Slavery in America

The Jewish authors were themselves "bragging" about these facts:

  • All the slave ships were owned by Jews.  The Jews owned the slave ships that brought the slaves to America.
  • 40% of the Jews in America owned slaves while only 1% of the rest of the population of America owned slaves.  Think about that!  40% of the Jews owned slaves, while only 1% of the rest of the population owned slaves.  Yet the Jewish-owned media will tell you that every white man is guilty.  They attack Germany no end with lies;  The Nazis, the Nazis, the Nazis!  They were national socialists, nationalists.  And they attack Russia too with lies no end.  The natives of those two countries were white;  98% white.  See Russia and Germany.  The attack has always been on the white race and therefore after that all other legitimate races.

Each and every individual needs to understand this and decide if they want to advance, as an individual, advance to higher dimensions. Where do you want to go? Do you want the tyrants forever in charge, forever? Or do you want to be free of the victim/oppressor scenario forever?

Diversity of peoples requires separation, not assimilation, and maintaining national borders. (Nature diversity too, which includes cultures and distinct races, and maintaining nature's vibrancy, including rainforests, old growth forests, and the rest of nature.) Without diversity there is no advancement to higher dimensions.

All bodily, cultural and religious dif-
ferences are responsibilities to learn of human unity with-
in diversity. There is no advancement to higher dimensions
until that truth is experienced into wisdom. Each has
experienced within the different cultures to experience this
reality into wisdom. It is important to the goals of the con-
trollers that you forget those experiences and focus on the
differences rather than the similarities. The similarities far
outnumber the differences! It is to be noted that many of
those experiencing in the higher dimensional realms are far
different in appearance than those the human race sees
within itself. Your “space” movies are quite accurate in
imagining possible variations of species. Think about how
that might be dealt with in the future, if it is possible to
come together as a single human race, celebrate and main-
tain the diversity within it and create a new experience.

pg 186  Becoming



Following the prophets all over the place and recording what they said was routine for them.  They knew the routine......

The Seriousness of Succession

8:23  When Jmmanuel saw many people around him, he gave orders to go

          across to the other side.

8:24  A scribe walked up to him and spoke, "Master, I will follow you

          wherever you go."

4:31  "The human races will now retain their inherited beauty and propa-

           gate it further.

4:32  "But in the course of centuries and millennia they will mix with other

           races of the earth and the heavens, so as to generate new human races

           and special lineages, as the celestial sons did with the Earth people.

4:33  "Jmmanuel, you are in on the secret, begotten from among our ranks

           by a celestial son.

4:34  "With your knowledge you will make the impossible possible and

            accomplish things that the human races will attest to as miracles.

4:35  "You know the power of the spirit, but beware of abusing it.

This is a screen capture from a post near the bottom of the blog page.  Look what happened!



The Region Was White

Invasion of Europe by "Bad Blood:"

Israel opening the door for the Muslims

The Seriousness of Succession                        2/14/2019

8:23  When Jmmanuel saw many people around him, he gave orders to go

         across to the other side.

8:24  A scribe walked up to him and spoke, "Master, I will ollow you

         wherever you go."

8:25  Jmmanuel spoke to him, "oxes have hollows and birds of the air

         have nests, but I have no fixed place where I can lay  my head.

8:26  "I have the mission to preach wisdom and knowledge, therefore I am

         moving through the lands, restless."

8:27  One o his disciples spoke to him, "Master, permit me to go and bury

         my father who just died."

8:28  But Jmmanuel said to him, "ollow me and let the dead bury their


17:15  But he answered and spoke, "All plants that do not live according to

           the laws of Creation, will dry up and rot.

17:16  "Let them, because they are the blind leading the blind;  but when a

            blind man leads another blind man, both will fall into the ditch.

17:17  "Let us go away, so that the persecutors remain without booty."

Physical signs of incest include a round head. Others can be found online. What do those incestuous peoples do? Revere the distortions......... Oh, but of course. (I'm being sarcastic.)

10:42a  "Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth.

10:42b  "Truly, I have not come to bring peace, but the sword of knowledge
               of the power of the spirit, which dwells within the human.

10:43  "I have come to bring wisdom and knowledge and to provoke son
             against father, daughter against mother, daughter-in-law against
             mother-in-law, servant against master, citizen against government and
             believer against preacher and priest.

10:44  "People's enemies will be their own family members.

10:45a  "The path of truth is long and the wisdom of knowledge will pene-
                trate only slowly.

10:45b  "Dark ages will follow, centuries and millennia, before the truth of
                the spirit will penetrate to the people.

10:46  "The unrighteous and the ignorant, including the scribes, priests and
              authorities, will hat those having the knowledge, so they will perse-
              cute them and sow enmity."

Slavery is a violation of the laws of Creation.

Earth's Problem Child Race

If you are a follower of the true teachings, after your time on this planet, you go to one of the many many many many many planets and learn and grow and then its decided when your spirit returns back to earth again to further help it grow and know the truth.  That's how the prophets do it;  this is not their home planet.  A planet dominated by false teachings is not a prophet's home planet.  For example, Jmmanuel was here 2,000 years ago.  And the next time he came was now.  Most likely Elijiah the same thing.

If you promote overpopulation and pushing Creation aside, and you're taking a dominant stance ABOVE Creation, it doesn't get more false teachings than that.  A human stance of equality to Creation or superiority to Creation;  it doesn't get more false teachings than that.  Out of balance, you've just screwed your planet up.

Balanced population for each race.  No greedy hoarding allowed for any race.  You are not equal to Creation.



Diversity of false teachings? We must "let the dead  bury their dead"; give them the freedom to do that.  There is only so far you can go, then you can't do anymore.

19:20  "Sow the seeds of wisdom on fertile soil where they can germinate,

19:21  "because only germinated seed will bring forth fruit."

I said to a couple putting their cart back, "Do you see that chemtrail up there? And over there and there? Chemtrails are the product of incest." They didn't look as I walked by, but the lady was smiling and chuckling to herself about what I just said.

The bad blood of incest and other false teachings is destroying the planet.

28:10  He walked away, fell on his face and reflected, saying, "If it is possi-

             ble, may this cup pass me by, not according to my will, but may the

             law of destiny be fulfilled, so that I will be enlightened in this secret,

             which I must fathom."

28:11  Returning to his disciples he found them sleeping and so he said to

             Peter, "Can't you watch with me for one hour, so I'm not alone in my

             difficult hour?

28:12  "Be awake and great in spirit and in consciousness so that you will

              not be tempted:  The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!"

28:13  A second time he walked, fell on his face and said, "If it isn't possi-

             ble for this cup to pass me by, I will drink it, so that I may be enlight-

             enend in this secret and fulfill for all time my mission in a faraway


28:14  He returned and found the disciples sleeping again, and only Judas

             Iscariot stayed awake with him.

28:15  He walked away again, fell on his face a third time, brooded in bitter-

             ness and said, "I am so afraid even though I know that I have to fol-

             low my path which is destined for me.

28:16  "How willing is the spirit and how weak is the flesh when it is so

            frightened of pain!"

28:17  His body trembled, and fine drops of sweaty blood flowed all over

             him because he was so afraid and anxious.

28:18  With his face flushed, he came back to his disciples and said to them,

             "Do you want to sleep or rest now, or do you want to watch with me?

             Behold, the hour has come that I will be turned over to the hands of

             the henchmen.

28:19  "So get up and let us go:  for behold, the henchmen are coming."

4:26  These two men from the constellation of the seven stars The Pleiades

          were venerable teachers and were together with two smaller men who

          said that they were from Baawi.

4:27  They said, "People have come from the heavens to earth, and other

         people have  been lifted from earth into the heavens, and the people

         coming from the heavens remained on earth a long time and have cre-

         ated the intelligent human races.

4:28  "Behold, humans begotten by the celestial sons were different in a

           specific way from other people on Earth.

4:29  "They were not like Earth humans, but like the children of the celes-

           tial angels, a different kind.

4:30  "Their bodies were white as snow and red as the rose blossom, their
           hair at the top of the head white as wool and their eyes beautiful.

26:14  "Truly, I say to you: Wisdom has to be learned from the laws of

            Creation, which people recognize in nature.

26:15  "But if they do not think and search, they will not attain wisdom and

            remain fools.

26:16  "The wise do not cry over lost things, over the dead and over things

            of the past.


26:17  "Fools cry over things that are not worth crying over, thereby increas-

            ing their grief, need and misery.


Would it be wise to slander/insult God and the celestial sons saying that God and the Celestial sons forced incest upon humanity on this earth?

12:13  "A person who indulges in incest is unworthy of life and its laws and
            should also be punished by loss of life, castration or sterilization, and
            be deprived of life's freedom forever and live in bondage and isola-

"the three human races" created by God are the three white races.

Jmmanuel speaking before the highest council:

28:53  "God has come from the far distances of the universe and brought the

            world under his will, so he is the supreme emperor of these three

            human races,

28:54  "one of which is here in this country, which you have deprived of its

            rights and subjugated, another in the East as far as the land of India,

            and the third in the North from the land of the king with horns to the

            sea where icy mountains drift in the water.

28:55  "There are seven human races living in all the directions of the wind,

            from one end of the earth to the other.

28:56  "God is also lord over them, even though they serve other gods who

            are also not of this earth.

1:87                  .............God,

          through whose power and providential care the earth was made to
          bear intelligent human life, through the pairing of the women of earth
          with the celestial sons, the distant travelers of the universe.'

1:40  Juda begot Ananj.

1:41  Ananj begot Ertael.

1:42  Ertael begot Perez.

1:43  Perez begot Hezron.
1:44  begot Ram.

1:45  Ram begot Amjnadab.

1:46  Amjnadab begot Sevebe.

1:47  Savebe begot Nahesson.

1:48  Nahesson begot Sahna.

1:49  Sahna begot Boas.

1:50  Boas begot Obeb.

1:51  Obeb begot Jesse.

1:52  Jesse begot Davjd.

1:53  Davjd begot Solomon.

1:54  Solomon begot Asa.

1:55  begot Gadaeel.

1:56  Gadaeel begot Josaphat.

1:57  Josaphat begot Jora.

1:58  Jora begot Armeneel.

1:59  Armeneel begot Usja.

also see new post 3/14/2019

listed after 9/25/2018 Blog post



The bad blood of the middle east in the form of the masses of ignorance known as Muslims destroyed all evidence of its crimes against Creation;  all art and historical records of that region showing that Spain and Greece were white people!  And other countries of the region were white people too.

The 'conquistador Catholicism false teachings' are not white.  The 'conquistador catholicism false teachings' are bad blood, rooted from middle east blood, bad blood criminals who through their crimes prove themselves bad blood, violators of the laws of Creation and promoters of violations of the laws of Creation.

Portugal is on the west border of Spain.  Portugal is still white people (many many white people you can see in Portugal.); did Portugal stave off Islam?  Yes it did!  Whereas white Spain did not stave off the evil BAD BLOOD OF THE MIDDLE EAST (with Israel opening the door for) Islam invasion.  The conquistadors were/are not white.  Look at the pictures of conquistadors; do they look like white people?

Note that the invading groups going into North America, into USA from south of the border, many are very proud of their "hispanic" ('conquistador Catholicism false teachings') heritage, and shun any native American heritage they may have.  True natives who follow the laws of Creation do not invade other countries.  And certainly they do not laugh about it if they are forced to migrate.

As much as 85% of organized crime is the Jewish mafia.  yet the Jewish run media only talks about (slanders that is) "Italian mafia! Russian mafia!  Irish mafia!"

For example, there is no Russian mafia; it is the Jew mafia in Russia and their Jew media calling it Russian mafia. Young, beautiful white girls of Ukraine (and other countries "watch out!") lured with great assurance and promises, then forced into prostitution by the Jewish mafia........ and the Jewish media says its the Russian mafia!

Putin admits"80 to 85% of the Soviet Union was run by Jews."

Terminology:  Inferior race



15:29  "These, however, do not belong to the generation of vipers who have
            pledged themselves to the false Judaic faith,

15:30  "to the false beliefs and false teachings that they took over from
            Moses who in turn stole them from the Egyptians.

15:31  "These few patriarchs are knowers of truth and true knowledge, and

            they recognize only the laws of Creation.

15:32  "However, they have become rare in this land and can be counted on

            one hand.

15:33  "They are only a few, and no one's eyes may see them, and no one's

            ears may hear them.

Reference: Embracing the Rainbow pages 1 through 40.


My spirit, listen!  The power of my spirit within me is the power of Creation in me to conquer all that is evil.  My spirit, let us conquer all that is evil.

32:21  "No matter how great the suffering of people, the power of Creation

           in them to conquer all that is evil is immeasurably greater.

32:22  "If people live only in their consciousness as humans, they are inac-

           cessibly far from their spirits, from Creation ad hence its laws.

Chapter 28

In Gethsemane

28:1  When they left the house of Aaron and his wife in Jerusalem,

           Jmmanuel  went with his disciples to a courtyard called Gethsemane,

          which belonged to a man named Joshua, who thought well of


28:2  In the large garden of the farm he spoke to his disciples, "Sit down

          here while I go over there ad have a chance to ponder."

8:3  He took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and started to

        mourn and think, because he was afraid and alarmed about what

        would happen to him.

8:4  And he spoke to them, "Behold, certainly I am wise and have great

        knowledge, but I am afraid of things to come, both known and

        unknown.  However, this is the nature of a human, even though he is

        knowing and wise.

8:5  "My mind is grieved to death;  therefore, stay with me and watch with

        me, so that I do not feel so lonesome.

28:6  "It is easier to bear a hardship with one or two other persons than by


28:7  "If destiny wanted it to, this cup would pass me by, but not my will

          but destiny's be done, because this is what has been planned for me."

28:8  When he spoke thus, Judas Iscariot joined them and said, "Listen to

          what I have to say.  Over there things are taking place in the shadow

          of the city walls, where I just noticed covered lights."

28:9  Jmmanuel said, "These are probably the henchmen that Juda Ihariot

           is bringing, because he has secretly followed us here in order to

           betray me.

18:39  "The human spirit is ignorant until it has gained knowledge through

            thinking and inquiry.

18:40  "A person's spirit is not a machination of humanity but is a part of

            Creation given to him. It must be made aware and perfected,

18:41  "so that it proceeds to be one with Creation, since Creation, too, lives

            in constant growth.

18:42  "Creation is timeless, and so is the human spirit.

18:43  "The teaching of this knowledge is extensive and not easy, but it is the

            way to life, manifold in its manner.

18:44  "Peaople's lives are destined to reach the perfection of the spirit, so

            that they live their lives in fulfillment thereof.

20:27  Jmmanuel replied, "Truly, I say to you: Some of you who have fol-

           lowed me will embrace the wisdom of my teaching, so you will be

           spiritually great in reincarnations to come. But some of you will mis-

           understand the wisdom of my teaching and spread false teachings

           about me. They shall have a difficult time finding the truth in coming


20:28  "Thus it will always be among all human races everywhere from East

            to West, and from North to South.

18:34  "But you are still under the grace of my long-suffering patience, and

            you can still measurably improve upon your ignorance."

18:35  Then Jmmanuel said to his disciples, "Anyone who wants to follow

            my teaching should take upon himself the burden of the search for

            truth, realization and understanding.

18:36  "because those who live their lives in truth and knowledge will be

            victorious, but those who live their lives in untruth and ignorance will


18:37a  "What would a person profit if he gained the whole world and dam-

               aged his consciousness?

18:37b  Or, how can a human being help his spirit if he is unable to think?

18:38  "Truly, I say to you: There are some here who will not taste the power

            of spiritual knowledge in this life, which they will learn in the next


36:40  "As long as there is imperfection in life, people will have to bear these

            consequences: sickness, misery, injustice, need, fighting, strife, slav-

            ery, false sects and exploitation leading to bloodshed and death.

36:41  "So let the human beware and wake up, because the laws of

           Creation say that only that which is timeless and everlasting is of

           permanence, truth and wisdom, and so it is."


Traits of the "incest gene":

  1. Extreme self-importance beyond any reason.  "The chosen ones.", and Islam "Our prophet Mohammed does ALL the criminal activity (ALL OF IT) and commands us to do the same, so we're the chosen ones too!"
  2. 100% certainty they are doing what is right, when in fact they are destroying the earth and all that is good. Examples: 100% proponents of chemtrails; invading all countries, destroying all cultures and races.
  3. Extreme distorted pride to the point they determine, "Well, the only ones worthy for me to marry are those in my own family.", so more incest, more insanity. "Wow! That's even better." is how they think when the "evil bar" is raised; absolutely insane. Incest causes real nut jobs. My mom told me that. (This is related to number 1 above.)
  4. See Chapter 24, "Against the Scribes and Pharisees", of Talmud of Jmmanuel. We've got scribes and Pharisees today! They're all over the place! The Pharisees hold on high the false teachings.
  5. Followers of false teachings and destroyers of the truth.
  6. Overpopulating, a false teaching.
  7. Destruction of all legitimate cultures which includes destruction of all national borders. Destruction of all legitimate cultures and destruction of all legitimate races.  See Protocols of Zion from the 1880's.
  8. Me me me me me me me!
  9. Promote the most unholy, the violations of the laws of Creation as being holy. They are insane!

Refresh the pages often

Talmud of Jmmanuel

Chapter 1

The Genealogical Tree of Jmmanuel

1:1  This is the book and mystery of Jmmanuel, which means "the one with

       godly knowledge," who is a son of Joseph, of Jacob, the distant

       descendant of David, who was a descendant of Abraham, whose line-

       age traces back to Adam, the father of one of Earth's human races, who

       was begotten by Semjasa, the leader of the celestial sons who were the

        guardian angels of God, the great ruler of the distant travelers.

1:2  Semjasa, the celestial son and guardian angel of God, the great ruler

       of the distant travelers who traversed the expanse of the universe,

       together with a terrestrial woman, begot Adam, the father of the white

       human race.

1:3  Adam took for himself an earth wife and begot Seth.

1:4  Seth begot Enos.

1:5  Enos begot Akjbeel.

Many Jewish writers are/have been proud of the fact that the history of the slave trade has been commanded by the Jews.  Dr. Tony Martin talks about this extensively as black slavery is his expertise of research.

1,000 years before any white man stepped foot on the Americas, Jewish slavers were shipping slaves from the Carribean. 

Why didn't these same Jewish slave ships also go to mainland America?  Maybe they didn't travel that far.  Or maybe this inspiring scenerio:  They tried to enslave the people and instead were themselves executed and their ships sunk, thus sending a message to the other Jewish slavers:  Don't go there!

In order to justify their enslavement of other human beings, the slavers conjured up an outright lie:  "They're an inferior race.  They deserve to be enslaved."  So this in how the term "inferior race" started; with the slavers.  The other lie on the other side of the spectrum was, "Well, we're the superior race.  That's why we're able to do this."  Hence, "the chosen ones."  They had been following the prophets around copying everything they said, writing it down, then killing the prophets and falsifying their teachings.

No caring or understanding.  only greedy hoarding of selfish evil people.

24:39  "You brood of snakes and vipers, how can you be great in spirit with-

             out having any understanding."

Using the term "inferior" where it applies.


Inferior person:  Happy and willing perpetrators of the violations of the laws of Creation; Happy and willing perpetrators of promotion of violations of the laws of Creation.  Criminals basically: fraudsters, murderers, thieves, liars, cheats, falsifiers of the true teachings and so on and so forth.

Where is the land of the liars which started all of this out?  Where did the lie of "Adam and Eve and NO other people on the planet" come from?  There were seven human races on Earth when "Adam took for himself an Earth wife."  Why would they say there were only two people?  To justify having sex with their daughters and nieces and granddaughters and grandnieces.  Who wrote the bible?  The guys who wanted to have sex with their daughters and nieces; an/or they felt bad about it and wanted to cover the pain.  If Adam and Eve were the only two people to start out the human race then Adam and Eve would have had to have sex with their children and/or their children would have had to have sex with each other to continue the human race.  That's called incest and it is a violation of the laws of Creation.  Do you really want to insult and slander God and the celestial sons saying that they forced incest upon humanity from "the beginning?"  See Bad Blood.

Inferior Groups:  Happy and willing group perpetrators of violations of the laws of Creation; Happy and willing group perpetrators of promotions of violations of the laws of Creation.                    Example:  "Hoards of the ignorant" infesting across borders and overpopulating, pushing the native inhabitants out of existence.

Overpopulation by any race is stupid.

You come back to what you've sown here.

The Healing of the Possessed

8:29  He came to the other side, to the country of the Gadarenes. There, two

         possessed persons ran up to him; they came out of the burial caves

         and were very dangerous, so that no one could walk on this street.

8:30a  And behold, they cried out, saying, "What do you want of us, you son

           of Gabriel, the celestial son?

8:30b  "Have you come to torment us before it is time?"

8:31  Then the evil spirits in the possessed asked him, "Master, please drive

          us out, so that we may go into the herd of swine grazing over there."

8:32a  And he spoke, "Go there."

8:32b  Then they went out into the swine, and behold, the whole herd rushed

            down to the water and drowned.

8:33  The swineherds fled, going into the town and telling everything,

          including what had ahppened to the possessed.

8:34a  And behold, the whole town came out towards Jmmanuel.


8:34b  And when they saw him, they asked him to leave their area.

"Original Sin" is actually "The Lie of Incest" perpetrated upon ALL human races by an incestuous race intent on covering its tracks by throwing all legitimate races (the seven races + the newly added white races) into the fire.

Thus in keeping with tradition of "that" land of "Holding the baby up (humanity up) to take the bullets."

my focus of purpose .org

"Brother" in the sense of the human form.

Close to him beyond that is up to each individual.

I have heard that the bible says this:

2 people, a man (Adam) and a woman (Eve) started the human race on earth 6,500 years ago. They were the only two people on earth at that time.  This is saying that incest was forced upon all of humanity from the start.  Is it wise to slander/insult God and the celestial sons by saying they forced incest upon all of humanity on Earth from the start? The truth is this:  The seven human races were already established here on earth 13,000 years ago when God and the celestial sons arrived on earth.

A celestial son speaking 2,000 years ago to Joseph during Mary's first pregnancy:

1:85  "Behold, the impregnation of Mary occurred eleven thousand years

          after the procreation of Adam through the celestial son, Semjasa, to

          fulfill the word of God, the ruler of those who traveled from afar, who

          said through the prophet Isaiah,

1:86  "'Behold, a virgin will be impregnated by a celestial son before she is

           married to a man before the people.

1:87  "'They will name the fruit of her womb Jmmanuel, which translated

          means 'the one with godly knowledge,' as a symbol and honor to God,

          through whose power and providential care the earth was made to

          bear intelligent human life, through the pairing of the women of earth

          with the celestial sons, the distant travelers of the universe.'

Read it this way, "men fair":

"Your bible refers to visitors finding the daughters of
men fair and mating with them." - Embracing the Rainbow

15:31  "These few patriarchs are knowers of truth and true knowledge, and

            they recognize only the laws of Creation.

"Following the laws of Creation" was premier in mating selection.

15:28  "Only few fathers in the masses of these unfaithful have an honorable

            past and a traceable family tree.   

22:13  And the blind and lame came to him in the temple and he healed them all.

22:14  But when the chief priests and scribes saw the great deeds he accom-

           plished and the people who were shouting in the temple, saying, "Hail

           to the descendant of David," they became enraged

22:15  and asked him, "Do you hear what these people are saying?"  Jmmanuel

           said to them, "Are you so afraid of the truth that it angers you?"

22:16  He left them there, departed the city for Bethany and stayed there


Back in Jerusalem

22:17  When Jmmanuel came again into the temple and taught, the chief

           priests, scribes and the elders of the people came to him and demand-

           ed, "With what authority are you doing these things, and who gave it

           to you?

22:18  And Jmmanuel answered them, "I too want to ask you a question, and

            if you answer that, I will tell you by whose authority I am doing this,

22:19a  "Whence came the baptism of John? From Creation or from men?"