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I am not saying that I will get the email, because my angels may not "let me have it."

I'm a sweet guy.  I don't want to hurt anybody.

If this website bugs you, let it go.

I am not God.  I was never the son of God.  I was never a son of God.  I was never the son of Creation, nor a son of Creation.  Never will be.

My father this lifetime is/was Julius Purvine, not an angel, and proud of it:  Laugh about it, smile about it.

I don't want to be a fool and I don't want to increase any grief, need and misery I may have, or bring it on.

26:16  "The wise do not cry over lost things, over the dead and over

             things of the past.

26:17  "Fools cry over things that are not worth crying over, thereby increa-

            sing their grief, need and misery.

Jmmanuel was here for the three human races created by god

13,000 years ago Adam was created:  "Adam, the father of the white human race."  At the time Adam was born there were already 7 human races existing on earth.  The white race(s) is/(are) the most recent race(s) on earth.

Jmmanuel came for the 3 human races created by god and ruled by god:  "The race in the land of Israel, the race to the east as far as the land of India, and the race to the north with the king with horns and the seas where icy mountains drift in the water."  Those were the 3 white races of earth.  (The race he is talking about in the land of india was the race that travelled there from the land of Adam.)

Jmmanuel came to earth to teach the three human races created and ruled by god, the three white races.  And Jmmanuel was a white man:  The cover of Talmud of Jmmaneul is the picture of a white man, Jmmanuel.  That is indeed correct, except he fit this description: "Behold, humans begotten by the celestial sons were different in a specific way from other people on Earth....................Their bodies were white as snow and red as the rose blossom, their hair at the top of the head white as wool and their eyes beautiful."   

ref:        Mandela Effect         Ancient

Contact your spirit.

"There is no other saviour than the power of the spirit."

Talk to your spirit.

18:23  "You are Peter, and I cannot build my teachings on your rock.  You

            will open the portals of ignorance, so that people will be overcome by

            your false interpretation of my teaching and will follow it and live

            according to falsified teachings.

18:24  "I cannot give you the key of the spiritual kingdom, otherwise you

             would open false locks and wrong portals with it.

18:25  "I am not the son of the spiritual ruler of three human races and there-

            fore not the son od god, and so onlyu Creation governs the spirit, but

            never a human being; therefore remove yourself from this erroneous

            teaching and learn the truth.

18:26  "My mother is Mary who conceived me through a guardian angel, a

             descendant of our ancestors from out of space, and my earthly father

             is Joseph who only acts as a father substitute."

18:27  He threatened his disciples never to tell or wrongly assume such

            things and not to spread the false teaching of Peter.

20:23  "Seek and understand the meaning of my speech lest you may be so

            bold as to call me the son of god or the son of Creation, or to insult

            me by calling me the ruler over good and evil.

20:24  "Behold the little children, they are not like you; they trust in the truth

            and wisdom of my speech, and therefore wisdom shall be theirs.  So

            why do you push them away?"

20:25  And he put his hands on them and departed.

20:26  As they were walking, Peter said to him, "Behold, we have forsaken

            everything to follow you, and what will we get in return?"

20:27  Jmmanuel replied, "Truly, I say to you:  Some of you who have fol-

           lowed me will embrace the wisdom of my teaching, so you will be

           spiritually great in reincarnations to come.  But some of you will mis-

           understand the wisdom of my teaching and spread false teachings

           about me.  They shall have a difficult time finding the truth in coming


20:28  "Thus it will always be among all human races everywhere from East

             to West, and from North to South.

Ignorance is the opposite of Angels

18:17  Jmmanuel came into the area of Caesarea Philippi and asked his dis-

            ciples, "Who do the people say that I am?"

18:18  They said, "Some say that you are John the Baptist, others that you

            are Elijah and others again that you are Jeremiah or one of the old


18:19  And he said to them, "But who do you say that I am?"

18:20  Simon Peter answered, "You are the prophesied Messiah and a son of

            the living god who is the spiritual ruler of three human races."

18:21  Jmmanuel became angry and answered him, "Oh you unfortunate

            one, my teaching has not revealed that to you, because I instructed

            you in the truth.

18:22  "And I also tell you:  You certainly are a faithful disciple, but your
             understanding must be compared to that of a child.