20:18  "Truly, I say to you:  Inasmuch as I am called Jmmanuel, which means

            'the one with godly knowledge,' you, too, shall bear this name so that

            you will understand the wisdom of knowledge."

The thought of a Child

19:1  It happened that the disciples stepped up to Jmmanuel and said, "Who

          is the greatest in spirit?"

19:2  Jmmanuel called a child, placed the youth among them

19:3  and spoke, "Truly, I say to you:  Unless you change and become like

          the children, you will not become great in spirit.

19:4  "Those who search, seek and gather understanding and thirst for

          knowledge like this child will be great in spirit.

19:5  "Those who search, seek and find like such a child will always reach

          their fullest potential within themselves.

19:6  "But they who do not heed this truth, follow false teachings of nei-

          ther search nor find would be better off with a millstone hung around

          their necks and drowned in the deepest sea.

The Blessing of the Children

20:15  Then children were brought to him, so that he would lay his hands on


20:16  However, Jmmanuel spoke, "Leave the children alone and do not stop

            them from coming to me;  because they are my most attentive listen-

            ers and of such is the realm of wisdom."

20:17  And he put his hands on them and said, "Learn knowledge and wis-

            dom, and you will become spiritually perfect and true followers of the


20:18  "Truly, I say to you:  Inasmuch as I am called Jmmanuel, which means

             'the one with godly knowledge,' you, too, shall bear this name so that

             you will understand the truth, so that you will be wise.

20:19  He said to his disciples, "Truly, truly, I say to you:  Seek knowledge

            and understand the truth, so that you will be wise..


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21:28  "In itself, Creation is pure spirit and therefore infinite power, because

             it is one within itself. and nothing outside of it.

21:29  "Therefore, beware of the false and adulterated teachings of the

            future, which will insult me by calling me the Son of Creation and

            also the son of God.

21:30  "These teachings lead to lies, and because of them the world will suf-

             fer much deprivation and distress.

21:31  "Don't pay attention to the false teachings of the future, which will

             try to make the spirit, Creation and me into a trinity, which again is a


21:32  "Beware of these false and adulterated teachings of the future,

            because a trinity is impossible according to the logical laws of



10:33  "You will have to be hated for the sake of my teaching.  But those who

            persevere to the end will be great.

10:34  "And when they persecute you in one city, flee to another.

10:35  "Do not go to too much trouble with the cities of Israel, for truly, I say

            to you:  You will not get anywhere with the people of Israel until the

            end of the world.

10:36  "The disciple is never above the teacher, nor the servant above the


10:37a  "It is enough for the disciple to be like his teacher and the servant like

              his master.

10:37b  "If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much

               more will they malign those of his household.

10:38  "Therefore, beware of Israel, because it is like an abscess.

21:33  "Truly, I say to you:  The princes keep their people down, and the sov-

             ereigns do violence to them;  but the new cults also will use their

             power to do violence by adulterating and spreading my teachings.

21:34  "So beware of them and do not be forced to carry the yoke of false


21:35  "This should not happen to you, because you shall be great and learn

             and teach truth.

21:36  "As I have come to teach wisdom and knowledge among the people,

             so shall you continue to teach, in order that the truth may prevail."

4:-42  "Jmmanuel, they will also taunt you as God and his only begotten-son,

           and you, too, will be set equal to the mysterious Creation.

4:43  "Nevertheless, do not heed these false teachings, because millennia

          will pass before the people of these human races will be able to rec-

          ognize the truth.

28:59  "God and his celestial sons are other human races that have come

             from the far distances of the universe in their machines made of


25:8  "Many impostors and false prophets will come in my name and say,

           'I am Jmmanuel, and I am the sign of the time,' and they will mislead


25:35  "When at that point someone will say to the people, 'Behold, here is

             Jmmanuel, who is the sign of the time,' they should not accept it to be


25:36  "Because many a false Jmmanuel and many impostors and false

             prophets will rise and do great signs, it becomes possible to lead

             astray not only those who seek, believe and err, but also the scholars

             and intelligent people.

25:37  "Behold, I told you so before, and so it will fulfill itself.

25:38  "Therefore, when impostors and those led astray will say, 'He is in the

             desert,' people shall not go there, and when they say, 'Truly, he is in

             a chamber,' they shall not accept it as the truth.

25:39  "Since I will certainly return at that time, I will let them recognize me.

25:40  "This is how the law and destiny want it, and that's the way it will be.

25:41  "Just as lightning starts from its rise and radiates until its setting, so

             will be my coming in the future, when I bring the teaching anew and

             announce the legions of the celestial sons, when I will have a renewed

              life and will again be accused of deception and blasphemy over the

              breadth of the world, until the teaching of truth will bring about

             insight and change in people.

25:42  "People of all times, beware:  where the carcass is, there the vultures

             will gather so watch out.


16:50  But Jmmanuel answered, "I tell you there are greater masters of spir-

             itual power than I, and they are our distant ancestors of Petale  [the

             mental plane close to Creation].

16:51  And great are they also, those who came out of space, and the great-

            est among them is god, and he is the spiritual ruler of three human


16:52  "But above him is Creation whose laws he faithfully follows and

             respects;  therefore he is not omnipotent, as only Creation itself can


16:53  "Thus there are limits for him who allows himself to be called god

             and who is above emperors and kings, as the word says.

16:54  "People are ignorant and immature because they consider god as

             Creation and follow the false teachings that were adulterated by scrib-

             al distorters.

16:55  "Thus, when people believe in god, they do not know about the truth

             of Creation, because god is human as we are.

16:56  "There is a difference, however, that in his consciousness and wis-

             dom, logic and love he is a thousand times greater than we and greater

             than all people upon this earth.

16:57  "But he is not Creation, which is infinite and without any form.

16:58  "Thus, god is also a creature of the Creation, which, according to

             illogical human judgment, has no beginning and no end."

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