A Few 2019 Crop Circles

"People shall recognize what is in front of their faces,"


35:36  "Thus, strange sects will arise and glorify me to make themselves

            more credible, so as to enslave more people.

35:37  "Many sects will be established in my name, but only for the purpose

            of enslaving the human consciousness and freedom, thereby bringing

            great power over the people and their land and money.

35:38  "But I tell you that no sect is just unless it recognizes Creation alone

            as the highest power and lives according to its laws and command-


35:39  "There will be no sect which preaches truth, knowledge and wisdom."

35:40  "It will be two times a thousand years before the time comes when

            my teaching will be preached anew, without being falsified,"

Crescent moon doesn't go nearly as far around as an eclipse.

The real prophet Mohammad was a white man, who created "a forceful new sect especially for preserving the truthful teachings", i.e. intelligence.

Attack On The White Man


Moon Phases


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9:36a  The mutes spoke after the evil spirits had been driven out.

9:36b  And the people were amazed, saying, "Such things have never been

            seen in Israel; how mighty is this new teaching about the power of the

            spirit, that it can accomplish such miracles."

9:37  However, the Pharisees spoke, "He drives out the evil spirits through

          their chief, and he blasphemes God, our Lord."

9:38a  And among themselves they spoke, "Who is this Jmmanuel, who pos-

            sesses greater wisdom and greater knowledge than we!

9:38b  "His teachings are mightier and more correct than ours, so he endan-

             gers us.

9:38c  "We must try to seize him, so that he will suffer death."

The Final Crop Circle of 2019:  August 24th, 2019

eclipse with corona

Jmmanuel (aka Jesus) was white.

24:14  "It is unwise and stupid for people to let others consider them greater

             or smaller than they truly are.

....................................... and that goes for races too.


It's an eclipse!

It never was a crescent. (They stole it like everything else.)

It is Mohammad's symbol, the real Mohammad's symbol, AN ECLIPSE.

24:1  Jmmanuel spoke to the people and the disciples, saying, "The scribes

          and Pharisees sit on the chairs of the prophets.

24:2  "However, refrain from doing and accepting anything they say, and

          neither act according to their works.

24:3  "They teach you falsle teachings, which they and their forefathers

          have falsified for their own profit.

"As taught by the religions at this time, personal power is transferred to and through an unknowable power and governmental bureaucracy. Both of these entities have been created for purposes of enslavement. The problem of education of the masses then presents itself. It is to be remembered, that it is the first few who are awakened and make the realization of this hoax that are the most difficult to convince of this reality. Thus, those precious few are to be valued and the education process continued for the process will become easier as the numbers increase. Though it seems but a pitiful few in view of the billions of beings that constitute the mass consciousness of the planet, it must be remembered that it took the opposition literally eons of time to reach the current control level.

A change in the understandings that they have slowly and carefully nurtured can be accomplished in a very, very short time because they defy logic. The mind of conscious beings constantly searches for logic in order that each may stay positioned within the linear perception of time and life experience. Illogic is a form of chaos and to assimilate illogic into a logical sequence requires a great deal of concentration. It is one of the reasons that rest or recreation away from this process is (pg 14) craved. Once illogical ideas are identified, then the sequential thought process reprograms itself, rather like a computer changing its internal arrangement of data to a more efficient combination of sequences. When illogic is perceived and the rearrangement of data takes place, then other illogical data is identified and the search is on to further identify any other illogical data present and to eliminate it also. Through this process, great changes in the mass consciousness can be accomplished."


While mankind is caught up in the delusion of servitude within the belief that the real rewards for obedience are withheld
until the end of the lifetime and are to be experienced in another realm, one’s personal power is totally compromised.
He/she lives in a state of belief that control rests out- (pg 66) side of any real personal control. “God’’ is the ultimate
source of all good humans themselves are the cause of all “bad’’ because of disobedience to some known or unknown
laws, rules or regulations that they have broken. Obedience and service are the watchwords of “goodness’’ which is the
“ideal of life.’’ To further add to the ambiguity of the situation, commitment to obedience and service allows for cruel
and inhumane treatment of fellow humans at the discretion of religion and government. Within this system, there is no
true freedom for mankind to determine who and what they are. There is no freedom to understand that the “God’’ concept
as taught is one perpetrated for one purpose only, to enslave and control beings that have the potential of becoming
totally equal to and surpassing the evolvement of those who are foisting this enslaving situation on the humans living
on this planet.

Until the humans on this planet are willing to awaken to the illogical data that is presented and understand that it has
an underlying purpose, and to accept that it is done for the purpose of control and for no other reason, no progress
toward true freedom can be attained. Life for humanity will continue on as it has for thousands of years. The games of
manipulation that are in progress now are but a prelude to the events to come. The aptitudes and adaptabilities of the human
body and psyche are being thoroughly studied in order to ascertain the future uses which the most adaptable will be
expected to withstand. A minimum criterion is being established and only those that meet this will be kept and allowed
to procreate. All others are expendable by whatever means are chosen; all of which will be part of the “survival of the adaptable’’
experiments. As unbelievable as this information may (pg 67) seem, it is the real truth of what underlies the chaotic activities
that are happening on this planet. What appears to be chaotic to the participants is a well planned strategy to keep
the inhabitants in a state of confusion so that there will be no organization by them to exchange information in a real way
toward an understanding of what is their intended future.

It is imperative that a portion of mankind think carefully through these messages and come to see the logic and
sense of them. These awake and aware people must then begin to actively share this information with all that have the
ability to stretch their awareness to understand and accept these concepts through logical thinking and to begin to
become aware that the potential of personal power far exceeds their victim reticence. Further they must understand
that this personal power need not and must not be measured in aggressive tendencies, but in the measure of mental, emotional
and spiritual focus. It is important to understand that the spiritual focus is not that of the traditional “religions”
toward a benevolent or malevolent “God’’ outside of the Self. Each must come to understand that their power rests in the
recognition that each has the opportunity to participate within the consciousness of galactic citizenship that contributes
to the composite of how the creative expansive energies of potentiality are directed either toward positive or negative
group experience. Unfortunately, this sector of this galaxy has long been caught up within the negative victim
and abuser/aggressor experience.

It will take true commitment and focused desire to break free of this well established pattern of experience. It is important
to note that the matrix of this pattern has now reached a level of vibratory expression that is at its limits. It is at a (pg 68)
point of vulnerability that will allow it to disintegrate into its own chaotic destruction if a new consciousness among its
victims were to become well established. It is this goal that underlies the purpose of these messages. It is this change in
consciousness that can be the catalyst that can bring about change and the end to the extremely negative experience that
has held this planet and others within its web. These messages are but part of an organized effort to awaken humanity
on this planet. By opening to the possibility that the information contains Truth with a capital “T” it is possible to
begin to find verification of it through other published material. It must be remembered that available information is
published through the perception and prejudice of the personal interpretation of the authors. Thus contradictions will
be found. Truth can be perceived as existing at the center of a circle with opinion and interpretation focused on it from
360 degrees of observation. It does exist and the more degrees from which it is observed, the clearer the perception
of it becomes. It is the openness to its existence that allows for the clarity and understanding of what is the Truth that is

That mankind was purposefully pushed along its path of evolvement for reasons of servitude are at the basis of understanding
the situation the inhabitants of this planet find themselves in at this moment. What must be further understood
is that the gift of self-awareness allows mankind to understand they are not limited to this servitude. It allows
them to lift themselves beyond this experience into full galactic citizenship with equal opportunity for continued
evolvement and participation in the expansion of potentiality. There is no permission from some unknowable super being (pg 69)
required. It is your already inherited gift. Each must however, accept the gift and move into the available citizenship and
accept not only its benefits, but its responsibilities by first realizing and accepting the true situation that surrounds them and
deciding it is time to change it, not some time in the future, but now. There are now available shifts in cycles and other
coincidental phenomena to support the necessary change in consciousness. These will assist humanity if the wisdom to take
advantage of this perfect time for change is utilized."

pg 70


"If all the individuals within the area of disharmony are not in agreement with the disruptive focus, then there can be intervening action to counterbalance the intended disruptive action if those in disagreement specifically ask for help to offset the intended plans. Agreement with the disruptive plans does not need to be informed agreement. In other words, the plans need not be generally known or understood. Passive agreement through ignorance is still agreement.

This is the reason that so much effort has been put forth by various individuals and organizations to alert and inform the people of this planet that there is indeed a subversive plan moving toward completion. This plan, if allowed to reach completion, will deny natural evolvement of life on this planet and will allow survival and enslavement of only chosen ideal candidates. Those who do become aware of and choose not to agree with these plans must then come together in agreement to focus on a plan of their own to create a different scenario for the populace and ask for what is called Divine intervention. However, this cannot be asked of an (pg 180) unknowable God that may capriciously choose whether to answer or not, depending on His mood that day. Such a God does not exist. Pure potentiality exists with multiple levels of awareness within its expression all the way “down” to 3rd dimensional awareness and even below that level. All these multiple levels of awareness combined may indeed be considered “God.” There are levels within this composite of awareness that are very great indeed. Consequently certain levels of this “God Awareness” can and do hear and answer prayers that are addressed to them correctly, either accidentally or through the understanding and application of the Basic Laws that all manifested awareness exists within.

To ask is the first important step. To continue to ask never allows the process to move beyond the asking stage. First ask, assume the answer is on its way and then continue to express appreciation that it is happening in its own perfect wisdom and timing. That “wisdom and timing” is greatly influenced by the one asking and how well that awareness is able to follow through with the two remaining steps after the initial asking. This is often called prayer. Nothing can happen until there is first asking. Then the next two steps, assuming it is happening (continued focus of intent) and expression of appreciation (allowance) controls the manifestation. It is that simple! A few additional details are helpful. Ask within a framework that allows what might be called “Divine Intelligence” or thought thinking to fill in the details. Doubt destroys results; trust insures them. It seems that these simple rules cannot be repeated too often, for habits formed through misinformation are difficult to overcome. It would be wise to reread this message frequently to remember these essential steps. (pg 181) 

“Divine Intelligence” encompasses the benevolent galactic brothers, sisters and androgynous beings that have evolved beyond your level. It is true that there are those who live in harmony within the “God Energies” that promote evolvement at all levels of potentiality expressing itself. This is the composite of all accumulated wisdom knowing itself and continuing its expansive experience. All awareness is a part of that magnificent pool of intelligence. It is also true that through free will, there are those that are experiencing in disharmony with expansive intent. It is important to understand that self-awareness can purposefully destroy itself by continuing its negative experience to the point of destruction, because the negative focus lessens (literally pinches off ) the focusing energies of the soul. However destruction by this method of weakening the connection to the soul is very difficult to do. Awareness can "muck around” in negative experiences for the learning that can be gained and then return to harmonious experience.

Many of those that might be considered to have great wisdom and experience have pursued both paths. To have a body destroyed by those experiencing within what is considered negative experience does not destroy the self-awareness. In other words, unless deliberately chosen, there is no real death, just the need to digest the learning available from the victim experience, then acquire a new body to continue the next experiencing opportunity into wisdom and evolve within the field of potentiality. The availability of bodies is sometimes limited and thus it is suggested to use the present one to the greatest advantage possible while you have it. Honor it and care for it. It is intended that a radiant “being” express love and caring for all “life” through it by thoughts, words and (pg 182) deeds. Align the overall individual intention with that framework and positive results happen."


"As taught by the religions at this time, personal power is transferred to and through an unknowable power and governmental bureaucracy. Both of these entities have been created for purposes of enslavement. "

pg 14 Becoming

"What appears as order now is indeed the rigid confines of institutions of experience that are out of balance within the galactic matrix of progress toward expansive progress or evolvement. Those who serve the focus of intention to bring this planet back into the flow of progress within the overall matrix must bring the center of their attention to this intent. (pg 21) At the moment, it is possible to visualize this planet as poised within a back flow or eddy that is out of the movement of this ever-present flow. Only through the focused intent of this special group can it be drawn back to its position within that flow. Visualization in unison or agreement is the most powerful tool available. It is through the Handbook of the New Paradigm, Embracing the Rainbow and this book to the known few who are at this time actively focusing their thought energy to this purpose, that this agreement in active corrective movement can be made known. Though the group doing this seems pitifully small, it is extremely effective. Those involved in this activity are not entities of small experience or ability. This is not the first time any of these has served the forces that organize in times of imbalance that brings opportunity for leaps forward in expression and expansion for this or other galaxies. This is not meant to feed the ego, but that each may begin to recognize that there is great power within their commitments. The time willingly spent in individual and collective focus on the desire and intent to literally focus this planet through this difficult process of evolvement is well worth the effort involved. As this focus is made within a continuing commitment, the law of attraction will draw to it the sufficient number to begin the momentum of energies that will bring about the movement within the mass consciousness necessary to refocus the alignments that currently exist. It is through the recognition and acceptance of the possibility by each of those who read these named books and circulated materials that this focus will build upon itself within a mathematical format that will underlay the process.

It is necessary that each lay aside modesty and reluctance (pg. 22) to accept the possibility that each is indeed a special and powerful entity that has donned a robe of obscurity and forgotten their origins that each might remain unknown not only to yourselves, but to those of evil intent until this present moment. It is time to assume the proper identity and come into the role of service as was agreed upon before this series of lifetimes was accepted as part of the service contract. It is time to realize that this is who and what you are and what you do and have done before. It is a matter of simply remembering and adapting what you innately know to fit the current requirements. A certain amount of reluctance is natural because of the human format that contains your awareness. It is understood that this involves a literal containment, or restriction upon your ability to realize your true identity. Thus these messages continue the process of awakening your remembrance, stimulating your desire to participate and applying pressure to your commitment to this project.

As you contemplate the possible truth of these words, within your inner awareness the energies contained in this process do their work and the truth begins to root itself and grow. That which constitutes your segment of the “mission impossible,” as it seems to the conscious mind, begins to be
drawn into your daily experience. A knowingness of what is appropriate and necessary is apparent and seems the only possible thing to do. It will not seem that what you do as a part of your daily experience will be at all heroic, but through the combination of these daily contributions by the growing group committed to this project, much will be accomplished. It is in the accomplishment of these seemingly small contributions that the rooted truth of who and what (pg 23) you are will grow. At the moment of necessity when each must stand forth within that identity and declare the truth of the future of this planet, the ability to do so will bring a natural, powerful and pivotal shift that will cause the desired transition to occur. It is knowing that the needed commitment to the totality of the necessary change does not require great personal sacrifice or the need to stand alone before the forces of evil and suffer great bodily harm that allows for the commitment to service to be accepted with enthusiasm.

Though we admit there are a few exceptions to this pattern of service, those who accept these roles are well aware of their identities and their commitment to this level of service. To these few, loyalty, special help and guidance is constantly at hand. Blessed indeed are these special beings of commitment  to leadership within this focus of service."


"It has been the purpose of these messages to both encourage and lay out carefully a picture that is comprehen- (pg 47) sible and contains as much truth as possible so that it might be accepted by minds that have been misled and taught to misperceive. That it contains some information that might be less than the total truth is plainly admitted. It was designed to bring its readers forward in an ongoing process of learning concepts and then leading each forward to accept others that opened new vistas of understanding. In rereading the material, contradictions will be found. It is hoped that those that do this will be able to understand the process and realize the purpose and methodology that was employed. The reeducation of an entire population is not an easy process when the basic understandings are purposefully contradictory in a planned and ongoing effort to cause conflict and separation between large numbers of people with incredibly diverse cultural differences.

To conceptualize the problem is to understand its probable impossibility, but that is exactly what the “controllers” are counting on. Let us make every effort to surprise them."