Bolshevism in Russia The Work of the Jews Episode 1 full

Some Highlights:

"Czarist Russia has been extremely, I mean, it's mis-portrayed, its just a straight lie. What Americans write about Czarist Russia is an incredible lie. They write it for one reason. They write it to alleviate and cover for the crime of Bolsheviks, who were all Jewish. And Czarist Russia was incredibly Christian."


Host: I'd like to point out here that if Alexander III was 'reactionary' in any way it was probably because his father, Alexander II was blown to pieces by suicide bombers, part of an organization known as Vaterdeina Olya, in English that would be "The People's Will".

Guest: Yeah, who does that mean?

Host: A bunch of Jews. They wanted transfer of all land to the people, and the placement of all factories under control of the workers! But when Alexander II gave the people all of that, the Jews shifted their demands of land to the peasants to "abolition of all private property".


Why is it that Lenin's newspaper, Pravda was freely published in Saint Petersburg under Nicholas II and his "tyranny?" Not only Pravda, but 12 daily newspapers were published by agents of "The St. Petersburg Soviets."?

Host: What do main stream historians say? If Russia was so oppressive, how was Lenin freely publishing a newspaper?

Guest: Well right. And that's exactly the point Johnson is making. How were all these Jew Soviets publishing these newspapers freely in St Petersburg? And all these other great artists and you know philosophers and writers, how could they exist so freely and have their works published if Russia was so oppressive? And Johnson is pointing out, "that's hypocrisy."


Transcript starting around the 2:55 mark:

Guest:..... (referring to Johnson)...But he is also a revisionist historian. Instead of getting his history from the emotions of the day which is how most American historians get their history, he gets it from documentary evidence. He actually examines the facts before he publishes.

Host: Would you agree that the prevailing view with American historians is the Czar was aloof, incompetent, or if not outright tyrannical, that he had to be removed. The Bolsheviks came in, took care of him and that things might have gotten a bit out of hand.

Guest: Well you know all of these main stream historians, maybe not every single one of them, but they operate at the whims of their book editors and their book publishers and they want to be published, and they like their seats in academia and that they go with the mainstream flow and what their Wall Street banker masters want them to print. That's the way it is. That's so blatantly evident in some history books its incredible.

Host: They're beholden to the Jew.

Guest: Right. I have a world history book that I used on my presentation last week on the Crusades which was with Christian Emaheiser(?). I know from many other sources that the first crusade, just when the first Crusade was launched, the crusaders did a pogrom against the Jews in Frankfurt Germany. And actually exterminated a lot of the Jews and ran a lot of them off.

And I have this encyclopedia of world history which is supposed to be a very distinguished book of world history that makes not one mention of it. Maybe 100 pages on the medieval period around that time or two hundred pages and no mention of the pogroms against the Jews in Europe. the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. That's incredible. Not one mention.

Host: Why would they omit that? What would they gain by them omitting that?

Guest: Well they should admit it because it was part of history. They've left it out.

Host: But I mean, "By omitting it, what do they gain?"

Guest: What do they gain? They gain this: People don't ask questions about why the Jews were being run off.

Host: That would be the main question people would ask, "Why were these things happening?" and the Jews would have to say of course, "For no reason."

Guest: Well of course, I mean, people might see the pattern. People might wake up. And that's just you know its in other books but in this one supposedly distinguished general overview of world civilization where many tiny incredible little details mentioned, the pogroms of the Jews in the middle ages are left out. And that's just one example. 

Okay, to get on with Russia, and Czarist Russia has been extremely, I mean, its mis-portrayed, its just a straight lie. What Americans write about Czarist Russia is an incredible lie. They write it for one reason. They write it to alleviate and cover for the crime of Bolsheviks, who were all Jewish. And Czarist Russia was incredibly Christian; if not in actual Christian practice, at least in the circumstance and the ritual and you know the trappings of the orthodox Church. Okay, Nicolus II was brought to the thrown. This is from page 200 of "The 3rd Rome" by Michael Rafiel Johnson. Czar Nicolas II was brought to the thrown in 1894. He found a Russia far from being backward. But in a few years by the start of WWI was the envy of the world. She had the lowest taxes in all of Europe.

Direct taxation, and he gives figures in rubels, direct taxation per capita amounted to: 
3.1 rubels per year versus
13 (rubels) "   "    for Germany
10   "       "    "   for Austria
12      "       "     "   France
27  "       "     "    in progressive and democratic and capitalist Britain.

Indirect taxation was also the lowest in Europe, amounting to
6   rubels per capita for Russia
10    "       "     "  for Germany
11    "      "      "  for Austria
16                     for France
14                     for Britain
(And Johnson gives his sources....)
(In Russia) primary education was open to all classes and was free of charge. At the turn of the century there were 10,000 primary schools opening in the empire per year, yes per year. By 1913, over 500 million rubels per year were being invested in education, comparatively more per capita than any other nation in Europe.

University study in Russia was the least expensive than anywhere in Europe or America.
$75 per year (in Russia) compared with.....
over $1,000 per semester in England and in America.

To relieve over-population, Czar Nicholas II eliminated all taxes and provided farm implements to those peasants who would move into less populated and more recently absorbed regions of the empire. By 1917 the peasantry controlled the overwhelming majority of farmland; more than 3 times what was controlled by the nobility. Such a record was matchless in Europe at the time and still remains unmatched as the big conglomerates in full union with the American Department of Agriculture destroy the family farm and set up the new serfdom under ADM Arthur Daniels Midland and Con Agra..... (He's comparing it to modern America.)

Under "The Reactionary" and he says "the reactionary" in quotes because that's what the main stream historians consider it, ..... "Under 'The Reactionary' Regime of Alexander III, the state peasant bank was chartered which transferred almost all of the remainder of the land to the peasantry. This bank which provided cheap credit to the farming classes became the largest credit union on earth, entirely dedicated to the purpose of the peasantry buying land for themselves. After a few years, Russian peasants owned 80% of the land. Later beginning in 1905, the People's Bank of Mutual Credit was opened and even provided free lectures to peasants on how to use the system"..... go on.

Host: I'd like to point out here that if Alexander III was 'reactionary' in any way it was probably because his father, Alexander II was blown to pieces by suicide bombers, part of an organization known as Vaterdeina Olya, in English that would be "The People's Will".

Guest: Yeah, who does that mean?

Host: A bunch of Jews. They wanted, and I quote....
"Universal suffrage, permanent people's representation, freedom of speech, press, assembly, communal self-government. They wanted the permanent army gotten rid of and replaced by "The People's volunteer Corp". They wanted transfer of all land to the people, and the placement of all factories under control of the workers.

As land transfers began under Alexander II they shifted their demands of land to the peasants to "abolition of all private property" since that was no longer a wedge(?) issue since peasants were getting the land they needed.

Guest: Yeah, they just want to destroy things for the sake of taking them over.

Host: And eventually they called for an abolition of the church .......and (in place of that) free love communes.

Guest:  Well does your article cite any of the names behind this organization?

Host: (host lists some names) These people are basically all Jews. And it points out that they all came from very elite backgrounds.

Guest: In terms of agricultural production, the program of land redistribution was immensely successful. By 1913, 12% of the Russian harvest was exported. She accounted for
67% of the world's production of rye
31% of              "           "             wheat
30% of              "           "             oats
and almost half the world's production of barley.

Given that the peasants controlled the land, they benefited the most and their income was markedly increased during this period. The Russian fishing industry was the largest in the world. As was her sugar industry. Fully processed iron production increased over 100% from 1898 to 1913. Production of copper increased almost 150% at the same time. The output of gold increased 300%. Manganese 100% and coal 900% in this same time period. The Russian trade surplus by 1913 was 365 million rubles, up from a mere 163 million in 1903.

The national debt amounted to:
59 rubels per person in 1910... compare that with
135     "         "       "     in Germany
170                              in Britain
190                              in Italy
and almost 300           in France
Industry additionally was growing 8% per year, higher even than the United States.

"All of this was done (and he's stabbing at the main stream historians again) All of this was done under the incompetent reign of the naive and weak Nicholas II and the tyrannical Alexander III and with a Russian population that was, according to nearly all the main stream work on Russian history to date, backward, illiterate, lazy, stupid, and superstitious."

And this is how the main stream media portrays to this day Czarist Russia to the people in the west. And the truth is exactly the opposite...... (continuing..)
"There is little question that in spite of the English language history, imperial Russia during this time was likely the best run state in Europe, one without the benefit of any Republican politics or capitalist economics.  What is even more telling is that Russia was just beginning her economic expansion in the world markets. There can be no question that the refusal of the Romanov's to set up a central bank under the rule of the global financial elite marked them for extinction. Imperial Russia was the only major European power that refused to set up a central bank (and I thought Kaiser Wilhelm did too, but that's besides the point), so the Bolsheviks as always willingly obliged."

And that shows that the bottom line is the Rothschild's were afraid of Russia and had to control it. they were afraid of Russia, Russia as an international power competing with England and their control of the world so they had to destroy it.

Host: So it boils down to whatever nation will not acquiesce to their demands and hand over all their control of the finances to the Jew is going to be marked for destruction.

Guest: Exactly.
(15:00 mark)
Why is it that Lenin's newspaper, Pravda was freely published in Saint Petersburg under Nicholas II and his "tyranny?" Not only Pravda, but 12 daily newspapers were published by agents of "The St. Petersburg Soviets."?

Host: What do main stream historians say about it? If Russia was so oppressive, how was Lenin freely publishing a newspaper?

Guest: Well right. And that's exactly the point Johnson is making. How were all these Jew Soviets publishing these newspapers freely in St Petersburg? And all these other great artists and you know philosophers and writers, how could they exist so freely and have their works published if Russia was so oppressive? And Johnson is pointing out, "that's hypocrisy."

He says, "Simultaneously Reginald E Zelnick another writer writes, 'Without doubt, the reign of Nicholas II witnessed extraordinary artistic creativity, so much so that cultural historians routinely use terms as 'silver age, 2nd golden age, and cultural renaissance.' Of course these 2 sentiments (meaning Zelnig's sentiments contrary to the other historian's sentiments) are mutually exclusive.

Now Johnson goes into his discussion of revolutionary groups of this time...."The overwhelming majority of the funds for the revolutionary groups as the 19th century turned into the 20th century in Czarist Russia came from as always the elite, both in and out of the country. Revolutions, in spite of established political scientists, are always from the top down. What is amazing is how main stream history refuses to deal with these questions. For the 1905 uprising, the majority of the funds from the social democratic party came from the famed author Maxim Gorky. His mistress, the actress Atraeva and millionaire industrialist Sava Morizov; Morizov listed the communists as beneficiaries of his will: He committed suicide conveniently in 1905. Outside of the major American and British banking families that financed the revolution of 1917, another important source of funding came from a Ukrainian sugar tycoon named Terichenko.

Unfortunately the German government at war with Russia in 1914 gave Lenin's movement 70 million marks. Generals Hoffman and Ludendorf admitted as much when the later wrote, "Germany dispatched Lenin to Russia.' This step was justified from the military point of view as it was imperative that Russia should fall."..... (So we helped ourselves do this right? That's the way it always works.)....

Lenin also admitted German assistance claiming to the central committee under Swerdlow. (Quote from Vladimir Lenin), "I am frequently accused of having won our revolution with the aid of German money. I have never denied the fact nor do I do so now. I will add though, that with Russian money we shall stage a similar revolution in Germany."
20:00 mark
"the chosen human race", "They presume themselves above all the human races", "slaughtering their best friends like wild animals." "false teachings of Israel" as in "communism." (Moses Helms is the father of communism/father of modern day Zionism who taught communism to Karl Marx who came from a long line of rabbis. Moses Helms, the father of communism, is so revered by Israel that Israel exhumed his body for burial in Israel, where the revered father of communism is buried today.)

Who's running our education systems? She explains it:

Charlotte Iserbyt:-The MIS-education of America (NWO, Illuminati, Communism) Part 1 2/5

They are the only ones who print all the money they want to; they wouldn't be able to do a damn thing (and damned things are all they do) without printing all their money at will; Jews, give up the money printing presses. Let's see how you do when that happens........ You'll have to abide by this then: "Arbeit Macht Frei."

How about the citizenry do the right thing, our duty to the laws of Creation:  The End Of The Federal Reserve Bank

Leaders of the 1917 revolution against the white race of Russia and surrounding countries:

Vladimir Lenin: Jew

Trotsky: Jew

Swerdlow: jew

Kominev: Jew

Zimminov: jew

Germany & Russia

2,500 Churches Built In Germany

while the Soviets led by the Rothschild's paid Jews were destroying all freedom of knowledge (and freedom of thought) in their path

from 1933 until Britain declares war on Germany in 1939

The German people built 2,500 churches under Emperor Adolf Hitler and the 3rd Reich (Read that until it sinks in.)
Were the Germans the "bad" guys?

Living in Hitler's Germany
A Letter from Hans Schmidt

Transcript starting about the 6:28 mark of the video.

"In peace time, no military training was allowed by the Hitler Youth leadership.  Scouting yes.  Incidentally, to snitch on our parents was frowned upon.

At the very time when America's allies, the Soviets destroyed most of the Christian churches in Russia and Ukraine, about 2,500 new churches were built in Germany.  Not one Christian church was closed.  It was the law that school and church had priority over the Hitler Youth.

As late as the fall of 1944, the Waffen SS barracks in Breslow supplied 2 buses to take youth to either the nearest Protestant or Catholic church every Sunday.  To be a registered member of a Christian church did not prevent advancement in the National Socialist Party.
Germany was National Socialist, but free enterprise flourished during the entire Hitler years.  No company was nationalized. No small businessman was stopped from opening up his own store.
I myself worked during the war for a company that can only be called part of international capitalism.  If you owned shares nobody confiscated them like the Allies did in 1945.

The accomplishments of the quote Nazis was incredible.  Starting without money and 6 million unemployed, 1/3 of the workforce, they constructed the entire Germany autobahn road network in short span of 6 years almost without corruption while seeing to it that the new road system did not unnecessarily destroy either the German landscape or the wildlife habitats and forests.
2 years after the National Socialists were in power conditions were so improved that workers had to be hired in nearby friendly countries to help alleviate the worker shortage in Germany.  Germany was booming, while Britain, France and the US were in the depths of depression.

To help the workers get cheap transportation the Volkswagen was designed and built for their manufacture when the war started.  Also for the common people villages of single family homes were errected.  The monthly payments were so low that almost anyone could afford his or her own house.  
In Hitler's Germany there was virtually no homeless, no beggars.  Crime was almost non-existent because habitual criminals were in concentration camps.  All this was reported in the newspapers and was known by everybody.

The German press during the 3rd Reich had fewer taboos than the American press today.  The only taboo I can think of revolved around Hitler; during the war there was a law that prohibited defeatism.  This was because of the negative role the German press played in the defeat of Germany in 1918.

It bears remembering that the European economic community was first coined by the 3rd Reich government.  I remember many articles both pro and con about this subject. One should also not forget that during the war at least 7 million foreign nationals, nearly 10% of the population worked in Germany either as voluntary workers, Dutch, Danes, French, Poles, Ukrainians come to mind, or as forced laborers or prisoners. I know of no instance where foreigners were attacked or molested much less killed because they were foreigners.
Speaking of the press, I have an article from 1943 in my possession that spells out how necessary friendship is between the German and Russian peoples.

Between 1933 and 1945 there was a tremendous emphasis on culture.  Theaters flourished.  The German movie industry produced about 100 feature films per year of which NOT ONE was anti-American.  Only 50 of them can be considered pure propaganda movies.
Some of the best classical recordings still existent were made in Hitler's Germany. Actors from all over Europe, but mainly from France, Sweden and Italy were stars in German movies.

Germany always liked sports.  And there was no lack of opportunities to partake in any sport one liked. The 1936 Berlin Olympics was merely a showcase of what transpired all over the Reich.  In a book on these Olympics issued by the Hitler Youth that is still in my possession, Jesse Owens is shown several times and mentioned favorably.

During the Schmelling boxing fights, we kids all knew of Joe Lewis, the brown bomber.  Nowhere did I ever read derogatory remarks about other races.  Certainly the accomplishments of Germany and the Germans were given prominence, similar to the ad nauseum statements of today that the US is the "land of the free", etc.

In my 10 years of the Hitler Youth, actually 8, since I couldn't attend while a soldier, the Jews were never mentioned.

Other sports that gripped our attention were flying.  There was Hitler Youth flying training with their own sail planes. Car races British and Italian drivers dominated, and riding.

Frequently I am asked about the gun control during the Hitler era.  Claims are made that Hitler could take power because he disarmed the German people.  That is nonsense.  In Germany, gun ownership was never as prevalent as it is in America. I would say that for 100's of years one needed a license in order to keep a weapon.  On the other hand, my father owned an old pistol clandestinely which we children knew.  And there were gun clubs all over the Reich.  Furthermore, Germany was always a country with excellent gun smiths.  It is doubtful that they could stay in business if the laws were too stringent.  I would surmise that when Germany was Germany before it was "liberated" by the Allies, gun ownership was probably more widespread than is acknowledged today.

Laws on the books to give police a handle mainly to arrest criminals with guns, not the ordinary citizen.  Incidentally, just as Hitler had forbidden so called "punishment exercises" in the army, the brutal methods still employed by the American army, so had he forbidden the use of clubs by police; He considered it demeaning to the German people.

Finally this, I don't believe I'll ever see again a people as happy and content as were the great majority of Germans under Hitler, especially in peace time.  

Certainly some minorities suffered; former parliamentary polititians because they couldn't play their political games, the Jews because they lost their power over Germany, the gypsies because during the war they were required to work, crooked union bosses because they lost their parasitical positions.

To this day, I believe that the happiness of the majority of the people is more important than the well-being of the few spoiled minorities.  In school there should be emphasis on promoting the best and the intelligent as was done in Germany during the Hitler years, a fact that contributed after the war to the rapid German reconstruction.

That Hitler was loved by his people there can be no question.  Even a few weeks before the end of the war before his death he was able to drive to the front and mingle among the combat soldiers with only minimum security.  None of the soldiers had to unload their weapons before meeting with the Fuhrer as was required when president Bush met with American soldiers during the Gulf War.  Germany under Hitler was quite different than what the media would have you believe."

 "A Letter from Hans Schmidt"

Were the Germans the "bad" guys?

Adolf Hitler the Greatest Story never told: Parts 1-5

Lenin spoke predominantly Yiddish and surrounded himself with Jews and was later found to be Jewish. Lenin was true to the evil Jewish "tradition":

10:26  "Truly, I say to you: The nation of Israel was never one distinct peo-

           ple and has at all times lived with murder, robbery and fire. They have

           acquired this land through ruse and murder in abominable, predatory

           wars, slaughtering their best friends like wild animals.

10:27  "May the nation of Israel be cursed until the end of the world and

           never find its peace.

You don't want to be cursed by the main prophet, but they are and it is in print and it is forever.

my focus of purpose .org

27:13-14  "I fullfilled my mission among this generation but could not teach

                  any reason to the people, because of the fault and false teachings

                  of the Israelites and because they do not think reasonably because

                  of confusing and deceptive teachings against reason; therefore, I

                  will leave, because the teaching of the truth shall be brought also

                  to two other human races in the North and East.

David Irving - The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History.

David Irving is notably THE Historian of the 3rd Reich and its players. As an Englishman who experienced WWII as a child in London with the London bombings by the Germans, David Irving speaks fluent German having learned the German language throughout his school years in England. In 1960, 15 years after WWII ended, Irving interviewed the surviving members of Adolf Hitler's personal staff. 
I recommend buying David Irving's books.

(Note from Ross: I wasn't intending transcribing so much, but since I continued and have it, I am sharing it now. Please copy it if you are so inclined.)

Meticulous Notes Of The Facts - How An Archival Historian Does Things

(Also mentioned here is example of how the self-proclaimed overlords, "synagogue of satan" government seizes things. )

Here is a partial transcript of the video listed above starting from the 36:50 mark. (All the other videos, if you can find them, Irving says the same thing, how all Hitler's staff glowed when talking of "the chief", A.H. All of Hitler's staff interviewed by David Irving held "the chief", Adolf Hitler in highest regard.

Transcript from 36:50 mark of the video: David Irving - The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History.

"And I wanted to say that when I first set out to write the book on Adolf Hitler and I had made the acquaintance of all his private staff; the four secretaries, Christa Schroeder, Herr Wolf, Gerrer Denofsky, garble died a couple years ago. I met also the adjutants who had served with him, the generals, the field marshals that had served with him. Like all Germans, even now you'll find they have two faces, two opinions; there was the opinion they were prepared to show the strangers and the private opinion they would reveal to you if they were close to you, once you had won their trust. And all of these people on Adolf Hitler's private staff, they stunned me by showing great admiration for him and speaking of him only in the most glowing and positive terms. And these were educated people. They had been to staff college, they had been to university. They weren't just, uhmm, trailer trash. These were people of great insight and perception, and they'd had known him for the last 10 or 12 years of his life.

And they spoke well of him (A.H., "The Chief!"), even in the 1960's and the 1970's. And that's what convinced me that he (Adolf Hitler) was worth investigating in depth and doing, doing a "real" job on him. In fact, I devoted I suppose 2/3rds of my life to him; its not an obsession. I just want to get the facts right on him. One of the things that I did was to build up a huge card index on him. A chronological card index, for example, in the US Navy yard in southeast Washington they had the classified operational archives which just happened to have the 2nd carbon copy of the war diary of the German Admiralty, the German naval staff. 72 volumes, each volume that thick (puts his fingers up) and I sat there for 2 months reading from left to right through all 72 volumes covering the entire WWII period.

And writing on a green card index, on a green index card, every singe reference to Adolf Hitler. Every visit made to him by the chief of naval operations, every reference to a naval conference, every telegram, every telephone call from Hitler, every signal sent by Hitler to the commander of the Bismark or anything like that, I put it on a card index with the date and the time. And the same thing with the Air Force documents in blue. I typed in white cards extracts. From people's diaries I typed on pink cards.

And I eventually ended up with about 40,000 index cards over the space of the next 5 or 6 years. My wife at that time asked, "When are you going to start writing the book." and I said, "It's taking me longer than I thought. but I need a tool to get a handle on the documents in the archives. I'm not going to use other people's books. I'm going to use the archival documents." But eventually you ended up with something like an Adolf Hitler diary; that card index listed minute by minute exactly where he was, who he was with, and what decisions he was taking and what he was reading, what the input was, what the output was, and so on.

Unfortunately the British government seized all my records 3 years ago when I was on a lecture tour like this in Seattle, on the day the trucks rolled up outside my home and all the parking meters were hooded to make space for the trucks, and I learned afterwards that everything had been taken away. In fact I arrived back from the United States, back in England with just the suit I was standing up in. They had taken everything down to the last paper clip. And I understand that half that card index has now been "accidentally destroyed."

But we're fighting the British government over this and it will come back. The reason I mention it is because just in conclusion I want to mention 2 or 3 items that when you compare them with the card index you can see that the documents are fake. One of them was the diary of Hitler's army adjutant, Gerhard Engel. He was a bright enough man, he was Hitler's Army Adjutant until 1943, when a muttering began and people said, "Well he's an able-bodied man, he really should be fighting at the front, whereas the rest of Hitler's staff were disabled, had stomach problems or something. So Engel was sent to the front in 1943, and eventually rose the the rank of Lieutenant General and commanded and infantry division in the final battle of Berlin; a great man, a good man. Good soldier. Trouble is he had been on Hitler's staff. So when the war was over and the German government finally started their own army all over again, the Bundeswehr, he went to apply for a job in that as a high-ranking officer, as a general again, he was even able to prove, I mean, what militated against him getting a job was the fact that he had been on Hitler's staff. Most applicants hadn't been on Hitler's staff, so it didn't look too good for him.

Unless of course he could prove that he had seen through that criminal all along, even during the war years. And that he'd recognized him as the gangster and criminal and dictator that he was. And so he produced a diary, "The Engel Diary" which showed quite clearly that Hitler was a criminal.

Except when I looked at the Engel Diary it was difficult because the people who had bought it, the Institute of History in Munich, they had paid a very large sum of money. I think in those days it was 50,000 Deutschmarks which nowadays, we're talking about back in the 1970's had paid him this huge sum of money for his diaries. And they wouldn't show it to me because they claimed to be under contract and they had professor Krausinck the chief historian working on it with another historian who was preparing it for publication doing all the kind of scientific annotations and all this kind of brow howraising, wrinkling serious stuff that conformist historians do. Except I was coming along from time to time saying, "There's something wrong with the Engel Diary because I had been allowed by now to see it, by him. I went to his office in Dusseldorf where he was an arms dealer and he allowed me to sit there reading through the 2 ring binder for one afternoon and I typed up a few extracts and I saw extracts in the institutes card index as well. And I went back and compared. And I began to type out extracts to put in my card index and I had a problem; if they were genuine diaries, they would have meshed perfectly with my card index.

But I had problems with this diary because, November the 24th 1942 for example, I think that's the date, he describes a blazing rout between Hitler and Herman Goering over the battle of Stalingrad: Goering has promised to provide an airlift, the airlift is going wrong, the 6th army is trapped in Stalingrad and things are going wrong and there's this blazing rouwe on November 24th in 1942 between Hitler and Goering in East Prussia, in Hitler's wartime headquarters, EXCEPT in my card index on that day Hermann Goering is in Paris on a shopping trip. I mean this is a pretty crass example that shows that this can't have happened the way that Engel described, at least not on the day he says.

This is an indication that he's written it after the war then. That he's kind of "remembered the episode" and he's assigned a random date to it. Well that's memoirs. That's not diaries. A diary is a good source. Memoirs are not a good source. Memoirs are written under the influence of "the time matrix" of the time the diary had been written. So it was, it was suspect. And then I found more evidence. I mean the Engel Diary is a particularly good example. I had by now attained the diary of the widow of general Sherman who was one of the 3 people killed on the bomb attempt on Hitler's life. She had provided her diary to me. You think normally a widow's diary wouldn't reveal very much but it gave dates, and I'm trying to build up a dates framework, a matrix to what Hitler was doing.

David Irving is a meticulous proponent of the truth. If it is lies, we can't grow and we get really screwed up in the head. We need more David Irvin-like people.

20:33  "Wisdom will only exist where the knowledge about truth bears fruit
            and the laws of Creation are followed and respected."

The left column describes what Germany and the world got for catering to Christendom; 2,500 churches built in Germany with the FULL blessing of Hitler and the 3rd Reich. And that fact kept from the "Western World" by the Jewish run media funded (and bribed) largely by all the money they want to print.

False teachings, not the least of which is Christianity, give the synagogue of satan free reign to perpetrate all the terror they want on the planet, printing all the money they want to do it!

20:30  "Many will follow a false teaching about me and therefore not find

            the truth, because they mistake me for God or his son, or perhaps even

            the son of Creation.

20:31  "They will speak big words and insist that they alone know the truth,

            because they have become victims of a terrible mistake and thus fol-

            low an evil and falsified teaching.

20:32  "Many will be first among the human races, because they will think

            humanely in their false teachings, but they will be last in spiritual

            knowledge and small in their wisdom.

20:33  "Wisdom will only exist where the knowledge about truth bears fruit

            and the laws of Creation are followed and respected."

The Greatest Commandment

23:31  When the Pharisees heard that Jmmanuel had shut up the Sadducees,

           they held a meeting for deliberation.

23:32  One among them, a scribe, tested him by asking, "Jmmanuel, which

           is the first commandment in the law?"

23:33  Jmmanuel asked in return, "Whose law are you thinking about? Are

           you thinking about the law of the emperor, the law of God or the law

           of Creation"

23:34  The scribe said, "I am thinking of the laws of all three."

23:35  Jmmanuel said, "The highest commandment in the law of Creation is:

           Achieve the wisdom of knowledge, so that you may wisely follow the

           laws of Creation.

23:36  "The highest command of the law of God is: You shall honor God as

           ruler of three human races and follow his laws, because he is their

           king of wisdom and a good and just counselor.

23:37  "The highest command of the laws of the emperor is: You shall be obe-

           dient to the emperor, follow his laws and give to him the tithe, because

           he is the ruler over the people and their guardian and protector.

23:38  "These are the noblest and greatest laws in the three categories.

23:39  "But the other law, equal to the first, is this: You shall consider only

           Creation as omnipotent, because it alone is constant in all things and

           therein everlasting.

23:40  "God and the emperor are temporal, but Creation is eternal.

23:41  "On these two commandments depend the entire law and the


23:42  "The laws of God and those of the emperor are human laws and meant

           to maintain law and order among people.

23:43  "But the laws of Creation are the laws of life and spirit and therefore

           are eternal and constant.

23:44  "Likewise immortal is a person't spirit, which is a tiny piece of

           Creation, for how could Creation itself ever cease to be?

Who were the two emperors who understood correctly that communism (created by Israel and continually promoted by "the sons and daughters of Zion") is the real threat to the whole world and all of humanity?

Answer: The emperor of Japan and the emperor of Germany, circa 1920's and 1930's until the end of WWII.

Israel attacks your very spirit, your very existence; Israel attacks Creation itself. Example: the gulags run by the Jews running the Soviet Union, funded by the Jew banksters. 100 million white people were tortured and killed by the Jews in the gulags!

vladimir putin says 80 to 85% of soviet union was run by jews

80% Of The 1st Soviet Government Members Were Jews - Putin