15:28  "Only few fathers in the masses of these unfaithful have an honourable

            past and a traceable family tree.

15:29  "These, however, do not belong to the generation of vipers who have

            pledged themselves to the false Judaic faith,

10:44  "People's enemies will be their own family members.

19:7  "Truly, there is no sense in life and no fulfilling of its meaning with-

         out searching, seeking and finding.

9:8  "It would be better to expel those who do not understand from the

         social life of the true seekers and of those who search for true life, so

         that they don't hinder those willing to seek the truth.

19:9  "But certainly the unreasonable ones will be willing to pay attention

         to the laws of Creation in their lives after expulsion.

19:10  "Woe to the world because of annoyances, because trouble must

           come from troublemakers; but woe to those by whom annoyances

           are caused.

Croats honour Adolf Hitler as a liberator.  Part of the plan was to instill as much royalty with Jewish blood, which Britain has.  What could anyone do:  Nobody had the true teachings.


"Why should we fight for Jewgesvili?"

$11.3 billion of USA tax dollars sent by President Rosnefeldt to keep the Soviet people in line.

It looked like an easy march to Moscow. “Stalin! You better watch out.”

Up to that time Stalin was the easy “butter-up.” Joseph Stalin who’s original name was Jewgesvili (Son of Jewess) had 3 marriages, all Jewesses. Jewgesvili (Stalin) surrounded himself with Jews (who were willing to play the tyrant roll and devious role), perhaps running in the door, “Joseph, Joseph, they love you! The people love you! You’re the best leader they’ve ever had. They love you Joseph. They love you.”

You know.  Tell him what he wants to hear.

So what happens when he gets word from those who are telling the truth?:  “The Nazis are meeting little or no resistance. They are making 50 miles a day. They’ll be here shortly.”  And then from the captured Nazi film footage showing the Nazis liberating all the Soviet people and the people smiling and happy and giving flowers to the Nazis, Stalin realizes what happened. It is reported Stalin suffered a nervous breakdown………. If he wasn’t crying like a baby!  Whatever he was, he was not functioning anymore:  If the Nazis wouldn’t get him his own people would.

Ukrainians waiving 'hi' to the Nazi troops driving by.  I guess they're waving 'hi,' right?  Looking at the footage, when they see the camera on them they wince cower:  such was the oppression in the Soviet Union.

Hitler and Mussolini reviewing the liberated lands.

So “Uncle Joe” as Rosenfeldt (and the media) affectionately calls Joseph Stalin doesn’t appear again for another 4 years until the Yalta Agreement, 1945.

During those 4 years, one of the Harriman Brothers was running the Soviet Union!One of the Harriman Brothers! And of course pinning the atrocities and the evil oppression on Stalin (Jewgesvili.) I’m not a fan of Stalin, I’m just saying lets be honest about everything.

Yeah! One of the Harriman Brothers! That’s an American financial company. And as Stalin leaves the picture, Rosenfeldt signs billions of dollars (of US money) over to the Harriman Brothers to run the Soviet Union.

What happened after the Yalta Agreement after Stalin appeared on the scene again? Stalin bans all Jews from Russia: And Russia never had it so good (as far as communism in Russia goes.) Shortly after banning all the Jews from Russia, Stalin was murdered by his physician.

So where did the Jews from Russia go? Maybe to surrounding countries, maybe. I think a lot of them went to Hollywood. McCarthy was right, he was absolutely right.

Now that the Jews are allowed back into Russia, those wonderful Soviet archives (explaining such things as Operation Highjump) are probably going to be ruined. They had great Soviet archives after the Jews were banned.

And it reminds me of this line:

30:8  They hit him again on the head, and he sighed in pain and started to
          speak: “As it is written in the old prophets, that I am the king of wis-
        dom of the Judeans, it hits the truth;
so I am the true prophet of all
          human races on earth; but in all truth I am not the prophet of those
          confused Israelites who call themselves sons and daughters of Zion.

(Mandela Effect in the caption:  Thank you Creation.)

Hitler's Jews

The slaves of the Rothchild banksters, those who won the war for the banksters are not the heroes of the world.

24:14  "It is unwise and stupid for people to let others consider them greater

            or smaller than they truly are.

"Victors" who "change" history for their own apparent gain are unwise and stupid.

"It's Berenstain Bears.  It's always been that way."

All the false teachings (hence all the problems) of this planet stem from Israel.  This is confirmed by Creation itself.  And Creation will give more signs of this until it is resolved.  Creation confirms:

"They stain everything and its always been that way."

Jesuits Take Over Vatican:  1960

Soviet Peoples Liberated

On the road to Moscow the Nazis met very little resistance. Up to that time, families of the Soviet block countries were torn apart so that they wouldn’t succeed, family members were taken away, tortured and killed. It was the 85% Jewish leadership that was doing that. 100 million white people of the lands were killed by the Jew leadership* of the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1941 and after the war. *Only a few Jews of the many were willing to take the positions as the tyrants. And the other 15% only a few of the non-Jews would take on the role.

The people of the Soviet block were bashed down and oppressed for 24 years, constantly. They had not much energy; not as much as they could have. Miles away they heard the rumbling of the liberator tanks coming to free them! (They didn’t have 10’s of thousands of Jewish propaganda films telling them how evil the Nazis were. These people know the truth.) Millions of German troops were coming to free them! The dispirited people of the land finally had a spark of life.
On the first day 1,200 Soviet planes were destroyed, like butter: They probably didn’t even get off the ground. The Nazis were meeting little or no resistance traveling 50 miles a day with their armored divisions.

After the first couple days heading toward Moscow the Germans realized all they really had to do was go after the top leadership Soviet oppressors.  The rest of the people, they were being liberated.

Stalin disappears completely.

The third message of Fatima was to be revealed no later than 1960:  That means Lucia could have revealed it any time before 1960.  She could have made the announcement in various venues, radio, newspapers, assemblies, conferences, etc.

The sweet talking members of the Vatican got to her.

And what happened in 1960?  Instead of revealing the 3rd message of Fatima, the Jesuits press on with Vatican 2.0 in 1960.  The Jesuits include many crypto Jews playing Catholic priests.  Ignacio de Loyola the founder of the Jesuit order was a crypto Jew.

Putin Invites Jews To Russia, Meets With Jews

The third message of Fatima was never to be called a secret.  The third message of Fatima was to be revealed to the whole world no later than 1960.

The third message of Fatima is this:

The Catholic church is TO BE NO MORE.

If this warning is not heeded the earth,  particularly Russia will suffer dire consequences, the wrath of Creation itself.

The wrath of God?  If Creation is behind it, it will be the wrath of God too and the wrath of the celestial sons:  The whole universe.

The Nazi soldier doesn't even have his gun drawn.

I saw other videos of smiling Russians and I thought, "Protesters?  Looks more like a celebration."  Today the realization:  Aw!  Perfect!  Mandela Effect!  "Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly."

Russia Part 2

Adolf Hitler Cheered By Liberated Soviets

Soviet uniforms?  Well, somebody's happy.

5:46  "You should be wise and learn knowledge because you will become

          perfect in spirit like Creation which conceived you."

5:47  "You should train your spirit and your consciousness in the course of

          incarnations and let them become perfect, so that you become one

          with Creation."

I consider waking up a new incarnation, a new realization is an incarnation.

More Soviet citizens saying "Hi" to the Germans.

God With Us (Gott Mit Uns) on

the German soldier's belt buckles.

5:41  "Offer your love wherever it is warranted and punish wherever the 

          law of nature demands punishment."


Protest of Jews being allowed into Russia?  (I don't speak or read Russian.)


The people of the "Nazi liberated countries on the road to Moscow" did not wait for the Nazis in order to take revenge on the Soviet oppressors.

Everybody's in on the act!

Hitler coming to view the victory (in his convertible........ with the top down........... unprotected.

Notice the troops are saluting Adolf Hitler driving by.  Those are soviet troops (see the hats.)  The German troops are too busy with duties.

Miracle of Fatima

3 Messages All Pertaining to Russia starting March 1917

All 3 messages of Fatima were presented before the invasion of Russia and surrounding countries.  The messages still apply today.  The third message of Fatima was never to be a secret. 

Miracle of Fatima was particularly warning about the invasion of Russia which happened the same year.  That invasion occurred October 1917.

Newspaper Headlines:  "Jews Declare War On Germany"??????  Which Jews declare war on Germany?  The ones who owned the newspapers?  Self-proclaimed overlords?

No Jews complained about this?  They all went along with it? 

The Jewish Talmud (an evil text) is the basis for Judaism, so who's going to complain?

(Above) Happy Soviet troops (liberated).  (Picture below) The German soldiers don't seem to be worried about being attacked by the "captured" Soviet troops do they?  (Wait till you see the Soviet troops saluting Adolf Hitler in his convertible car, coming to review the victory.)

Soviet citizens greeting the Nazis with flowers, smiles, love and thanks.

Soviets showing their "affection" for Stalin