Creations definition of Slander or Not

The clue is "But Jmmanuel sensed their malice"

Chapter 23

Tax Money

23:1  When the Pharisees held counsel as to how they could catch

          Jmmanuel in his speech, they sent to him their followers, including

          Herod's people.

23:2  Then they spoke, "Master, we know that you are truthful, teach the

           law properly and do not consider the rank of a person, because you

           do not respect people's esteem but only the laws of God and Creation.

23:3  "Therefore, tell us your opinion. Is it right to pay tax unto Caesar, or

           is it not?"

23:4  But Jmmanuel sensed their malice and said, "You hypocrites, of what

          low mentality are you to want to tempt me is such a sick manner?"

What they said was true, Jmmanuel was this; "you are truthful, teach the law properly and do not consider the rank of a person, because you do not respect people's esteem but only the laws of God and Creation."

When esteem is built on false teachings this is true; you can't respect such esteem and consider such rank. So also Creation does not consider the rank or respect the esteem of persons when those are based/built on false teachings. A house of cards; No, worse than that! Creation considers the truth. If it is lies then it is slander.



4:38  "They believe that God is Creation itself and not the ruler of the celes-
           tial sons and these human races.

4:39  "Earth people attribute to him the omnipotence of Creation and glo-
           rify him as Creation itself.

4:40  "But God is a person, like all the celestial sons and the human races,
           except vastly greater in consciousness than they.

4:41  "Creation, however, is of immeasurably higher standing than God, the
           lord over the celestial sons and human races, because Creation is the
           immeasurable secret.

2 Men From Baawi

Are certain thoughts a violation of the laws of Creation? Is lack of personal self-control a violation of the laws of creation in the thoughts a person thinks? In a world of false teachings, who is not hassled, at least at times, by thoughts they don't want?

5:30  "If a thought causes you annoyance, eradicate it and ban it from your
         brain. It is better to destroy a thought that incites annoyance than to
         bring the whole world of thought into an uproar.

Flee From The Unbelieving

10:16  "If the house is worthy, your peace will come upon the occupants. But

            if it is not worthy, your peace will return to you.

10:17  "If someone will not take you in or listen to your words, leave that

            house or that city and shake the dust off your feet.

10:18  "Truly, I say to you: Do not stay in such places, because they are

            places of ignorance and evil; people there will not recognize the

            words of truth and knowledge.

10:19  "Flee from those places, because the residents are disloyal to nature,

             and they worship holy things, false gods and idols, but not Creation,

             nor do they follow its laws.

10:20  "Flee from those places, for people there will try to take your life,

             because they do not want to forsake their false teachings.

10:21  "Flee from the unbelieving, because you should not lose your life for

            the sake of truth and knowledge. No law demands that of you, nor is

            there one that admits to such recklessness.

False teachings everywhere, so where does one go? The head office is well aware of this. See Chapter 25 of Talmud of Jmmanuel, also Chapter 24, which discusses the main problem of all of it.


35:37  "Many sects will be established in my name, but only for the purpose

             of enslaving the human consciousness and freedom, thereby bringing

             great power over the people and their land and money.

35:38  "But I tell you that no sect is just unless it recognizes Creation alone

             as the highest power and lives according to its laws and command-


35:9  "There will be no sect which preaches truth, knowledge and wisdom.

35:40  "It will be two times a thousand years before the time comes when

             my teaching will be preached anew, without being falsified,

The last couple of days while reading Talmud of Jmmanuel "daily in due manner" the men from Baawi appeared briefly each time. The 2 men from Baawi want me to share this with you, what I had already written a couple days ago. Here it is:

"were together with two smaller men who said that they were from Baawi." Chapter 4 of Talmud of Jmmanuel

Within a week ago, while starting work again on my website,
at the top, in the menu bar, the letters turned blue for 2 or 3 seconds. Some seconds later, what I perceived to be one of the two men from 2,000 years ago "who said that they were from Baawi" claimed ownership of that particular communication; there he was, semi-profile with a smile on his face.

It seemed to be in my memory, that the blue-typed menu bar was somewhat sparse as I recall that incident; not as full as it normally is, as it is now.

Blue is my color; that is my "light-being" color, my spirit color. So the message I immediately got is this: Most of this website is confirmed by "the real me."

Use your discernment. My experience is, if the pendulum is adamant, that is a good sign.

I probably will have the urge to continue editing this website until the point when I remember former lives when I will have the knowledge I had in those former lives. Until then I will do my best to do the best I can; my aim is truth, knowledge and wisdom, following in the footsteps of the prophets.

Celestial sons speaking,

4:31  "The human races will now retain their inherited beauty and propa-

          gate it further.

4:32  "But in the course of centuries and millennia they will mix with other

          races of the earth and the heavents, so as to generate new human races

          and special lineages, as the celestial sons did with the Earth people

4:33  "Jmmanuel, you are in on the secret, begotten from among our ranks

          by a celestial son.

4:34  "With your knowledge you will make the impossible possible and

          accomplish things that the human races will attest to as miracles.

Chapter 4, also, Embracing the Rainbow

Correction to the blue section of the Blog just before 9/26/2018 blog.

"My spirit, clean me, fix me, correct me. Fix me my spirit, fix me. Make me whole inside." This is correct. Originally I had said, "whole inside.", but then changed it to "whole with you" due to many years indoctrination I had of false teachings. "whole inside" is correct.

The Purging of the Temple

22:10  Jmmanul went into the temple in Jerusalem and became furious

           when he saw that dealers, sales people, merchants dealing with doves

           and money changers had established themselves there.

22:11  Jmmanuel became upset and spoke to them, "It is written: 'The tem-

           ple is to be a place of teaching, a place of contemplation.' But you

           change it into a den for thieves."

22:12  In his anger he kicked over the tables of the money changers and the
           chairs of the dealers of doves and drove them all out with the whip of
           a donkey driver.

10/31/2018 Update to

"Christmas" 8/13/2018 Blog post


18:21  Jmmanuel became angry and answered him, "Oh you unfortunate

            one, my teaching has not revealed that to you, because I instructed

            you in the truth.

18:22  "And I also tell you: You certainly are a faithful disciple, but your

            understanding must be compared to that of a child.

18:23  "You are Peter, and I cannot build my teachings on your rock. You

            will open the portals of ignorance, so that people will be overcome by

            your false interpretation of my teaching and will follow it and live

            according to falsified teachings.

18:24  "I cannot give you the key of the spiritual kingdom, otherwise you

            would open false locks and wrong portals with it.

In the 60's my dad instructed me on "my Peter". (it wasn't sex education.) Something about "my Peter." Finally when he said, "Your Peter!" I got it immediately. In the 60's the pee pee was called "the Peter."

Biffville gives us Dick.

"The history of China has long periods of free-
dom from being overrun by other cultural groups and little inter-
marriage with outside groups. Unfortunately over population
was a counter-balance and these improvements were not widely
available to all the citizens. Nonetheless, the focus was turned
inward toward contemplation and desire for greater experience of
uplifting and more joyful existence. Much was accomplished
during those periods.
"      - Handbook for the New Paradigm

Israel: The Promised Land of Organized Crime - Full Version
(Israel run media holding the baby up (humanity up) to take the bullets, destroying humanity; its always "The Italian Mafia", "The Irish Mafia", "The Russian Mafia"; No it isn't! It's The Jewish Mafia.)

"All bodily, cultural and religious differences are responsibilities to learn of human unity within diversity. There is no advancement to higher dimensions until that truth is experienced into wisdom."

                 - Becoming page 186

If you invade other countries, overpopulating with the "laughing and smiling intent" of snuffing out all races in your path, then there is "no advancement to higher dimensions" for you and your evil people.

15:40  "The seeds that were sown among the thorns are the ones who hear
           the word, but the cares of the world and the deception of material
           riches smother truth and knowledge, and they bring forth no fruit.

"Oh, I'm so rich with material wealth, I must be right!"..............Deluded. Trapped.

Here is what every child needs to know: "No matter who you meet, how low or how high they may seem to you, that person's spirit is of immeasurably higher standing than you or any human, including that human who's spirit that is. And your spirit is of immeasurably higher standing than any human you meet, including yourself."

18:40  "A person's spirit is not a machination of humanity but is a part of
             Creation given to him. It must be made aware and perfected,

18:41  "so that it proceeds to be one with Creation, since Creation, too, lives
            in constant growth.

18:42  "Creation is timeless, and so is the human spirit.

18:43  "The teaching of this knowledge is extensive and not easy, but it is the
             way to life, manifold in its manner.

Oh Peter Peter Peter,

claiming things bigger and greater than they really are. Oh Peter.

(Though great "he" was, let us be clear.)

25:47  "People owe their existence to God, who is the ruler over them, so that

             they have to follow his commandments and respect him as the great-

             est king of wisdom.

25:48  "He will send his guardian angels with loud trumpets that will gather

            his followers from all directions, from one end of the earth to the


25:49  "Do learn a parable from the fig tree; when its branch puts forth

             leaves, you know that summer is near.

25:50  "So it will also be at that time when the people see all of this, they

             will know that the end is close at hand.

25:51a  "Truly, truly, I say to you: This is how it will be.

25:51b  "This human race will not perish until all of this has come about.

25:52  "The heavens and the earth will pass, and so will the universe; but my

            words will not pass, because they are words of truth within the laws

            of Creation.

25:53  "No one knows the day or hour when all this will happen, neither the

            guardian angels, nor God himself, nor I Jmmanuel, but only provi-

            dence and destiny through the laws and commandments of Creation,

            which possesses the greatest wisdom.

25:54  "Creation alone rises far above all human races, and it alone deserves

            honor and praise, just as it renders honor and praise to the absolute

            power above it.

25:55  "If people revere and honor God and recognize only Creation as the

            supreme power, they act according to the truth."


11/24/2018.   Worse case scenario? Pretty close to it if not it. Could it get any worse? Wrong question for those who want to see how far it can go; that is "serial killer mentality"; it is false teachings folks! You're not going to get anywhere but hell with false teachings.

The Chinese have done well for the most part up until now when the chinks are trying to take over. The chinks are the Chinese communists. The chinks are NOT Chinese; Chinks, like all communists destroy all culture. Chinks are the enemies of Chinese culture. (see Blog post titled "The Root Cause" 7/22/2018.)

Yes, the Chinese in other countries have done it well. They have their own communities, China Towns, and they don't over-populate there, (do they?) Kudo's to the Chinese for maintaining their race and not overpopulating.

22:40  Jmmanuel spoke to them, "You recognized the meaning, and you
          have read it in the scriptures: 'The stone that the builders threw away
          became the cornerstone.'

22:41  "Therefore I tell you: I am like the son of the administrator of the
          vineyard, and you are like the vine-dressers that leased the vineyard.

22:42  "My teaching truly is not strange to you and is very well known,
          because it has already been handed down to you by the prophets
          through whom you know it.

32:21  "No matter how great the suffering of people, the power of Creation

           in them to conquer all that is evil is immeasurably greater.

32:22  "If people live only in their consciousness as humans, they are inac-

           cessibly far from their spirits, from Creation and hence its laws.

32:23  "The greater people's dedication is to the laws of Creation, the

           deeper shall be the peace within themselves.

32:24  "People's happiness consists in seeking and finding the truth, so that

           they may gather knowledge and wisdom and think and act in accord

           with Creation.

32:25  "Only through the conditions of human life can they develop and

           use their creative powers in consciousness and spirit.

10:21  "Flee from the unbelieving, because you should not lose your life for

             the sake of truth and knowledge. No law demands that of you, nor is

             there one that admits to such recklessness.

10:22  "Truly, I say to you: Many will nevertheless die and shed their blood

             into the sand, because later my teachings will be made into false

             teachings that I never preached and which originate in the minds of

             the scribes and priests.

10:23  "Thereby they will bring the people under their control through belief in

             their false teachings, in order to rob them of their goods and belongings."


The Right Knowledge

My spirit, you are omnipotent. Your name be holy. Let your kingdom incarnate itself in me. Let your power unfold itself within me.

my focus of purpose .org


"Because of the fault and false teachings of the Israelites (Israelis) and because" USA citizens "do not think reasonably because of confusing and deceptive teachings against reason", the Israeli lobby has passed laws that the USA pays Israel billions of dollars every year amounting to $14,500 for each Israeli citizen every year.

4:35  "You know the power of the spirit, but beware of abusing it.

4:36  "Your own wisdom and knowledge obtained through us will con-

           tribute to the well-being of the human races, though the road leading

           thereto will be very difficult for them and you.

4:37  "You will be misunderstood and renounced, because the human races

           are still ignorant and given to superstition.

4:38  "They believe that God is Creation itself and not the ruler of the celes-

           tial sons and these human races.

4:39  "Earth people attribute to him the omnipotence of Creation and glo-

          rify him as Creation itself.

4:40  "But God is a person, like all the celestial sons and the human races,

           except vastly greater in consciousness than they.

4:41  "Creation, however, is of immeasurably higher standing than God, the

          lord over the celestial sons and human races, because Creation is the

          immeasurable secret.

Historian David irving

The End Is Close At Hand

What race was Jmmanuel talking about when he spoke at the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem in Israel? Any idea which race he was talking about then when he said, "This human race will not perish until all of this has come about."? When he was talking in Israel? Was it the whole human race at that time? No, the world was huge 2,000 years ago; It took months to travel from one country to another. He would have said, "the human race" if he meant all of humanity.

Who are "the rightful owners of this land whom they have deprived of their rights and subjugated since ancient times."? Who are the ancient inhabitants of the land, the rightful owners? Those who follow the laws of Creation, those who follow the true teachings. This is going to shock people this day, Sunday, the 4th of Novermber 2018, but the ancient inhabitants of this land are God and his followers, the celestial sons, and all those born on earth now who have become intelligent followers of the true laws. The law 2,000 years ago was, "Give them time to correct their ways." Time is up! .................................. Rejoice; followers of the true teachings, "rejoice and be of good cheer; life and the next life will reward you."

War mongers and destroyers of all that is good; Israel and followers of the false teachings of Israel, do you think you have a chance against God and the celestial sons?, the followers of "(God, who) in his consciousness and wisdom, logic and love is a thousand times greater than we, and greater than all people upon this earth."? The celestial sons are likely not far off from that. You want to see what the celestial sons are capable of? Look at what a celestial son did with a grain harvesting machine called a combine. That's not even preschool! It's not even preschool for them; see Blog 8/27/2018, and 8/14/2018 referring to the crop circle of 13th of August 2018.

Israel, are you ready for your Robin Williams moment?; are you ready for your Joan Rivers moment?; both staunch supporters of Israel, I have no doubt about it; check the record.

Any idea what "THE END" crop circle of 2018 was, the last crop circle of 2018? Anybody? The crop circle season ended very very very early this year; Crop circles usually continue at least into September/October. Not this year!  "The End" crop circle came August 19th 2018. "THE END". How appropriate? Who has run Hollywood since 1900? And all "entertainment", all media and everything else now? So what is "THE END" crop circle of 2018? ...............................Time's up.

2:12  Later he directed them to Bethlehem, saying, "Go and search diligent-

          ly for the young child, and when you find him, let me know so that I

          may come and adore him."

2:13  When they had heard Herod Antipas, they departed. And behold, the

          light with the long tail, which they had seen in the Orient, went ahead

          of them with a high-pitched singing sound until it came to Bethlehem

          and stood directly over the stable where the infant was born.

2:14  When they saw this they rejoiced.

2:15  They went into the stable and found the young child with his mother,

          Mary, and Joseph.  They fell down and worshiped the infant and

          offered their treasures, which were gold, frankincense and myrrh.

2:16  However, the voice again rang out from the light high above, saying

          that they should not return to Herod Antipas because he planned evil

          for the young child.

2:17  So they returned to their country by another route.

2:18  After the three wise men had left, behold, the celestial son Gabriel

          appeared to Joseph, saying,

2:19  "Rise and take the infant and his mother Mary with you and flee to

          Egypt.  Stay there until I tell you, because Herod Antipas is planning

          to seek out the young child to kill him, since he fears that the little

          child might wield terrible power.

2:20  "While you are in Egypt, I will send my messenger to Herod Antipas

          to teach him the truth."

"power-hungry selfishness and self-glorification"

8:15  "The false teachings of Israel will bring bloodshed over the millennia,

          because the power-hungry selfishness and self-glorification of Israel

          will bring death and destruction over the land and all the world.

8:16  "Turn away from the false teachings of the Israelite authorities and

          their scribes, because they will bring destruction to generations of

          human races.

25:36  "Because many a false Jmmanuel and many impostors and false

            prophets will rise and do great signs, it becomes possible to lead

            astray not only those who seek, believe and err, but also the scholars

            and intelligent people.

Are you ready for your Yogi Bhajan moment? Here's the story: Rather than the alternative, yogi Bhajan preferred having a chest spreader on the operating table, with no pain killers, his chest spread open, and they were operating because he said so. (He preferred this!) There was nothing wrong with him. It was suicide by doctor. And while they were operating on him, he opened his eyes (while chest wide open) he opened his eyes, grabbed the arm of the surgeon, who no doubt was a follower of his, or a supporter. Then the yogi said something, looked up in awe and said, "Wah." and then he closed his eyes and he was done.

At least he had style. Got to give him that...... No! Don't give him anything. He is misguiding people doing that; all the more for this:

24:15b  "You will not attain progress easily, and through false teachings you

               keep it from those who wish to attain it.

He would have really been honored by Creation if he had stuck with it, lost everything, all his powers and all of it. (See George Knapp interview of "cult members" on Coast to Coast AM archives, I believe it was December 2016.) Yogi Bhajan had a huge opportunity to do great service to Creation, but he didn't do it. Oh it would have been so huge, such huge service!

26:57 -58  "The laws say that no event or situation justifies suicide, and this

                   includes suicide carried out by other persons such as hired mur-

                   derers or mercy killers.

26:59  "No matter how much guilt people may incur, or how large their

             burden may be, they have no right to determine their own deaths.

26:64  "Either way, suicide is an act of deplorable cowardice and a cal-

             lous disregard of the laws and commandments of Creation."

Will it be "Robin Williams moments"and "Joan Rivers moments" for those of Israel and followers of Israel's lead? "Yogi Bhajan moments?" It depends on what Creation has planned; God and the Celestial sons know best what that is.

Maybe its gotten to the point it has to bust, it has to happen that way. Maybe for some. Maybe for many.

We'll see. I will know more tomorrow. So can you! Call on your spirit.


What False Teachings Will Do To You

18:25  "I am not the son of the spiritual ruler of three human races and there-

            fore not the son of God, and so only Creation governs the spirit, but

            never a human being, therefore remove yourself from this erroneous


18:26  "My mother is Mary who conceived me through a guardian angel, a

             descendant of our ancestors from out of space, and my earthly father

             is Joseph who only acts as a father substitute."

18:27  He threatened his disciples never to tell or wrongly assume such

            things and not to spread the false teaching of Peter.



22:42  "My teaching truly is not strange to you and is very well known,

            because it has already been handed down to you by the prophets

            through whom you know it.

22:43  "But if you disdain and falsify it to your advantage, you call me a liar,

            and you also call God a liar. It was upon God's advice that I was begot-

            ten by one of his kind, and because of God that I stand as a prophet

            before you.

22:44  "Therefore I say to you: Peace and joy shall forever be taken from

             you and your people and be given to a people who cultivate

             their fruits.

  Chapter 25

The Prophecy

25:1  And Jmmanuel walked out of the temple, and his disciples came up

          to him because they wanted to show him the outside of the building.

25:2  He spoke to them, "Look at all this, Truly, I say to you: Not one stone

          here will remain upon the other without being broken.

25:3  "The Judeans trespass against life and truth, and they built this city on

          the blood of people; but these people are divided into Israelites who

          call themselves sons and daughters of Zion, to whom I am not close

          and who want to kill me, and into Judeans, who are misled believers

          of their sect, and to whom I bring the teachings of truth, as I do to all

          human races.

25:4  "The Israelites have plundered this land through rapaciousness and

          murder, they have killed their friends with whom they had drunk

          wine, and they have deceived and misled their fellow-believers of the

          Judean sect, who are actually Israelites but only followers of a sect.

25:5  "Thus the Israelites betrayed their own friends and murdered them

          because of their greed, but it will likewise happen to them on the part

          of the rightful owners of this land whom they have deprived of their

          rights and subjugated since ancient times."

25:6  And when he sat on the Mount of Olives his disciples came up to him

          and said, "Tell us, when will this happen, and what will be the sign?"

25:7  Jmmanuel answered, "Two thousand and more years will pass, but in

         the meantime Israel will never find peace because many wars and

         much evil threaten the unlawful owners of this land; but see to it that

         nobody will lead you astray.

The Pharisees Were Organized

The scribes could read and write even if the priests and Pharisees could not. They learned early that when a prophet was said to be in town, they confirmed him meeting the requirements and then they had scribes follow that prophet all around the place. They copied what he really said, and later they falsified it.

The Pharisees are finished!

Try to keep the name calling to a minimum. But when the guy constantly did things like making his following work 16 to 18 hours a day and not even enough money to afford decent clothes, and then 20 years later laughs at them doing that, it is hard not to call him names.

All the while keeping the true teachings hidden from humanity. That guy is a creep. The prophet2,000 years ago called such ones vipers.

What does the American Indian prophecy say? Something like this, "A white man will come bearing great knowledge and preaching new teachings." The yogi from India was not a white man, but he pitched this to the American Indians, "It's me! It's me! I'm fulfilling the prophecy; I come to you dressed in white, all my following is dressed in white and I am preaching new teachings." and the American Indians gave the con man/thief 230 acres of land.

24:1  Jmmanuel spoke to the people and the disciples, saying, "The scribes

         and Pharisees sit on the chairs of the prophets.

24:2 "However, refrain from doing and accepting anything they say, and

          neither act according to their works.

24:3  "They teach you false teachings, which they and their forfathers

       have falsified for their own profit.

24:4  "They contrive heavy burdens and put them upon people's shoulders,

          but they themselves do not want to lift a finger."


24:45  "There will be hatred against you in this world, and even the future

            will bring you neither rest nor peace until you retreat from the land

            stolen by you, or until you make a conciliatory peace and create

            brotherly trust and unity with your enemies and renounce your false

            and stolen rights.

24:46  "You brood of snakes and vipers, this will happen to you into the dis-

            tant future, yet not by accident you then will also have a fortunate

            experience when my teaching of Creation, rights and laws will again

            be spread, so that you may then seize the opportunity to end and set-

            tle the world's hatred against you by means of an honest peace.

24:47  "Therefore, in the future, heed my teaching, which is truly the teach-

            ing of laws and commandments of Creation; pay attention when it

            will be newly taught, because it will be the sign of the time at which

            many things change, and the power of the mighty and tyrants will

            break apart, so that nationalities of all human races will become free.

24:48  "In the distant future, heed the renewed presentation of my teaching

            of the spiritual and creative forces and laws and commandments. It

            is valid for all times and universal, and you will be able to act accord-

            ing to my counsel, and there will be quiet and peace among you and

            all human beings in this world.

24:49  "Truly, truly, I say to you:  All this will be fulfilled and shall come

            upon you and upon race and continue long into the future, as I

            have told you."

29:26  Pilate said, "Let us hear your wisdom, because your teaching is new

            to me."

29:27  Jmmanuel replied, "Behold, eons ago, I returned from the realm of a

            higher world in order to fulfill a difficult task; and now I was begot-

            ten by a celestial son to be a prophet in this life. It happened accord-

            ing to destiny and the desire of God, the ruler over the human races of

            earth that were created by him.

29:28  "In addition to my knowledge of this next life, through his kindness I

            learned great insight and the right knowledge, which was imparted to

            me during forty days and forty nights by his teachers.

29:29  "Furthermore, I travelled much to faraway places and lived for many

            years in India. There I was taught much knowledge and many secrets

           by the great gurus and wise men, who are called masters.

34:65  "Without wisdom, the power of the spirit cannot be utilized, nor can

           any wisdom emerge without spiritual power.

34:66  "Thus there are always two things needed which are one in them-

           selves, so there is a oneness in the unity but not a duality.

34:67  "The law says that persons are unities within themselves consisting of

           two equal parts that are a unity both in themselves and together.

34:68  "However, body and spirit, each of which constitutes a unit in itself,

           are the two equal parts in people.

34:69  "When the scribes teach that a person lives in a trinity, this teaching

           is erroneous and falsified, because it is not taught according to the

           laws of Creation."

22:13  And the blind and lame came to him in the temple and he healed them


22:14  But when the chief priests and scribes saw the great deeds he accom-

           plished and the people who were shouting in the temple, saying, "Hail

           to the descendant of David," they became enraged

22:15  and asked him, "Do you hear what these people are saying?" Jmmanuel

           said to them, "Are you so afraid of the truth that it angers you?"

22:16  He left them there, departed the city for Bethany and stayed there



 Inside the Temple

Historian David Irving introducing professor Tony Martin, Lecture Kentucky 2005

"I personally have found the story of the slave trade in the United States to be of great personal interest. Notable figures of the 1930's, people like Bernard Barruch, how closely involved they were with the plantation business of which the slave trade thrived.

But it never occurred to me to ask the question, who had started it and why; who had profited from it the most? One always assumes its the end user who profits, but in fact there is a supply chain, an administration which set up the whole operation.

If I can draw a parallel here which is very appropriate it would be the situation here in England in the 1950's. You will find in the Churchill book (Irving's book) I put a photograph in toward the end of the picture section, 2 page photograph which is a very happy photograph indeed, showing Winston Churchill emerging from a building in the government quarter of London while a crowd of office workers stands cheering him. And the caption to that picture is deliberately mischievous and provocative. I think it says something like, "The white and contented face of war-time Britain". Britain at that time was completely different from England we will find now. The district that I live in London, I am probably the only Englishman of any color for at least a half mile in any direction. That's the way it is.

England has changed its face. And this change of face began willy nilly, no-lense vo-lense, which is where that latin word comes from.  In the 1950's when "unseen forces" decided to start bringing shiploads of Caribbean workers over to England ostensibly to fill jobs in the nursing business and in the public transport sector where allegedly they could no longer find indigenous white British labor. And we were reassured that this trade in human beings was necessary in order to keep the economy running.

And only later on do you realize that people were profiting from this trade; the shipping lines, the airlines who brought these cargos of human beings over the Atlantic. When that particular island had dried up, could no longer supply, then they shifted their attention to somewhere else. Then it was Uganda and other parts of Africa. Then it was Asia. And invariably people were profiting on this business. They were profiting from the supply line operations, from the shipping operations; I'm talking about the 1950's and 1960's in England.

And of course the people who had employed what I would quite openly call the  slave labor were profiting. It wasn't slave labor in as much as they were being housed in little brick hutments or some plantation outside Charleston, but it was slave labor because they were under-paid, being forced to do jobs which nobody else was willing to do because the pay wasn't good enough. They were being brought in specifically to carry out those tasks by the English. And they were being housed in the most pitiful conditions. And they were unable to return home even if they had wanted to.

I have employed that kind of labor myself I am quite happy to say, but I made sure that the Jamaicans, the Barbadians, and the Punjabi's and other girls who had worked for me as personal assistants because quite simply they came up toop of the heap. When I interviewed an assortment of people who have been in a particular job, I got to know them very well. And I remember one particular Barbadian girl who worked for me. She wasn't Barbadian by that time; she was English. She was born of Barbadian parents who had come over on one of those boats. And she had been in the audience at Redding University which I had lectured to and she had sked with pride this question. And at the end of the question period I'd gone up to her in the interval and I'd said, "If you don't have a vacation job you can come and work for me and do some research in the archives.

And I got to know her and her family very well. She lived in a very poor, run-down area of the east end of London. And her father was a poor black carpenter. And her mother was just a housewife. And they were very proud people.

The blacks in England are prouder than the whites at present. They have a great sense of racial integrity. But this had not rubbed off on Winona who worked for me. And after a couple of years we were very good friends. And she had contacted me during the (_______?). We had exchanged old yarns. She's still happily married. This was back in the 1980's. She said, "David, I'm getting married." This was when she had got her degree. And I said, "That's nice Winona. I'm glad to hear that. And she said, "Well, aren't you going to ask?" I said, "Alright, what color is he?" "He is white." I said, "Well,.." and she said, "He's white. But he's very nice! Alright?" And I said, "Well, I'm sure he is. If he's managed to win you, then he must have certain qualities...... And um, what do your parents think?" No! "What do his parents think?" "Oh, they have come to terms with it. They know that times have moved on. They appreciate that England is different now.

Then I said, "Winona, what do your parents think of it?" Her father, the black carpenter, her mother the simple housewife, both black, both born in Barbados, dragged over by the English economic system into the maelstrom of English society. And she said, "My mother is crying all day. And my father says he's going to throw me out of the house.

What a difference! Well, they've been married I'm happy to say, for about 20 years. I haven't met the husband and I haven't seen her since then. But I look back on that little vignette as being an example of how the slave trade can upset society.

Now today we're going to hear from professor Tony Martin of Wellesly College in Boston about the origins of the slave trade in this country. Now I'm sure he's not going to tell you this but I'm going to say this: He has come under bitter attack, more than once for all the views that he hold. And you'll understand why when he starts to tell you those views. The Boston Globe which is the major newspaper in that city published a horrible attack on him about 2 months ago, written by a Jewish author, I believe he's Jewish judging by the name, I think.... Pardon?.... Yeah, a Jewish author. And I put it on my website so people could read it. But I simultaneously put on links to it, the reply from a minister from the Nation of Islam which is not a religion with which I have anything in common myself I hasten to add. But the reply I published because it was so well founded. And it justified the professor in every degree and grade and at every level, in particular pointing out that the sources that professor Martin has used in developing his history of the slave trade in this country are not extremists, they're not radical sources. They are mainline historians, mostly if not entirely Jewish historians who have taken a particular interest in this aspect. And so they can be relied on to a Britain, the truth. Professor Tony Martin, I'm going to ask you now to tell the audience the history of the slave trade:"

Jews controlled African Slavery (Lecture, 2005)

Opinion of Aril, the alien "captured" by the enslavers, the self-proclaimed overlords (following orders from the higher-up self-proclaimed overlords, 1947):

"If one were traveling the far reaches of the universe in search of a place called "Hell", it would be an accurate description of Earth and the inhabitants in its current condition."

Yes, it is true!; if you are following false teachings, your head is so full of junk that pretty much anything will split the hemispheres of your brain. They'll probably tell you that inseminator and inseminator joining together is within the laws of Creation and is preferred above a man being alone in a sexual context. it is not!; it is the opposite of their false teachings. See Chapter 12.

It boils down to this, "Do you want fulfillment, happiness, harmony, balance, beauty, vibrance, life and Creation for the planet and all her inhabitants, or do you want pain, misery, death, enslavement, sickness, off-balance (overpopulation, pollution, wars, famine), continuous catastrophe, destruction of all that is good to come upon the planet?" If you want a good future for the planet and her inhabitants, then promote and follow the laws of Creation.

12:8  "When inseminator and inseminator join together, life is violated and

          destroyed, but if conceiver and conceiver get together there is neither

          violation nor destruction nor procreation.

12:9  "Truly, I say to you; There are no animals under the sky that are like

          people and would go against the laws of Creation and nature; but are

          you not much more than the animals?

12:10  "No animal under the sky can be found whereby male cohabits with

            male, or female with female, because both male and female animals

            follow the laws of nature.

You can cater to Islam all you want. Brown nose to all religions and all their false teachings and get a great big pat on your back, and you will be destroying the planet with your false teachings. And destroying your opportunities, dissolving them away with your arrogance.  It is not just a house of cards you are playing with; this is the planet we are talking about.

15:17-18  "First, mankind must learn to recognize the truth and thus to live
                  according to the laws of Creation so as to become knowledgeable and
                  mighty in spirit.

16:44  "Never doubt in the power of the spirit, which is part of Creation
             itself and therefore does not know any limits of power.

Would individuals have heart to back up conviction renouncing and denouncing the false Judaic faith, when their 'tradition' has been the opposite? Can they be trusted?

34:60  "A unit always consists of two parts that are one in themselves, but

           are two only in appearance.

34:61  Since a person is a unit of two parts, the spirit is a unit in two parts,

           but both one in themselves and one together.

34:62  "The body cannot live without the spirit, and conversely, because

           spirit and body are a unit despite their seeming duality.

34:63  "The spirit lives according to the same law, because in itself it con-

           sists of two parts and is one in each part; thus it is one in itself.

34:64  "The two parts of the spirit are wisdom and strength.

23:25  "But since you and the Israelite people will live in spiritual darkness

            for an extended period, understanding and wisdom of the spirit and of

            the consciousness will remain hidden from you for a long time.

23:26  "Other peoples will advance beyond you in spirit and consciousness,

            evolve to a high degree and follow the laws of Creation.

23:27  "Therefore, other peoples will be superior to you in spirit and gather

            great wisdom, so that many among them will soon be like the

            prophets and remember former lives.

23:28  "But you and the people of Israel shall remain poor in consciousness

            and therefore drift in spiritual darkness;

23:29  "and if someone incurs punishment, he shall have to endure it."

23:30  When the people heard that, they were shocked and afraid.

8:23  When Jmmanuel saw many people around him, he gave orders to go
          across to the other side.

8:24  A scribe walked up to him and spoke, "Master, I will follow you
          wherever you go."

22:29  "You know the truth, and yet you deny it, in order to profit in the use

            of gold, silver and goods and to get rich at the expense of the poor,

            who have been led astray. You mislead and exploit them in the name

            of the faith.

You don't want to die in the "house of cards" you are playing with when it is really a damaging and deadly thing you are doing to the planet and her inhabitants! Laughing while you are doing it, thinking everything is going to be okay is your downfall, ignoring the warnings. Do you know what a prison planet is, and do you know how long eternity is? King of the pile of stinking poop; that's the game you are playing if you follow false teachings and promote false teachings.

How many lifetimes before you get tired of that game? 10 lifetimes, 20, 100, 200, 1,000 lifetimes before you tire of the "King of the pile of stinking poop" game? And how many lifetimes before you get a chance again with truth, knowledge and wisdom to come your way? A million lifetimes? 10 million? Never?, until the end of time? Or maybe its just till the end of the world; do you want to take a chance on that? And when is the end of the world? Another 100 million years?

26:10  "Man-made laws and commandments always produce murder and

            evil everywhere, and evil will spread and prevail, and people no

            longer will have any control over it.

If you think you are going to "get out of it" by destroying the planet, to make "the end of the world" happen sooner, its only going to get that much worse for you. Maybe it will shift up to "the end of time" for you on that one.

You have a chance to "forsake your false and stolen rights." The true teachings are being presented to you. False teachings are thievery of the true teachings, (then falsifying and adulterating them. Its the Pharisitical way; all of this training comes from Israel. Brown-nosing to Israel.) Thievery. A thief goes to prison; the sentence could be quite extensive. You don't want to brown-nose anybody who is following false teachings, least of all Israel.

10:35  "Do not go to too much trouble with the cities of Israel, for truly, I say

             to you: You will not get anywhere with the people of Israel until the

             end of the world.

The Faith of Peter

18:17  Jmmanuel came into the area of Caesarea Philippi and asked his dis-

            ciples, "Who do the people say that I am?"

18:18  They said, "Some say that you are John the Baptist, others that you

             are Elijah and oters again that you are Jeremiah or one of the old


18:19  And he said to them, "But who do you say that I am?"

18:20  Simon Peter answered, "You are the prophesied Messiah and a son of

            the living God who is the spiritual ruler of three human races."

30:9  "Truly, I say to you, if you beat and mock me, you shall be beaten and
          mocked by those whom you, since ancient times, have enslaved and
          whose land you and your forefathers have plundered.

30:10  "And the time will come in five times 100 years when you will have

             to atone for this, when the legitimate owners of the land enslaved by

             you will begin to rise against you and fight against you into the dis-

             tant future.

30:11  "A new man will rise up in this land as a prophet and will rightfully

             condemn and persecute you and you will have to pay with your blood.

30:12  "This man will create a forceful new sect especially for preserving the

             truthful teaching and will have himself recognized as a prophet, and he will

             have great power, and he will have your race persecuted throughout

             all time in the future.

22:45  "If you disregard and trample all the laws of God who is the ruler over

             this and the two other human races in the North and the East, you will

             be scorned and trampled for all time to come.

22:46  "The burden of the Judeans will be like a heavy stone of the seven

             great ages, and whoever falls upon this stone will be shattered, but

             whomever it falls upon will be pulverized."

22:47  When the chief priests and Pharisees heard his speeches they under-

            tood that he cursed them and the people for all time to come.

22:48  They thought about how they could seize him, but they were afraid of

            the people who believed him to be a prophet.

Did the yogi support Israel? Yes he did; he wanted a Khalistan for the Sikhs. Anyone who supports Israel I have to oppose, because the prophets of God did and the reasons are correct.

Israel is not just the supporter of open borders forced upon all countries except its own, not just the supporter of that but the enforcer of it upon all countries; forced open borders of all kinds including the education system and its evil Zionist-invented communist indoctrination system.

Israel, you will not escape justice.

30:4  "We greet you, great king of wisdom of the Judeans."

30:5  And they spat on him, took the cane out of his hand, and beat him

          with it on the head until blood ran over his face.

30:6  When he was miserable and bleeding, Caiaphas, the high priest,

          asked, "What are you goin gto do now, great king of wisdom?"

30:7  But Jmmanuel was quiet, saying not a word.

30:8  They hit him again on the head, and he sighed in pain and started to

          speak: "As it is written in the old prophets, that I am the king of wis-

          dom of the Judeans, it hits the truth; so I am the true prophet of all

          human races on earth;but in all truth I am not the prophet of those

          confused Israelites who call themselves sons and daughters of Zion.

6:6  "The human spirit does not need many words, however it needs
       knowledge to be powerful.

6:7  "Pray therefore to the omnipotence of the spirit, in the knowledge that
       its greatness and power are infinite.

32:21  "No matter how great the suffering of people, the power of Creation
          in them to conquer all that is evil is immeasurably greater.

My spirit, you are omnipotent. Your name be holy.

My spirit, the power of my spirit within me is the power of Creation in me to conquer all that is evil. My spirit, let us conquer all that is evil.

My spirit, the power of my spirit within me is the power of Creation in me to conquer all that is evil. My spirit, let us conquer all that is evil.

My spirit, the power of my spirit within me is the power of Creation in me to conquer all that is evil. My spirit, let us conquer all that is evil.

Jmmanuel speaking 2,000 years ago,

23:24  "At this point it is only the prophets who remember former lives,

            since they follow the laws of Creation and therefore live in wisdom.


The Curse/Burden Of Judaism:

What if someone threw a (terror) "party" and nobody came?


If I looked Jewish, I would wear every day a shirt saying in large letters, "I may look Jewish, but I am NOT a member of the false Judaic faith!" It would be my badge of honor!

"The 'traditional' enemies of truth"

as David Irving* refers to a particular group he often won't name, as he "doesn't want to be called 'anti-Semitic.'"

*David Irving, a true historian, an archival historian, the undisputed expert on the 3rd Reich, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, and many other WWII figures, David Irving speaks fluent German, At 20 years old in 1960 David Irving interviewed Adolf Hitler's staff (15 years after the end of WWII), all of which had the highest regard for "the chief."

David Irving Harassed in London 1992

Proof that Hollywood is Run by Jews

                       Quote from the above video:

"So what you have is a double standard; you've got racial and cultural cohesion for Israel, and in Europe you've got mass immigration and "multi-culturalism" and for North America and Australia its the same story because the illuminati bankers are trying to disinherit the people from European Christian background. The way they're doing it is by filling their countries up with people from other backgrounds so that there's no coherent identity. And the leaders that are allowing this to happen  are traitors.

These people are incredibly stupid; these Christians allow this to happen because its not allowed to happen in Israel. Why should they allow it to happen in Europe or Australia or North America? It's because countries of European Christian origin are too stupid to realize they are being undermined and attacked. The whole nature of this conspiracy is that it is a continual non-stop attack on these people who they wish to disinherit. The attack is going on all the time in different forms. Invasion by migration. All this migration is part of the New World Order to destroy nations. Ultimately nations are going to cease to exist. Because they want to as they say in the Protocols of Zion, which is authentic, "We are going to undermine every collective force but our own." And these collective forces are nations, first and foremost, religions, family and race. And that's what they're doing! The whole conspiracy is totally explicit, but people seem to be resigned to civility. The purpose of it is, so that people will not have any basis to unite, so that people will be divided against each other and not see who their common enemy is."

Professor Tony Martin, 2005

Now if the Chinese in these China Towns and elsewhere learn the true teachings and abide by the laws of Creation, then not only will the Chinese race flourish in fulfilment of destiny, but all races will learn from that fine example.

It is cooperation among races which will bring fulfilment of all races and individuals on the planet. This is key, cooperation and therefore learning from Creation all around us and Creation in us.

History Now


Those Crossing Borders Illegally:

Overpopulation, pushing other races out of existence is an evil act, especially invading other countries to do just that. You should be ashamed of yourselves! It is not a laughing matter. Those doing that are evil. It is akin to unjust monopolies, greedy hoarders.

If you are invading other countries, crossing boarders, GO BACK TO YOUR HOME COUNTRY! Fix your home country INSTEAD OF BRINGING YOUR LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY ACROSS OTHER BOARDERS!

Chapter 2

The Wise Men from the Orient

2:1  When Jmmanuel was born in the sable at Bethlehem, in the shelter

        in the land of the Judeans at the time of Herod Antipas, Tetrarch of

        Galilee and Perea, behold, there came wise men from the Orient to

        Jerusalem, saying,

2:2a  "Where is the newborn king of wisdom of the Judeans?

2:2b  "We have seen a bright light in the sky and heard a voice saying,

2:3  "'Follow the tail of the light, because the king of wisdom of the

        Judeans is born, who will bring great knowledge.'

2:4  "Therefore we have come to adore the newborn king of wisdom.

2:5  "He shall possess the knowledge of God and be a son of the celestial

        son Gabriel.

2:6  "His knowledge will be boundless and his power will rule the spirit

        of human beings, so that they may learn and serve Creation."

2:7  When Herod Antipas heard this, he was frightened, and with him all

        of Jerusalem, because they feared that the newborn child might exer-

        cise dreadful power.

2:8  Herod Antipas called together all the chief priests and scribes among

        the people and inquired of them where Jmmanuel had been born.

2:9  And they said to him, "In Bethlehem, in the Judean land; for thus it is

        written by the prophet Micah:

2:10  "'And you, Bethlehem, in the land of the Judeans, are by no means

          the least among the cities in Judea, for out of you shall come the king

          of wisdom, who will bring great knowledge to the people of Israel so

          that they may learn and serve Creation'"

2:11  Thereupon, Herod Antipas called the wise men secretly and diligent-

          ly inquired of them when the bright light with the long tail had

         appeared in the sky.

This Race


The celestial sons are magnanimous and joyous. I believe for the most part they are that way. From other stories I've heard, and the way angel Gabriel is.


Also sad and contemplative and etc; what truth the situation draws.