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This applies to Jmmanuel too:

15:29  "These, however, do not belong to the generation of vipers who have

            pledged themselves to the false Judaic faith,

15:27  "Unfaithful to the laws of Creation, Israel is a mass of people with an

            inglorious past, characterized by murder and arson.

15:28  "Only few fathers in the masses of these unfaithful have an honorable

            past and a traceable family tree.

15:29  "These, however, do not belong to the generation of vipers hwo have

            pledged themselves to the false Judaic faith,

15:30  "to the false beliefs and false teachings that they took over from

            Moses who in turn stole them from the Egyptians.

15:31  "These few patriarchs are knowers of truth and true knowledge, and

            they recognize only the laws of Creation.

Jmmanuel (Jesus) was NOT a Jew.

(i.e. He was not a member of the false Judaic faith)

but he is the prophet of the Judeans

Judeans? Israelites? Both?

25:3  "The Judeans trespass against life and truth, and they built this city on

          the blood of people; but these people are divided into Israelites who

          call themselves sons and daughters of Zion, to whom I am not close

          and who want to kill me, and into Judeans, who are misled believers

          of their sect, and to whom I bring the teachings of truth, as I do to all

          human races.

25:4  "The Israelites have plundered this land through rapaciousness and

          murder, they have killed their friends with whom they had drunk

          wind, and they have deceived and misled their fellow-believers of the

          Judean sect, who are actually Israelites but only followers of a sect.

25:5  "Thus the Israelites betrayed their own friends and murdered them

          because of their greed, but it will likewise happen to them on the part

          of the rightful owners of this land whom they have deprived of their

          rights and subjugated since ancient times.

25:6  And when he sat on the Mount of Olives his disciples came up to him

         and said, "Tell us, when will this happen, and what will be the sign?"