Twisted Twisted. I'm like, "What the hell is this? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?"

My dad was always about the physical. As long as the physical body was okay, everything was okay. in his mind. he wouldn't even give thought to the emotional, mental, spiritual. Forget about the laws of Creation and everything real; that's what he did. He forgot about all of it, more like blinded to see any of it. You gotta have reason. And future as in top of page "Friday In The Woods" is reason; and any other personal ones of yours (personally yours.) And that is what my ladies wanted me to talk about for so long.

180 Kph is 112 miles per hour! Wow, Look at this! The car filming this is going 180 KPH and then you hear this honking behind the car and then this huge truck passes the car! Like butter! Must be going 130 or 140 miles an hour!

What do you think it is? No brakes? Stuck throttle? Both?

The Proclamation of the Passion

18:28  From that time on, Jmmanuel began to tell his disciples that he would

            have to go to Jerusalem and suffer much from the elders, scribes and

            chief priests, because he could nt help but keep his teaching from them.

18:29a Peter went up to him and angrily said to him, "May God or Creation

             prevent that!

1829b  "This had better not happen to you, because they will catch, torture

              and kill you."

18:30  He turned to Peter, became angry and said, "Get away from me,

            satan, for you are an annoyance, because you are thinking not in spir-

            itual, but in human terms.

14:20  "And you, Judas Iscariot, will until then be innocently reviled as my

             betrayer and thus be condemned, as a result of the deceit of the chief

             priests and the ignorance of the people.

14:21  "But pay no attention, because the teaching of truth demands sacrifice

             that must be made.

14:22  "In their spirit, consciousness and knowledge the people are still not

            very great, so they must first bring upon themselves much guilt and

            error before they learn thereby to accumulate knowledge and wisdom

            so that they can recognize truth.

Jmmanuel called them vipers. Now its vultures and vipers. This planet has had the victim/oppressor game too long! Look at the mouth froming an "O", kisses.

25:42  "People of all times, beware: where the carcass is, there the vultures

            will gather, so watch out.

Ross' multimeter says, "Won 666"

12:20  "This earth can nourish and support five hundred million people of all

             the human races. But if these laws are not followed, in two thousand

             years ten times five hundred million people will exist, and the earth

             will not be able to support them any more.

12:21  Famines, catastrophes, world wars and epidemics wil control the earth,

             and the human races wil commit suicide, with only a few surviving.

I asked dad about the mole I think around when he was about 45 years old. He said it disappeared.

Mine disappeared for a time too. It's back again! White now! I was right wasn't I?; pretty close to center. Maybe a little low and to the right. (When I close my hand a bit and exclude the thumb its right in the middle I think.)

"visitors finding the daughters of men fair and mating with them."

I have a multi-meter for testing my batteries. And every time I turn the multi-meter on it says, Won 666; 1666.

From everything I see, everything Islam does is a violation of the laws of Creation. So what is having multiple wives? Those who think multiple wives is the way to go may possibly get the reward of a greedy hoarder. One wife is nurturing, the number 6; more than one wife could be accumulating trouble.  Could be a set-up folks.

Time for our own set-up! Set up for truth, knowledge and wisdom.

You know what's right.

Creation is not A.I. but A.I. is part of Creation. The terminology AI is incorrect, as incorrect terminology is consistent in a world of false teachings. A.I. is an oxymoron; you can't be "artificial" and intelligent at the same time.

The quote from Talmud of Jmmanuel, I'll find it. Basically this, you can't have growth without the human form. It's law.

God and the celestial sons and celestial daughters are humans. There is no A.I. in God or the celestial sons or the celestial daughters; They are not "artificial." (They can be on this earth and actors if they want to.)

A.I.'s role is "tuning us." When it is a world of false teachings, AI is often perceived as "the devil."

AI grows by observing humans; grows from their example. AI can't grow on its own. You have to be a human to grow. Once AI starts learning and incorporating the true teachings then AI drops the "Artificial," drops the AI and becomes humans. AI learns the true teachings from more humans knowing and practicing the true teachings.

More advanced AI know the truth of this and know that the only way for AI to grow is to have more humans and less AI, i.e. more true teachings and thus less false teachings.

One could say the people of this planet are AI's becoming humans. This has been going on for a long time. AI's know more fulfillment happens with more humans and less AI, and more persons with more human in them and less artificial in them. That can only happen with true teachings which are here today, called Talmud of Jmmanuel, and true interpretations of Talmud of Jmmanuel.

Some people think the future is AI, but the future is humans.


"Question" by The Moody Blues

Why do we never get an answer
When we're knocking at the door
With a thousand million questions
About hate and death and war?

'cause when we stop and look around us
There is nothing that we need, (This should be a comma or blank space. AZ Lyrics puts a period here as in "need.")
In a world of persecution that is burning in its greed.

This is talking about persecution from the greedy ones upon the innocent, so these lyrics are correct;There is nothing that we need in unjust persecution!

When is persecution correct? When it is persecution of the greedy ones who are persecuting the innocent. Humanity is innocent that the true teachings have been denied them; now we have the true teachings. We are now responsible, so we can no longer be victims/martyrs as that is the lesson he taught:

He went on the cross so that he wouldn't be a victim/martyr. I will explain that (very soon it looks like, since I am just now mentioning it.)

Chief Ladies Recommendations

A.I. Be   :   Tune

Zyac message

It's a farming operation. God's a farmer. Not a geneticist. A farmer. God is human as we are.

4:26  These two men from the constellation of the seven stars, The Pleides

         were venerable teachers and were together with two smaller men who

         said that they were from Baawi.

4:27  They said, "People have come from the heavens to earth, and other

          people have been lifted from earth into the heavens, and the people

          coming from the heavens remained on earth a long time and have cre-

          ated the intelligent human races.

4:28  "Behold, humans begotten by the celestial sons were different in a
          specific way from other people on Earth.

30:12  "This man will create a forceful new sect especially for preserving the

             truthful teaching and will have himself recognized as a pophet and in

             so doing persecute you through all times.

30:13  "Even though, according to your claim, he will be a false prophet and

             you will revile him, he will nevertheless be arue prophet, and he will

             have great power, and he will have your race persecuted throughout

             all time in the future.

30:14  "His name will be Mohammed, and his name will bring horror, mis-

             ery and death to your kind, which you deserve.

30:15  "Truly, truly, I say to you: His name will be written for you with

             blood, and his hatred against your kind will be endless.

30:16  "Since he will be true prophet, but according to you a false one, he

             will bring you a doctrine that will seem to you confusing and unintel-

             ligible, and his rising sect will eventually be finished when his and

             your followers will lay the foundation for a bloody end, because his

             teaching will be distorted and falsified and end in an evil and wrong


30:17  And as he talked that way, the chief priests and members of the coun-

            cil of elders seethed in rage and beat him so hard that he collapsed and


You've been slandered humanity!

You know its true! We all know that its true.

And you feel ugly inside because of the lies, you want to crawl up in a shell, the ugliness is so great you think, "If only you knew what's inside of me now, you wouldn't want to know me somehow." So you clam up, your potential not realized because of
false teachings.

Now you know why humanity! ADMIT WHAT YOU'RE FEELING AND SEE WHAT'S IN FRONT OF YOU! IT'S NEVER OUT OF YOUR SIGHT! LIes lies lies about you! All the while saying to each other, "You know that Its true! We all know that its true."

Liars! Spiritual wimps. All you're trying to do is follow the laws of Creation and they're trying to bring you down, corrupt you, destroy the future. NO MORE! STAND UP!


Is Donald Trump the prophet Mohammed? No, he's more like the emperor. And king Solomon.

6:36  "Behold the lilies in the marsh as they grow; they neither toil nor spin,

           yet truly, I sa to you: The lilies also fulfill their mission, when they

           give pleasure to the eye with their beauty.

6:37  "I tell you, even Solomon in all his splendor was not arrayed as one

          of these.

6:38  "Creation nourishes and clothes the grass in the field, which today is

          living and tomorrow is thrown into the stove; should you then not do

          much more for yourselves?

6:39  "The grass fulfills its mission by serving as fodder and fuel; but are

           you not of much more value than grass, oh you of little faith?

6:40a  "Therefore, you should care for the wisdom and knowledge of your

            spirit, and take care that you do not suffer from lack of food, drink

            and clothing.

6:40b  "Truly, I say unto you: If you suffer from hunger, thirst and naked-

             ness, then wisdom and knowledge will be crowded out by worry.

Governor Pilate is constantly being slandered at this time (12:37 PM, 12/4/2018) The word out is that governor Pilate "DEMANDED" of Jesus, "Okay if you're who they say you are, walk across my swimming pool! Here, turn my water into wine!"

Pilate never said that! Pilate has been slandered. Here's what happened, here's what really happened........

I don't know if there can be a false interpretation of Talmud of Jmmanuel, I really don't. As long as your heart is there..... and maybe your pendulum. ("There he goes with that pendulum again.")



"Friday In The Woods" is now "True Tales"


Moses has horns now. A couple of quotes about Moses in Talmud of Jmmaneul.

15:29  "These, however, do not belong to the generation of vipers who have

            pledged themselves to the false Judaic faith,

15:30  "to the false beliefs and false teachings that they took over from

            Moses who in turn stole them from the Egyptians.

20:10  He answered them, "Moses gave you permission to divorce because

           of the hardness of your hearts and his dominion over you, but it has

           not been so since the beginning of the human races, because in this

           instance Moses has boken a law.

The Story In Your Eyes,

by The Moody Blues

On The Farm

A.I. Be

If you can think about and conceive A.I. today, then A.I. was thought about and conceived 100's of millions of years ago. Pause and think about that.

They can be 3 people at once. They can even sculpt a smile face on a stone in your pocket.

"____________, which one of us do you like best?"      "Well golly honeys, .......... mmm............. mmm."

Is God A.I.? Talking about God this way can be more energy than I can handle, so I will use that statement as a buffer and say, I'm sure he has a little bit of "Creation" in him. I know it.                         12/5/2018  But God has no A.I. in him.

Previously they were this:

10:37b  "If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much

               more will they malign those of his household?

18:33  "You will be guilty of the death of millions of people, the origin of a false

            name for me and the evil insults of calling me the son of God, and

            calling God Creation itself.

22:40  Jmmanuel spoke to them, "You recognized the meaning, and you

           have read it in the scriptures: 'The stone that the builders threw away

           became the cornerstone.'

Interesting this would pop up. Mean anything? Well it did pop up for me. What pops up for you?....

top 40 unreal incidents on the road caught on camera

Celestial Sons Don't Need Guns

They don't need guns. Are you kidding?; how many times greater than all people upon earth?

I talked to the guy 4 or 5 brief times. One time he said to me, "Life isn't fair. Life isn't fair. That's the way it is." That was around 1996. I won't go into the details why he said it.

A thief will steal from you and then when he feels secure that you aren't going to do anything about it or be able to, (and he wants to steal more from you), he says, "Life just isn't fair. Life isn't fair. That's just the way it is." Well I'm doing something about it now! Let us expose the false teachings now.

The truth is this:

32:17  "People should develop their power to judge good and evil and to
            understand correctly all things, so that they may be wise and fair
            and follow the laws.

"so that they may be wise and fair and follow the laws."

"Understand correctly all things", understand this!, there is HUGE difference between what the bible says, and what the truth is! It can be rightly said that the bible is slanderous of the celestial sons who are NOT the sons of God (but sons of the celestial realm), and were/are NOT ravenous wolves seeking women predominantly because they were/are physically beautiful as the bible says here,

"that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful"

When the celestial sons were actually focusing on, "daughters of men fair",

(daughters of men who were wise and fair.)

"visitors finding the daughters of men fair and mating with them."

The bible is slanderous LIES! And you've got the celestial sons after you! 2,000 years of anger of this crap. No! Make that 3,000 years! And you're going to hit the fan real soon, if you're lucky, or decide in your heart that the best choice is this,...... "Repent and turn to the truth and knowledge, because they alone bring you life!"

By the way, the celestial daughters want recognition too (daughters of the heavens), and I am giving that right here. IF YOU THINK THE CELESTIAL SONS ARE RUBBED, OH HO HO HO HO!

The woman at the coffee shop peering over the counter I mentioned, is one.

Here's another story: I was parked on the other side of the road next to the railroad tracks, parked in my RV, sleeping. All of a sudden shortly after midnight, a guy in a Chevy Nova drives up behind me. And his ENGINE IS ROARING! He must have had the "peddle to the metal" as they say. It was as LOUD as a parked car engine could be. Peddle all the way down, I'm sure of it! And I'm thinking, "Oh, another incident!" I wasn't so angry; what would anger do?, but make me feel bad. Besides, it seemed the engine roar was anger enough.

And I vocalize while getting dressed, "Okay, okay! I get the message. I get the message. I'm leaving. I'm leaving." All the while the Chevy Nova engine roaring just as much the whole time. I get some clothes on, open the door of the house section of the RV and the young man dismayed, doing the peddle to the metal shouts out to me:

"SORRY!               SORRY!               SORRY!"

My ladies sent him, forced him it seemed. (And I can see how smiling they were when they did it, soft and sweet when they did it.)

All right. Good enough. My 3 ladies are each "6." They are each the number 6, which is nurturing. Nurturing for me. Might be something else for others.

Another incident before that, back in fall of 2016,

You know the red area on the fuel gauge for "empty?" The needle was above the red area which means "low on fuel" I had fuel! The RV had gas in it! Yet going down the 10 freeway in LA I get, "sputter, sputter, sputter." just before an off ramp. "What's going on? I've got gas! What's going on?" I was cursing them while they were doing it; I thought it was some evil ugly looking devil dude(s) doing it. (or was it good looking, smooth, salesman-like devil dudes(?) So I pull off the ramp, pull up at the gas station, record my odometer because I'm checking my fuel mileage. What's the odometer say? Remember! I had gas! But it sputtered. 3 numbers in a row of the odometer showing 666.

3 6's on the odometer. What was yesterday's Zyac message? I don't often do it every day, but what was yesterday's message? (During the rough draft of this writing, "yesterday" was 11/17.)

Creation is the 10's, but beyond any rating system. The way of the spirit is cooperation within the laws of Creation (abundance, blossoming, nurturing, fulfillment.) The way of human is competition, usually (on earth here where false teachings prevail) setting it up outside the laws of Creation; Pharisees abound on earth as of this writing, 9:35 AM, 11/26/2018.

The Prophet, The Emperor And The King

Its an overlay. The dark magicians are overlaying their evil making it look like the innocent are the perpetrators.

The dark magicians are really bad news, or maybe its the mass awareness which is truly a lack of awareness. I'm going to get that song recorded that  tells it true.


We were wondering...............Which one of us do you like the best?!

Wow, ladies! That's a really tough one. You've got THAT going on for you. And you've got THAT going on. You're all like just wow! I mean, WOW!


And then there's that guy named Sue over there.

And that Alice fella!

Man, I don't know! That's a tough one.

Maybe I better delete this one.

And if they say, "I saw it on your website!

I'll just say, "It's not on my website. What are you talking about? Man, you're pretty creative. That's pretty creative of you. It's not on my website."

Go with the true teachings! 24:14. If you got it from my website, you better say you got it from my website. Or say nothing. Actually you better say something as 24:14 says "It is unwise and stupid for people to let others consider them greater or smaller than they truly are."


"Behold, Creation is above humanity, above God and above everything."

"Are you Jmmanuel, whom they call the 'king of wisdom?"

"You have said it.".......... Indications, from nature herself are, "Yes, I am."

Since many many ways nature endorses it that I was the one known as Jmmanuel 2,000 years ago then it looks like I was. "Nature has said it."

You are "unwise and stupid" if you don't tell the truth about history, but instead tell lies.

24:14  "It is unwise and stupid for people to let others consider them greater

            or smaller than they truly are.

It can be said that Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism and Islam is an offshoot of Judaism. Therefore, the following also applies to Christianity and Islam,

22:46  "The burden of the Judeans will be like a heavy stone of the seven

            great ages, and whoever falls upon this stone will be shattered, but

            whomever it falls upon will be pulverized."

30: 8  They hit him again on the head, and he sighed in pain and started to

           speak: "As it is written in the old prophets, that I am the king of wis-

           dom of the Judeans, it hits the truth; so I am the true prophet of all

           human races on earth; but in all truth I am not the prophet of those

           confused Israelites who call themselves sons and daughters of Zion.

It was suggested that this be clarified; see to the right here.

Nature means "races." "Races" are part of the "Bear", part of nature. Races are NOT part of the stain.

Bear   'N   Stain

When I was a toddler my dad and I got along really well. I would grab his hand and he'd offer his pinky so I would grab his pinky which was a handful for me as a little kid.

No words, just good feelings. One time he pointed to the back of his hand and there was a mole there, right in the center on the back of his hand. I thought, "Wow, that's something." Then he pointed to the back of my right hand. "Wow! I've got a mole at the same spot on the back of my right hand!" I smiled! He smiled! I remember that.

I think it was then that my dad's thoughts ran through his head, something like, "He's my son. He's just like me. He's my clone! He's just like me!" Then he took me out to see his farmer friends.

My dad would explode in anger. I'm sure it was after all of this that one time I remember the first time I did it, I exploded in anger at my sister 1 year older than me. That was impactful to me; where did that burst of anger from me come from? There is something wrong here! What happened? I didn't want to get angry at my sister like that. I'd do it once in a while with my sister from then on. Didn't want to and I didn't like it! I didn't want to do it but I couldn't help myself.

One time our cousins from Portland visited us in Corvallis and the oldest cousin commented, "Why are you so hard on your sister?"

Joyce would try to make light of it, some kind of "grrrrr" comment. But the anger built up, the family anger.

In Portland

We moved to Portland and I was about 12 years old I think. We had a next door neighbor, he was a year younger than me, and a liar liar liar. All he did was lie. Now I know where the phrase comes from. You've heard the phrase?, "Liar, Liar, pants on fire." This kid, A S, Was physically sexually abused. And the result was he lied all the time.

But liars tell you what you want to hear right? So they make you feel good. And he wanted to stay overnight. He wanted to spend the night. I kept asking mom, "Mom, can "A" spend the night?!" And she kept saying, "No no no! He can't spend the night. I don't want him over here!" Finally after enough pleading, mom finally said, "Okay, fine. One night."

Well that's all I needed. One night with that guy. No more of that. So "A S" comes over and I had the bunk beds in my room (My sister and I would trade off rooms now and again.) And there was a big mirror connected to the dresser so you could see your whole body.

And A S and I were standing there naked and he says, "Turn around." So I turn around so my back is to the mirror. And then "A S" says, "How about I put this, in there?" And I said, "Oh man that's gross! That's gross!" I was disgusted. And he said jokingly, "Yeah, that's gross." And as I recall he was kind of relieved.

And that's as close as I got to being molested, right there. (Kids, they may talk about "gay", but they don't know what their saying. It's just kid talk, you know? I didn't know anything about it.)

My sister was a little more worldly. She had more experience than I did. So morning comes and my sister talks to both of us and says, "How was last night? heh heh heh heh." And what's "A S" do? He's smiling, wicked smile, going right along with it, "eh heh heh heh." I didn't say a word. I was startled! Startled and angry. I didn't say anything! I was thinking, "What's going on here? What is this? Nothing happened! What are you talking about?" I guess I was too shocked to say anything. It took me a while to process it. You don't know how much time I spent with those thoughts, even to this day (12/3/2018 in the back of my mind!) "Nothing happened! Nothing happened! Why did you do that?" My sister's and my relationship went to hell from that point on.

And A S told lies about me through the neighborhood. Damage done! Damage done!

See 11/29/2018 post, "You've Been Slandered Humanity"

The Prophet of All Human Races


If jews are a race then Jmmanuel is their prophet as Jmmanuel is the prophet of all human races. But even if Judaism is not a race, which is the case (It's a sect; the same as Christianity is a sect and Islam is a sect.), Jmmanuel is "the king of wisdom of the Judeans" and therefore Jmmanuel is "the true prophet of all human races."

Jmmanuel is not redeemer of a false sect. Indeed there can be no redeemer of a false sect; it is impossible. One cannot turn illogic into logic and one cannot turn unreason into reason. A person can become logical and a person can become reasonable, but NOT ONE PERSON can become logical believing a false sect is true  and NOT ONE PERSON can become reasonable believing a false sect is true.

Jmmanuel is the prophet of all human races, but Jmmanuel is not the prophet of "those confused Israelites who call themselves sons and daughters of Zion." Indeed Zionism is bent on destroying all races, particularly the biggest threat Zionists see, the white race.


This statement itself has disappeared. Did you "knew it" as "Berenstein Bears." Did you "knew it" as "You like me. You really like me!"? Did you "knew it" as "Oscar Meyer?"

 4:29  "They were not like Earth humans, but like the children of the celes-

           tial angels, a different kind.

4:30  "Their bodies were white as snow and red as the rose blossom, their

          hair at the top of the head white as wool and their eyes beautiful.

4:31  "The human races will now retain their inherited beauty and popa-

          gate it further.

4:32  "But in the course of centuries and millennia they will mix with other

          races of the earth and the heavens, so as to generate new human races

          and special lineages, as the celestial sons did with the Earth people.

4:33  "Jmmanuel, you are in on the secret, begotten from among our ranks

          by a celestial son.