"It's all about you Ross!  It's all about you!"  I never said that.  The Chriminals said it.  Looks like it puts me closer to Creation though:  I've earned it.

17:24  "Oh, you of little knowledge, does your understanding still not

             exceed the stupidity of the people?"

17:25  "Beware, or you will see me in a false light and accuse me of an ori-

             gin that I cannot claim."

4:42  "Jmmanuel, they will also taunt you as God and his only-begotten son,

          and you too will be set equal to the mysterious Creation.

4:43  "Nevertheless, do not heed these false teachings, because millennia

           will pass before the people of these human races will be able to rec-

           ognize the truth.

4:44  "Much human blood will be shed on your account, yours as well as

          that of countless generations.

4:45  "Notwithstanding, fulfill your mission as the king of wisdom, as the

          son of Gabriel, the celestial son.

3 major TV broadcasting studios, CBS, ABC, and NBC:  Jiffy Peanut Butter was advertised constantly on those stations starting in the 60's.

The only correlation I have to Jif is a word from the 60's  that fell out of favour of use during the 70's.  That word is "jip." as in "What a jip!" or "He got jipped."  Now, Creation is "Jiffing" us:  Its a good thing for those who want to serve Creation,.... it's not a good thing for those who want to promote violations of the laws of Creation.

Creation is bringing balance and justice, and inviting participation.

I only remember Berenstein Bears advertisements from the 90's.  But apparently the books have been around since 1960's.  I do remember it advertised as Berenstein though.  The announcer said, "The Berensteen Bears!", but the German I had in School said it was pronounced Berenstein, as in "a stein of beer."

And the Mandela Effect is mocking the falsifiers:  They change history and say, "It's always been that way."  Now the falsifiers of truth and true teachings have to deal with Creation itself:

They stain everything, "and it's always been that way."

The 3 races created by god, the king of wisdom and his followers the celestial sons were the 3 white races.  White races:  custodians of truth, knowledge and wisdom, i.e. intelligence.

20:19  He said to his disciples, "Truly, truly, I say to you:  Seek knowledge

            and understand the truth, so that you will be wise.

20:20  "Since I am named 'the one with godly knowledge,' which means

             truth is among us, I stand spiritually above kinds and emperors.

20:21  "Thus I am the king of wisdom among the human races, as god is the

            king of wisdom among the sons of heaven, who are the creators of

            three human races.

20:22  "As I was born by an earth woman and speak her language, I am

            called Jmmanuel, as god in his language is called god, which means

            king of wisdom, and he is often a ruler over a human race and master

            over the people.

Jmmanuel, the prophet came 2,000 years ago to teach the 3 races (the 3 white races) created by god and the Celestial sons.  He said to those 3 white races, "Seek knowledge and understand the truth, so that you will be wise."

Many human races in the heavens, throughout the vast universe.
"god is the king of wisdom among the sons of heaven."

"god is often a ruler over a human race and master over the people."

God is the king of wisdom and ruler of the human race(s) on earth.

Jmmanuel is also king of wisdom and (a) ruler of the human race(s) on earth.


I was listening to a video talking about the Jews creating communism.  I already knew that Carl Marx came from a long line of rabbis.  But this was the first I heard about the father of Zion teaching communism to Carl Marx.  At that time I heard his name to be Moses 'Something', that other 'Something', his last name I can't remember right now, Moses 'Something.'  A short while past I heard another video on the same subject, but the name of the father of Zion was changed!;  it had now become Moses Helms, which was totally different from the Moses Something I had heard the first time.

Then I was listening to David Irving's research on Rudolf Hess.  That was interesting.  After that, another video on Jews creating communism, but this time David Duke who had said the father of Zion's name was Moses Helms, now David Duke was saying the father of Zion is Moses Hess.  I was having my own personal Mandela Effect, just for me (for my service to Creation.)

I thought, "What's going on here?"  Now I know what's going on.  The father of communism is not the father of Zion, Moses 'Something', Moses Helms, Moses Hess or whatever the heck his name is.  The father of communism is MOSES!  Here is why:

Jmmanuel speaking to the Pharisees and scribes:

17:4  "Moses said, according to the laws of mankind, 'You must honour your

        father and your mother;  but those who unjustly honour their father and

        mother shall die."

With this one command, Moses created communism.

What is a Jew to do with this decree from Moses that, 'You must honour your father and mother;  but those who unjustly honour their father and mother shall die?"  The Jews had no choice (so they thought; unconsiousness doesn't give a choice) but to say to their fathers and mothers, "I sacrifice to the sect whatever is supposed to be yours, so I am free from you.", which converts to:

"I sacrifice to the state whatever is supposed to be yours, so I am free from you."

"I sacrifice to the bottom line whatever is supposed to be yours, so I am free from you."

"I sacrifice to the CIA whatever is supposed to be yours, so I am free from you."

"I sacrifice to the corporation whatever is supposed to be yours, so I am free from you."

"I sacrifice to the _____________ whatever is supposed to be yours, so I am free from you."

The father of communism and all other evil is MOSES.


Moses is revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Stay in the house of cards and feel vulnerable, weak and flattened, 

Creation gives hints, like old newspaper articles, saying, "Yes you are right.  It was that way!"

Creation is correcting things.  Creation is saying, "Who can be creative with what I am giving here?  Who's makes the most sense?"

"Creation is above humanity, above god and above everything."

To create and maintain balance, Creation can do what it wants/needs.

"because Creation is the immeasurable secret."

36:31  "Truly, I say to you:  Those who understand the truth of this speech
            and attain understanding in wisdom are obliged to align their lives
            with their destiny of eternal change towards Creation.

36:32  "When people are honest and search, they will not know any pre-
            conceived opinion or prejudice.

36:33-34  "But the wise know and are aware of the law of the everlasting river
               of eternal change;  therefore they endeavour to adjust to the great
               course of happenings, because they recognize the laws of Creation,
               that the cycles of life have to be closed through the determinations
               of the laws.

Forrest Gump Movie

Before Jmmanuel's arrival at the river Jordan to be baptized:

Chapter 3

John the Baptist

3:1  John the Baptist came at a certain time to the edge of the wilderness,

       preaching at the banks of the Jordan.

3:2  He preached the baptism according to the old laws of god, according

        to which the way to knowledge was to be prepared.

3:3  He preached that god's laws have to be followed because he is the

        only ruler for this human race.

3:4  He preached that above god, however, stands Creation, the maker of

        the worlds, universes and all living things.

3:5  And so he taught that the genderless Creation is the secret of all

        secrets:  death and life, light and darkness, being and non-being.

3:6  And so he taught once again that god, the lord, the ruler of this human

        race and of those who travelled from afar, the celestial sons, holds

        Creation in high esteem.

Holy Moses!........ No, its Unholy Moses and its always been that way.

Proof:  Did you ever ask "Mommy, why does Moses have horns?"

Froot Loops, The "Double O's"


The Ford logo was based on Henry Ford's signature.  He didn't have a pig's tail on the F!

Ford company would never associate their logo with pigs!  Never!  That would be suicide to do!  Yet Creation is saying, "It's been a pig's tail since 1912." mocking the great liars of 3,000 years.  Pigtail on the "F" since 1912. "It's always been that way."

I remember the lower logo.


32:24  "People's happiness consists in seeking and finding the truth, so that
             they may gather knowledge and wisdom and think and act in accord
             with Creation.


Every race has its mysteries of Creation ever for all to strive to discover.

Further in the course of time, sometimes much further, great discoveries, honours and gratitudes for races recognizing and in line with the laws of Creation.  Creation is the immeasurable secret within all races following the laws of Creation.

Every race is part of the mysterious Creation.  Races, "nations" outside of Creation will be eliminated.

23:25  "Other peoples will advance beyond you in spirit and consciousness,

             evolve to a high degree and follow the laws of Creation.

23:26  "Therefore, other peoples will be superior to you in spirit and gather

             great wisdom, so that many among them will soon be like the

             prophets and remember former lives.

23:28  "But you and the people of Israel shall remain poor in consciousness

             and therefore drift in spiritual darkness;

23:29  "and if someone incurs punishment, he shall have to endure it."

23:30  When the people heard that, they were shocked and afraid.


Bible Version

The cover of the video says, "Life is like a box of chocolates", but in the video (inside) he says, "Life was like a box o chocolates":  Humanity is forced to be something they are not inside;  each individual is forced to be every race on this planet, and they are not.

Nelson Mandela Dies In 1991

John the Baptist

A group that has a Jew gatekeeper, that group's information is unreliable.

else, "shattered and pulverized" for eternity, as the prophet said.

If you say you're a Judean (a Jew) then you get what you get.

Fruit Loops is now Froot Loops.  CIA trains its operatives, "Will you sleep with this person?  And that person?  And that one and that one and that one?"  In more realistic/aware terms it is this, "Will you violate this law of Creation, and will you violate that law of Creation and that one and that one and that one?"

007?  The double O's are Fruits.

search "institutions", handbooks

In this video, he says, "so Fruit Loops without the double O, so f, r, u, i, t.".........  Everybody calls it double O.

Bible today:

"Sleep on now,"

In a Cathedral, looking up at the stained glass window and....  there is Moses!, with horns!  "Oh my god, Moses has horns!  Look at that!"

"because Creation is the immeasurable secret."

Creation offers justice to those who seek it.

35:38  "But I tell you that no sect is just unless it recognizes Creation alone as the highest power and lives according to its laws and commandments.


The Ford Logo

I cannot believe slavery is any races role.

"Slavery" for one may be "service" for another.

As a pioneer I must "kick things around" which may oppose conventional human wisdom.  The text says what it says.

Also, "ancient inhabitants of this land" refers to god and the celestial sons and their progeny who honour god and revere and honour Creation alone as the highest power and live according to its laws and commandments.  God and the celestial sons came from out of space in their machines made of metal 13,000 years ago; ancient.

However in this video he says, "I remember Jiffy and Skippy the two heavyweights of peanut butter battling it out." which reminds me of Skippy too:  Skippy and Jiffy.

I had a neighbour for 7 years in Los Angeles, a guy named Skip, a Judean.

Mandela Effect Confirms Talmud of Jmmanuel

See also Confirmations 2, and other pages

Bible today:

"Ears of Corn"

Mandela Effect Bible Change - Moses has Horns?

also, "Moses had two tablets.  Now Moses has 'two tables.'"

"Would you attend a church with a statue (horned) like this displayed on the church property?  Now growing up I was fascinated with religious art work.  I remember seeing pictures of many of these statues in art work but I don't remember seeing Moses with horns.  But now there's a lot of them.  (Sigh)  I don't know what to say.  They just look absolutely evil to me."

Mandela Effect MAILBAG #4 | Moses now has HORNS? And more!

"One that even shows now that Moses from the bible had horns, just like the devil depicted in art and literature."

Races of Creation


11:12  "Since the days of John the Baptist even to now, the earth has suffered

             from violence, and those who commit violence seize the land.

11:13  "All the prophets and the law have prophesied up to the time of John.

11:14  "And if you want to accept it, he is Elijah who will come again in his

             future life.

11:15  "Those who have ears, let them hear!

11:16a  "To what should I compare this generation?

11:16b  "It is like the children who sit at the market and call to their play-

               mates, saying,

11:17  "'We struck up a tune for you, and you would not dance;  we wailed

             before you and you would not mourn.'

11:18  "John, who is Elijah, came neither eating nor drinking;  so they say:

            'He is possessed.'

11:19a  "But I have come, eating and drinking, and so they say, 'Behold, what

               a glutton and wine biber the man is, a companion of tax collectors

               and infidels.'

11:19b  "Yet wisdom is justified through the acknowledged deeds."



Notice the horns go into "the frame."  Does that happen in other art of the time?  Also, it was blasphemy to depict a deity with horns, with severe punishment for ever doing so.

youtube search - "mandela effect moses has horns"

Chapter 17

The Human Commandments and

the Laws of the Creation

17:1  Pharisees and scribes from Jerusalem came to Jmmanuel, saying,

17:2  "Why do your disciples disregard the laws of the elders?"

17:3  He answered, "Why do you violate the laws of Creation by following

          your laws?

17:4  "Moses said, according to the laws of mankind, 'You must honour your

          father and your mother;  but those who unjustly honour their father and

          mother shall die.'

17:5  "The teaching of the laws of Creation is this:  You shall honour father

          and mother;  a person who does not honour father and mother shall be

          expelled from his family and the society of the righteous.

17:6  "But you teach people to say to their father and mother, 'I sacrifice to

          the sect whatever is supposed to be yours, so I am free from you.'

17:7  "Therefore you wrongly teach that people no longer need to honour

           their father or mother.  Thus you have traded the laws of Creation for

           your own laws and lust for power.

17:8  "You hypocrites, Isaiah prophesied about you accurately, saying,

17:9  "'The people of Israel honour Creation with their lips, but their heart

          and their knowledge are far from it.

17:10  "'They serve their sect in vain because they teach such falsified and

            deceptive beliefs, which are nothing but man-made laws.'"

17:11  And Jmmanuel called the multitude to him and said, "Listen and


17:12  "The teachings of the scribes and Pharisees are wrong and falsified,

             because they teach you man-made laws, which are not the laws of



9:14  Then the disciples of John came to him, saying, "Master, why do we

          and the Pharisees fast and you and your disciples do not fast?"

9:15  Jmmanuel said to them, "How can the ignorant fast and suffer while

          they are being taught knowledge?

9:16  "And how can the teacher fast, if he has to teach knowledge to the


9:17  "Truly, I say to you:  Your teachings are false if you fast according to

           the laws of a cult;  fasting serves only the health of the body and the

           growth of the spirit.

9:18  "No one mends an old garment with a new patch of cloth, because the

           patch will tear off again from the garment, and the rip will become


9:19  "Neither is new wine poured into old wine skins, or the skins will tear

           and the wine spill, and the wine skins will be ruined.  Instead, new

           wine is put into new wine skins, so they are both preserved.

Mandela Effect:  "wineskins" becomes "bottles."

60's Connections

"Ears of Grain"

Step out of the house of cards and boost your spirit.

36:28  "In the beginning, only a few persons will know that people live not
          only on earth but also in the endless depths of the universe and that
          people live not only in the material world but that their spirits reach
          also into another world that cannot be perceived by the ordinary

36:29-30  "The other finely woven world is the true home of the spirit, and
               therefore people should try without ceasing to attain a broadening
               and deepening of knowledge, love, truth, logic, true freedom, real
               peace, harmony and wisdom, so that the spirit may be perfected and
               lifted up into the true home, becoming one with Creation.

28:20  .........."Juda Ihariot, the son of the Pharisee"

Skip down to Forest Gump below and "Nelson Mandela Dies In 1991" and scroll across and come back.

10:37b  "If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much

               more will they  malign those of his household?


10:35  "Do not go to too much trouble with the cities of Israel, for truly, I say

            to you:  You will not get anywhere with the people of Israel until the

            end of the world.

10:36  "The disciple is never above the teacher, nor the servant above the


10:37a  "It is enough for the disciple to be like his teacher and the servant like

               his master.

10:37b  If they have called the master of the house Beelzebul, how much

               more will they malign those of his household?

10:38  "Therefore, beware of Israel, because it is like an abscess.

10:39  "However, do not be afraid of them, because there is nothing hidden

            that will not be revealed and nothing secret that will not be known.

29:60  And the chief priests and elders had Jmmanuel whipped and handed

            him over to be crucified.

29:61  The people screamed and shouted and cursed Jmmanuel.

29:62  But the chief priests and elders indulged themselves in self-praise and

            were in good spirits because of the intrigue they had perpetrated.

34:1  Jmmanuel preached powerfully saying, "Behold, Creation is above

         humanity, above God and above everything.

The Question of the Baptist

11:1  After Jmmanuel had finished giving such commands to his twelve

          disciples he went on from there, teaching and preaching in their cities.

11:2  When John in prison heard about the works of Jmmanuel, he sent out

          his disciples to him and had them ask,

11:3  "Are you the one to come, the king of wisdom, as foretold by the

          prophets, or should we wait for another?"

11:4  Jmmanuel answered them, "Go back and tell John what you hear and see:

11:5  "The blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear,

          the dead rise and the truth of knowledge is proclaimed to those who

          seek it.

11:6  "And blessed are those who do not take offence at my teaching."

"Bottles" is a modern term and "bottles" do not "perish."  Wineskins do perish, that is, slowly degrade.  Bottles are not destroyed by old wine.  Wine in bottles becomes better with age.

Life was like a box of chocolates

12:20  "This earth can nourish and support five hundred million people of all

            the human races.  But if these laws are not followed, in two thousand

            years ten times five hundred million people will exist, and the earth

            will no be able to support them any more.

12:21  "Famines, catastrophes, world wars and epidemics will control the earth,

            and the human races will commit suicide, with only a few surviving.


It's stewardship (Intelligence), not superiority!  It's stewardship.

Evil ones will promote evil terminology, this:

Evil terminology #1:  Anti-Semite!  Anti-Semitic!

Evil terminology #2:  White supremacist!

The basis of Judaism is "the Jewish Talmud," a very evil book full of man-made laws (violating the laws of Creation) to suit criminals.  see Home page (at the bottom)

The Testimony Regarding the Baptist

11:7a  Going on from there, Jmmanuel began to speak to the people about

             John, "What did you go out into the wilderness to see?

11:7b  "Did you expect to see a reed shaken by the wind?

11:8a  "Or what did you go out to see?

11:8b  "Did you expect to see a man clothed in soft raiment?

11:8c  "Behold, those who wear soft raiment are in kings' houses with the

            rulers and the rich, and with the hypocrites, scribes and priests.

11:9a  "or what did you go out for?

11:9b  "Did you expect to see a prophet?

11:9c  "Yes, I tell you:  He is more than a prophet.

11:10  "This is he of whom it is written, 'Behold, I will send my messenger

             before you, who shall prepare your way.'

11:11  "Truly, I say to you:  Among all those born of women, no one has aris-

             en who is greater than John the Baptist.

"So get up and let us go"

Creation confirms with Mandela Effect: "They stain everything and its always been that way."

Abandon it!  Say, "I am not a member of the false Judaic faith, therefore I am not a Jew!"

28:18  With his face flushed, he came back to his disciples and said to them,

            "Do you want to sleep or rest now, or do you want to watch with me?

            Behold, the hour has come that I will be turned over to the hands of

            the henchmen.

28:19  "So get up and let us go:  for behold, the henchmen are coming."

The Capture

28:20  As he was still talking, behold, there came Juda Ihariot, the son of the

            Pharisee, and with him a great number of chief priests and elders of

            the people, carrying swords and poles."


I remember the straight line on the "F" with calligraphy pen stroke.  But in defence of the pig tail "F", the year 1900, 90% of the population USA lived on farms.  In 1912 probably more than 80% o the US population lived on farms: (In 1950, 50% of the US population lived on farms.)  This supports the pigtail on the "F"... somewhat.

But the pig wouldn't be up with "the Foreman" there.  It would be down below on the "o" like the logo below there, the one I remember, so many people remember.

Ford's logo was based on Henry Ford's signature?  Looking on ebay I don't see a signature that looks like this "F" in the logo.  Maybe it was a younger signature... But I think its more likely Creation doing the Mandela Effect on me on that ebay search.

The Father of Communism

The artists of the time only put horns on the devil.  You put horns on Moses, the penalty for that was death.  They never put horns on Moses:  Creation did.

Chapter 13

Jmmanuel and the Sabbath Day

13:1  At that time Jmmanuel walked through a field of grain on the

          Sabbath;  and his disciples, being hungry, began to pluck ears of grain

          and to eat.

13:2  When the Pharisees saw that, they spoke to him, "Behold, your disci-

          ples are doing what is not allowed on the Sabbath."

13:3  But he spoke to them, "Have you not read what David did when he

          and those with him were hungry?

13:4  "How he went into the temple and ate the bread of the Presence,

          which neither he nor they were supposed to eat, but only the priests?

13:5  "Or have you not read in the law, how on the Sabbath the priests in

           the temple violate the Sabbath and yet are without guilt?

13:6  "Truly, I say to you, you generation of vipers:  A stone will turn into

           bread before no work may be done on the Sabbath.

13:7  "For the law that the Sabbath be kept holy is only a man-made law with-

          out logic, as are all man-made laws that contradict the laws of Creation.

13:8  "False prophets and distorters of the scriptures are the guilty ones

          responsible for these flase laws that contradict the laws of Creation

          and of nature.

13:9  "It is a human law that the Sabbath be holy and no one work on that

          day, but that law is one of false teaching emanating from the human

          mind, and it escapes logic.

13:10  "Truly, I say to you:  No Sabbath is holy and no law dictates that on

            the Sabbath no work may be done.

13:11  "Thus the Sabbath is a day like any other day when the day's work

            may be done.

13:12  "Humans have a will of their own, thus they alone are masters over

             the Sabbath, as was written in those old scriptures and laws that were

             not adulterated by false prophets and distorters and Pharisees."

However, each race may (must) have its own role.  A races role, given by Creation is that races best and highest service to Creation.

For highest and best service to Creation, Nelson Mandela was never meant to be president of South Africa.

1:87  "'They will name the fruit of her womb Jmmanuel, which translated

          means 'the one with godly knowledge,' as a symbol and honour to god,

          through whose power and providential care the earth was made to

          bear intelligent human life, through the pairing of the women of earth

          with the celestial sons, the distant travellers of the universe."

4:28  "Behold, humans begotten by the celestial sons were different in a

          specific way from other people on Earth.

4:29  "They were not like Earth humans, but like the children of the celes-

          tial angels, a different kind.

4:30  "There bodies were white as snow and red as the rose blossom, their

          hair at the top of the head white as wool and their eyes beautiful.

1:2  Semjasa, the celestial son and guardian angel of god, the great ruler

        of the distant travelers who traversed the expanse of the universe,

        together with a terrestrial woman, begot Adam, the father of  the white

        human race.

1:3  Adam took for himself an earth wife and begot Seth.

1:4  Seth begot Enos.

1:5  Enos begot Akjbeel.

The role of the white races is leaders in intelligence.  That role being met by the white races is best service to Creation, therefore best satisfaction to the white races and all other races.

To whom in may apply:

The real prophet Mohammed was, is WHITE, just, rightful and true.   (see the Blog about that.)

You yell anti-Semitic!  And none of you Semites complain about that language being used to perpetrate evil activity of the highest level?:  You harbour criminals crooks to lead your group?  You're all criminals and crooks on high.  The law of Creation demands you be punished, not that you say some "magic word" allowing you to continue your criminal activity destroying the planet, destroying all races, destroying all that is good on this planet.  For what?  A big smile on your face and a falsehood self-deception that you're "the chosen ones", you're superior?

8:17  "Israel believes itself to be the chosen human race;  by no means,

          because they are more faithless and ignorant than the heathen, who

          lack the secret of the laws."

You're destroying your own planet for your lies and your criminal activity.  What planet is going to want to have you? 

The Jews talk about the guff.  Its nothing to be proud of.  Its a place of no growth.

4:3  But then he was let off by the metallic light between North and West,

        where the guardian angels had received cords with which they had to

        measure the place for the chosen ones.

22:44  "Therefore I say to you:  Peace and joy shall forever be taken from

             you and your people and be given to a people who cultivate their


22:45  "If you disregard and trample all the laws of god who is the ruler over

             this and the two other human races in the North and the East, you will

             be scroned and trapled for all time to come.

22:46  "The burden of the Judeans will be like a heavy stone of the seven

             great ages, and whoever falls upon this stone will be shattered, but

             whomever it falls upon will be pulverized."

22:47  When the chief priests and Pharisees heard his speeches they under-

            stood that he cursed them and the people for all time to come.

22:48  They thought about how they could seize him, but they were afraid of

             the people who believed him to be a prophet.