"The last whispered wish of age Is to live it all again,
So never blame the rainbows for the rain."

Never Blame The Rainbows For The Rain, The Moody Blues

I can't tell you what to do. It's your life as it should be. Know that I am equal opportunity in this; the redeemer of a false sect I am not.

Let's see what he has to say!

24:23  "but those who swear by Creation or its laws swear by something

             over which they have no power. Therefore, an oath is of no conse-

             quence either.

24:24  "Therefore, those who swear by anything commit an offense with

             respect to the truth of their promises and make them doubtful.

24:25  "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who tithe mint,

             meramie, dill and caraway seeds and neglect the most important things

             in the law, namely, justice, freedom of knowledge, and the truth of

             Creation, and you let go unnoticed the laws of love, logic and justice.

24:26a  "Woe to you, you blind leaders of a hoard of blind, who say: 'This

               should be done and that should not be left undone.'

24:26b  "You only represent a false teaching and ignore the laws of Creation.

24:27  "You blind leaders, you are flies and swallow camels that you cannot


24:28  "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who keep cups

             and bowls outwardly clean, yet inside they are full of rapaciousness

             and greed.

24:29  "You blind ones, you scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites and dis-

             torters of the trtuh, fist clean what is inside the cup so that it may

             become as clean as the outside and light up in its brilliance.

24:30  "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who are like

             whitewashed tombs that appear beautiful on the outise, but inside

             they are full of stench, bones and filth.

24:31  "So you, too, appear pious and good in front of people, but inside you

             are full of hypocrisy, falsehood and violations.

24:32  "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who build monu-

             ments for the prophets and decorate the graves of the just and say,

24:33  "'If we had lived at the time of our forefathers and fathers, we would

             not have become guilty with them in the shedding of the prophets'


24:34  "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you impostors, hypocrites and

             swindlers, who secretly call the dead people of high and of common

             standing, so you deceive yourselves and wrongly believe to speak

              with them and delude yourselves.

Creation is above God. Even God and the celestial sons know they are not equal to Creation. Celestial sons speaking:

4:38  "They believe that God is Creation itself and not the ruler of the celes-

         tial sons and these human races.

4:39  "Earth people attribute to him the omnipotence of Creation and glo-

          rify him as Creation itself.

4:40  "But God is a person, like all the celestial sons and the human races,

         except vastly greater in consciousness than they.

4:41  "Creation, however, is of immeasurably higher standing than God, the

          lord over the celestial sons and human races, because Creation is the

          immeasurable secret.

4:42  "Jmmanuel, they will also taunt you as God and his only-begotten son,

         and you, too, will be set equal to the mysterious Creation.

4:43  "Nevertheless, do not heed these false teachings,"

How great is God? "and he is often a ruler over a human race and master over the people."

16:51  And great are they also, those who came out of space, and the great-

           est among them is God, and he is the spiritual ruler of three human


16:52  "But above him is Creation whose laws he faithfully follows and

           respects; therefore he is not omnipotent, as only Creation itself can


16:53  "Thus there are limits for him who allows himself to be called God

           and who is above emperors and kings, as the word says.

16:54  "People are ignorant and immature because they consider God as

           Creation and follow the false teachings that were adulterated by scrib-

           al distorters.

16:55  "Thus, when people believe in God, they do not know about the truth

           of Creation, because God is human as we are.

16:56  "There is a difference, however, that in his consciousness and wis-

           dom, logic and love he is a thousand times greater than we and greater

           than all people upon this earth.

16:57  "But he is not Creation, which is infinite and without any form.

16:58  "Thus, God is also a creature of the Creation, which, according to

           illogical human judgment, has no beginning and no end."

You can learn a lot from what is said and what is not said....

What is the difference between "much knowledge" and "the right knowledge"?

29:26  Pilate said, "Let us hear your wisdom, because your teaching is new

           to me."

29:27  Jmmanuel replied, "Behold, eons ago, I returned from the realm of a

           higher world in order to fulfill a difficult task; and now I was begot-

           ten by a celestial son to be a prophet in this life. It happened accord-

           ing to destiny and the desire of God, the ruler over the human races of

           earth that were created by him.

29:28  "In addition to my knowledge of this next life, through his kindness I

           learned great insights and the right knowledge, which was imparted to

           me during forty days and forty nights by his teachers.

29:29  "Furthermore, I traveled much to faraway places and lived for many

           years in India. There I was taught much knowledge and many secrets

           by the great gurus and wise men, who are called masters.

Satisfied again. (notice in the video he is shaking his head,) "No no no! You don't know a damn thing. I know more than you."

This is the spitting image and actions of S at the Sikh temple in Los Angeles. Anybody who is from there who has been there  around 18 years ago, knows who this is. Absolutely knows who S is. Perking up! The yogi is going to speak.

24:9 to 24:16, (and all of Chapter 24) are in my mind perhaps the most biting and significant messages of Talmud of Jmmanuel.

22:41  "Therefore I tell you: I am like the son of the administrator of the

              vineyard, and you are like the vine-dressers that leased the vineyard.

22:42  "My teaching truly is not strange to you and is very well known,

             because it has already been handed down to you by the prophets

             through whom yo know it.

22:43  "But if you disdain and falsify it to your advantage, you call me a liar,

             and you also call God a liar. It was upon God's advice that I was begot-

             ten by one of his kind, and because of God that I stand as a prophet

             before you.

22:44  "Therefore I say to you: Peace and joy shall forever be taken from

             you and your people and be given to a people who cultivate their


22:45  "If you disregard and trample all the laws of God who is the ruler over

             this and the two other human races in the North and the East, you will

             be scorned and trampled for all time to come.

32:39  "there may not be any limits to love, peace and joy, because the pres-

             ent has to be constantly exceeded.

Make no mistake, "that in his consciousness and wisdom, logic and love he (God) is a thousand times greater than we and greater than all" the Sikh gurus, all the yogi's, including yogi Bhajan, the one who's quote this is 2,000 years ago, Jmmanuel, and Buddha, Mohammed, and all servants of God; God is a thousand times greater in consciousness, wisdom, logic and love. But he is not Creation which is of immeasurably higher standing than God. God is human as we are. He is the ruler of these human races.

24:9  "But don't let anyone call you master until you have understood the

           wisdom of knowledge.

24:10  "And don't let anyone call you teacher until you follow the laws of


24:11  "because those who allow themselves to be called master and teacher

            and do not possess the wisdom of knowledge will be denounced as


24:12  "and those who undeservedly exalt themselves will be abased, and

            those who undeservedly abase themselves will be disdained.

28:55  "There are seven human races living in all the directions of the wind,

            from one end of the earth to the other.

28:56  "God is also lord over them, even though they serve other gods who

            are also not of this earth.

Name calling never seems to feel right, but stealing another's position/energy through "fake it and make it." opposes the truth drastically:  24:9 to 24:15b

22"36  "But when the vine-dressers saw the son of the administrator they

            spoke among themselves, 'This is the heir, come let us kill him and

            take over his inheritance.'

22:37  "They seized him, pushed him out of the vineyard and killed him, so

            they thought. While presuming him to be dead, they put him in a tomb

            where he was in a state of near-death for three days and three nights,

            and then he fled. Then he returned to the lord of the vineyard and

            reported to him.

22:38  "When the lord of the vineyard heard what had happened to the son

              of his administrator, what do you think he did?"

22:39  "They said to him, "He probably had the villains punished and ban-

             ished and turned his vineyard over to other vine-dressers who paid his

              lease at the right time, and he most certainly turned over the inheri-

             tance to his administrator's son earlier."

22:40  Jmmanuel spoke to them, "You recognized the meaning, and you

            have read it in the scrptures: 'The stone that the builders threw away

             became the cornerstone.'

20:33  "Wisdom will only exist where the knowledge about truth bears fruit

              and the laws of Creation are followed and respected."

Chapter 24

Against the Scribes and the Pharisees

24:1  Jmmanuel spoke to the people and the disciples, saying, "The scribes

          and Pharisees sit on the chairs of the prophets.

24:2  "However, refrain from doing and accepting anything they say, and

           neither act according to their works.

24:.3  "They teach you false teachings, which they and their forefathers

           have falsified for their own profit.

24:4  "They contrive heavy burdens and put them upon people's shoulders,

           but they themselves do not want to lift a finger.

24:5  "They do all their labor in order to be seen by people and impress


24:6  "They enlarge their prayer belts as well as the tassels on their cloth-


24:7  "They love to sit at the heads of tables and in the best places in the


24:8  "And they love to be greeted at the marketplace and to be called mas-

           ter by the people.

24:9  "But don't let anyone call you master until you have understood the

           wisdom of knowledge.

24:10  "And don't let anyone call you teacher until you follow the laws of


24:11  "because those who allow themselves to be called master and teacher

             and do not possess the wisdom of knowledge will be denounced as


24:12  "and those who undeservedly exalt themselves will be abased, and

              those who undeservedly abase themselves will be disdained.

The Trigger

Pontificating! "Absolutely correct. I agree with everything he says.

24:35  "You cannot talk with dead people, and even if you could, the dead

             could tell you only the wrong thoughts they already had during their


24:36  "You are not great enough to call upon the dead who have wisdom

             and can tell the truth.

24:37  "You give witness to yourselves, that you are the children of those

             who killed the prophets and falsified their teachings.

24:38  "Well then, you are following the way of your fathers; therefore you

             are ending your lives without understanding, and you will have trou-

             ble learning in the future.

24:39  "You brood of snakes and vipers, how can you be great in spirit with-

             out having nay understanding?

24:40  "all the just blood that was shed through you on earth will come back

             to you, beginning with the first prophet your fathers and forefathers

             murdered, to the blood of Zacharias, the son of Barachias, whom you

             killed between the temple and the altar, and all the blood you cause to

             be shed in the future.

24:41  "You will be outcast among the human races, and then you will alter-

             nately lose your occupied land, regain it and lose it again until the dis-

              tant future.

24:42  "Truly, I say to you: your existence will be continual struggle and

             war, and so the human races will strike you with their hostile think-

             ing and enmity.

24:43  "You will find neither rest nor peace in the country stolen by your

             ancestors by means of falsehood and deceit, because you will be

             haunted by your inherited burden of murder with which your forefa-

             thers killed the ancient inhabitants of this continent and deprived

             them of lie and property.

24:44  "So all the just blood will come upon you, blood which was shed by

             your forefathers and through you, and which is still being shed by you

             and your close and distant descendants until the faraway future.

24:45  "There will be hatred against you in this world, and even the future

             will bring you neither rest nor peace until you retreat from the land

             stolen by you, or until you make a conciliatory peace and create

             brotherly trust and unity with your enemies and renounce your false

             and stolen rights.

24:46  "You brood of snakes and vipers, this will happen to you into the dis-

             tant future, yet not by accident you then will also have a fortunate

             experience when my teaching of Creation, rights and laws will again

              be spread, so that you may then seize the opportunity to end and set-

              tle the world's hatred against you by means of an honest peace.

24:47  "Therefore, in the future, heed my teaching, which is truly the teach-

             ing of laws and commandments of Creation; pay attention when it

             will be newly taught, because it wil be the sign of the time at which

             many things change, and the power of the mighty and tyrants will

             break apart, so that nationalities of all human races will become free.

24:48  "In the distant future, heed the renewed presentation of my teaching

              of the spiritual and creative forces and laws and commandments. It

              is valid for all times and universal, and you will be able to act accord-

             ing to my counsel, and there will be quiet and peace among you and

             all human beings in this world.

24:49  "Truly, rurly, I say to you:  All this will be fulfilled and shall come

            upon you and upon your race and continue long into the future, as I

            have told you." 

Red in the morning,

Sailor's warning.

Red at night,

Sailor's delight

This is how it all started:  "That's uncle Charlie! I'm sure of it! I'm 100% sure of it! He was flying around, yesterday, I saw him; he was that little bug flying around yesterday; I'm 100% sure of it; that was uncle Charlie!"   ....... Such is the birth of Hinduism and etc.

4:41  "......because Creation is the immeasurable secret."       4:37  "You will be misunderstood and renounced, because the human races are still ignorant and given to superstition."

"It is well known among the people on the planet that the time of chaos that has long been predicted appears to be manifesting into reality. These predictions were purposefully implanted in some of the religious teachings. However, the indigenous tribes long ago taught similar predictions clearly defining this time frame. That appears to make both coincide. The difference is that some of these predictions were promulgated for a purpose and those of the indigenous people are genuine prophecies. Their prophecies contain identifiable time frame predictions (The Mayan calendar for example, calculates/prophesying the end of the current 26,000 year cycle as ending on December 12, 2012.) while those of deliberate intent to induce fear assured those that hear them the exact time cannot be known. This enables them to use various sets of conditions as indications of their possible manifestation and through the years to manipulate the believers over and over again. American Indian prophecies tell of a time of chaos to be followed by the time of the “rainbow man”. Zuni Indian art contains depictions of a rainbow man in (pg 82) anticipation of that future event. It is the purpose of these messages to bring that prophecy to fruition."

Embracing the Rainbow (book 2)

About Us Won

If you know and like Nostradamus prediction of 5,000 years of peace then this story should confirm.

My name is Ross Purviance.  My birth name is Ross Purvine, but since the original family name from France is Purviance and my art is the Purviance Pyramid I have opted for the more artistic original family name, Purviance.

I was involved with the Sikhs for a number of years.  I had a contractor's license.  My company was called CDK Construction.  I also got a commodity brokers license and that company was called CDK Trading Company.  Now for the paranormal story.....


In June 2008 I wrote a blog about a lame Microsoft "innovation" that was much less than innovative.  In the blog, referring to the head of Microsoft I said, "You're heading in the wrong direction there Billy Boy."  That same day I also watched a youtube video where Delores Cannon was talking about Nostradamus prediction that if humanity goes the right path then we will have 5,000 years of peace.  I was already familiar with that Nostradamus prediction from an old movie I had seen, a documentary on Nostradamus.

4 days goes by and riding my bicycle past the ashram on my way to Peet's Coffee Shop, I notice they are serving Chinese food at the ashram, so I stop and get a plate.  I ate lunch and put the fortune cookie in my pocket and headed for Peets.

At Peets Coffee Shop at that time you would buy something and get a random access code for 2 hours internet access.  I was sitting down on the internet and I remembered, "My fortune cookie!" and pulled it out of my pocket.  The fortune said, "You are heading in the right direction.  Trust your instincts."  Wow!  4 days earlier I said in the blog, "You're heading in the wrong direction there Billy Boy."

So I sent emails out about this interesting event.  My 2 hours was up so I needed a new access code.  The code I got was another amazing communication!  The code was


My company was CDK Construction.  Here it was, June.  I figured "8" must mean reinstate my contractor's license by August (8th month).

I went to bed that night pondering these fascinating communications.  I woke up next morning 4:30 AM on the dot.  "Wait a minute!" I said to myself.  "CDK stands for the Sikh term Chair Dee Kuhlaa! which means, 'bliss and happiness in Source frequency!' - Peace!  Nostradamus is wrong!  It's 8K! 8,000 years of peace, CD8K.

4 years goes by.............

It's March 1st 2012.  On February 28th I had listened to Kimberly Ruff on my Coast to Coast AM Insider Subscription.  Kimberly Ruff is the Hopi Tibetan Prophecy Messenger and she was so excited she told George Noory, "We did it George!  We did it.  We did the impossible!  No other planet in the whole universe has ever done it, but we did it."  George Noory responded, "Did what?  What did we do?"  Kimberly responded, "We're on the path of one heart, infinite peace!"

So the next day or two I'm at Starbucks outside, its evening, twilight and a friend stops by, sits down and I tell him the CD8K story.  My friend tells me, "Well you know!  The 8 on its side is the infinity symbol."  The realization struck me immediately, and I said to my friend, "You just made history!  CD8K means infinite peace!  Just like Kimberly Ruff said on Coast to Coast AM Feb 28th 2012!  It's infinite peace."

I made at least 20 copies of the access code CD8K and the fortune "You are heading in the right direction.  Trust your instincts." both together on a piece of paper. 20 copies. They all disappeared. I blamed the dark magicians when it happened.

8-19-2018. I know now why I didn't have any of these copies in my folder or in the RV. I know I had them. Sikhism is false teachings. it will dissolve just like the copies I had disappeared. False teachings; people are just going to drop the false teachings like holding a hot glob of smelly poop.

Explanation: Why waste your time? Not just waste your time, bring the world down. I can understand; want to make sure its complete. I do the same thing! And I'm convinced, "It's complete!" Now time to move onto the next level.

What a crazy world for 3,000 years;  during that whole interim it has been, "There will be no sect which preaches truth, knowledge and wisdom."  That is hell.

The basis of Sikhism is "you do this and that and that and you will get your spirit stripped away and then its 8.4 million lifetimes before you get your spirit back. (plants, insects, animals, fish, micro-organisms and such do not have spirit. Humans have spirit.)  That's their belief.

It will happen to you as you believe.  If you constantly believe for example, 8.4 million lifetimes and that the human birth is difficult to obtain, then it will happen to you as you believe.

If you believe this, then this will happen to you:

23:44  "Likewise immortal is a person's spirit, which is a tiny piece of Creation, for how could Creation itself ever cease to be?"

Note: The font size raised automatically to larger font just as I started writing this train of thought.  So I will leave it raised.                                       

18:39  The human spirit is ignorant until it has gained knowledge through

           thinking and inquiry.

18:40  "A person's spirit is not a machination of humanity but is a part of

           Creation given to him. It must be made aware and perfected,

18:41  "so that it proceeds to be one with Creation, since Creation, too, lives

           in constant growth.

Also, God is not Creation. God is human as we are. His name is God, which means king of wisdom.

4:21  In his palace god ruled over the three human races created by him and
         over his following, the celestial sons.

4:22  He was immortal, ancient and of giant size like the celestial sons.

34:1  Jmmanuel preached powerfully saying, "Behold, Creation is above

        humanity, above God and above everything.

my focus of purpose .org

20:32  "Many will be first among the human races, because they will think

          humanely in their false teachings, but they will be last in spiritual

             knowledge and small in their wisdom.

11:13  "All the prophets and the law have prophesied up to the time of John.

11:14  "And if you want to accept it, he is Elijah who will come again in his
           future life.

11:15  "Those who have ears, let them hear!

11:16a  "To what should I compare this generation?

11:16b  "It is like the children who sit at the market and call to their play-

             mates, saying,

11:17  "'We struck up a tune for you, and you would not dance; we wailed

           before you, and you would not mourn.'

11:18  "John, who is Elijah, came neither eating nor drinking, so they say:

           'He is possessed.'

11:19a  "But I have come, eating and drinking, and so they say, 'Behold, what

             a glutton and winebibber the man is, a companion of tax collectors

             and infidels.'

11:19b  "Yet wisdom is justified through the acknowledged deeds."

20:31  "They will speak big words and insist that they alone know the truth,

             because they have become victims of a terrible mistake and thus fol-

             low an evil and falseified teaching.

Trance time! Trance time

Immortal, ancient and of giant size celestial sons speaking:

4:42  "Jmmanuel, they will also taunt you as God and his only begotten son,

          and you, too, will be set equal to the mysterious Creation.

4:43  "Nevertheless, do not heed these false teachings, because millennia

           will pass before the people of these human races will be able to rec-

           ognize the truth.

4:44  "Much human blood will be shed on your account, yours as well as

           that of countless generations.

4:45  "Notwithstanding, fulfill your mission as the king of wisdom, as the

           son of Gabriel, the celestial son.

4:46  "In the name of God the law was issued to create you so that you may

           serve as prophet and pioneer of wisdom for these human races.

4:47  "Fulfill your mission unperturbed in the face of irrationality, disbe-

          lieving people and false teachings of the scribes and Pharisees.

They call it bliss. I call it snob/pride-based; non-reality based. Based on ego, not based on spirit/Creation, heart, truth, knowledge and wisdom.

What was the trigger for "goat man?" Why did they present this guy as a goat other than its all about "losing your spirit" with the Sikhs. Humans have spirits, but animals, plants, insects and everything else don't have spirit.

But here's what happened. Around 2007 I was gone from the Sikh thing at that time and had shaved. I saw the Crabwood crop circle at that time, and every time I saw it I thought, "That looks like S at the Sikh temple. That looks like S." I also saw myself in the image: I has the same chin as the alien in the crop circle.

I thought, "Maybe S will be going over to their group after this." I later met a 61 year old guy who said he had 39 children. That's described S too, and proud of it.

The message with goat man is, "NO, NO! We don't take Pharisees in our group. He's not coming over to our group! No way! That Pharisee crap is for Earth. Goat men go to earth as long as they cling to false teachings. They are the black sheep of the universe. Earth is known to contain the black sheep of the universe! Earth is a wonderful lady, but her inhabitants are evil perpetrators, perpetuators of false teachings, i.e. Pharisees." (Black sheep is really not the right term. In a herd of sheep do the white sheep dis the black sheep?

The chief Pharisee, the yogi from Pakistan/India (It was all India then), comes to the USA and like the guy who wants to control it all, meets with all the false sects, schmoozing all of them, telling them how great they are, how wonderful they are. It's all false sects buddy, its all false sects. And they all ignore Creation. You promote false teachings, and all the other false sects/false teachings; that's not truth and false teachings and false sects are destroying the planet; cults.  By the way, the yogi promoted cults too, he was a big proponent of cults.  It's like he knew the biggest cults of all were running things (at the time) and he planned on being in control of all of them.

Look yogi, you come here from your beloved Motherland India, which you say is better than all other countries; because it produced YOU. That is ego-based crock. It is Pharisee teaching to boost the ego and set themselves equal to Creation. You ignore the welfare of India and come to USA; You ignore Creation and leave India decrepit with air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, over-population, corruption. You leave India that way and bring such same stuff to USA Sept 9th 1968; Biffville.

They could have followed him and seen the healings he was doing. Instead they "demanded."

Chapter 18

The Pharisees Demand A Sign

18:1  Jmmaneul went away and escaped to the area of Sidon and Tyre.

18:2  And behold, the Sadducees and Pharisees came to him and demand-

          ed that he let them see a sign of his spiritual power.

18:3  But he answered, "In the evening you say, 'Tomorrow will be a fair

          day, because the sky is red.'

18:4  "And in the morning you say, 'Today will be foul weather, because

          the sky is red and cloudy.' So you can discern the appearance of the

          sky, but can't you then also discern the signs of the time?

18:5  "This wicked and faithless generation is seeking a sing; there shall be

          no sign given to it but the sign of Jonah who disappeared alive into

          the belly of the fish, stayed therein and came again alive into the


18:6  And he left them and went away.


9:9  As Jmmanuel left there, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax

        office. He spoke to him: "Follow me!" and he rose and followed him.

9:10  It happened, as he sat at a table in a house, behold, many tax collec-

          tors, ignorant people and seekers of the truth came and sat down at

          the table with Jmmanuel and his disciples.

9:11  When the Pharisees saw that, they spoke to his disciples, "Why is

          your master eating with the tax collectors and the ignorant?"

9:12  When Jmmanuel heard that, he spoke, "The healthy do not need a

          physician, but the sick do, and the knowledgeable do not need the

          teachings, but the ignorant do, and those who were not falsely taught

          do not need the teaching, but those who were falsely taught do.

9:13  "Go and recognize the falseness o your wrong teachings, so you

          don't mislead those people who thirst for the truth."

If you're looking for a prophet who's a Pharisee, you're never going to find him. And you're going to destroy the world and all that is good.

The Testimony Regarding the Baptist

11:7a  Going on from there, Jmmanuel began to speak to the people about

           John, "What did you go out into the wilderness to see?

11:7b  "Did you expect to see a reed shaken by the wind?

11:8a  "Or what did you go out to see?

11:8b  "Did you expect to see a man clothed in soft rainment?

11:8c  "Behold, those who wear soft rainment are in kings' houses with the

           rulers and the rich, and with the hypocrites, scribes and priests.

11:9a  "Or what did you go out for?

11:9b  "Did you expect to see a prophet?

11:9c  "yes, I tell you:  He is more than a prophet.

11:10  "This is he of whom it is written, 'Behold, I will send my messenger

           before you, who shall prepare your way.'

11:11  "Truly, I say to you: Among all those born of women, no one has aris-

           en who is greater than John the Baptist.

11:12  "Since the days of John the Baptist even to now, the earth has suffered

           from violence, and those who commit violence seize the land.

It's never "thanks to the false teachings." It's always "due to the fault and false teachings (of...)"

It's never the blame of the true teachings. It's always the blame of the false teachings until the false teachings are gone and there is no blame. Only with the true teachings does heart and truth win.

24:13  "Let those who are great in consciousness consider themselves great

             and those who are small in consciousness consider themselves small

             and those who are in between in consciousness consider themselves

             in between.

24:14  "It is unwise and stupid for people to let others consider them greater

             or smaller than they truly are.

24:15a  "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you impostors, hypocrites and

               swindlers who block people's spiritual progress towards conscious-

               ness with your lies and false teachings.

24:15b  "You will not attain progress easily, and through false teachings you

               keep it from those who wish to attain it.

24:16  "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you impostors, hypocrites and  

             swindlers, who devour the homes of widows and engage in long

             prayers for the sake of appearance, therefore, you shall stay in spiri-

             tual darkness all the longer.

24:17  "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who pass through

            land and sea in order to win a fellow believer; after he has become

            one, you turn him into an irrational and unreasonable child who

            indulges in twice as many false teachings as you.

24:18  "Woe to you, you blind proponents of false teachings who say, 'A per-

             son is not bound if he swears by the temple, but he is bound if he

             swears by the gold on the temple.'

24:19  "You fools and blind people, you are the offspring of evil; why do you

             let people swear, knowing that an oath is not binding and is a worth-

             less act?

24:20  "Or you say, 'if a person swears by the altar, that does not count; but

             if a person swears through sacrifice, that is binding.'

24:21a  "You blind and false teachers, who gave you the right to demand an

               oath or to swear, since the laws of Creation state that oaths should not

               be taken?

24:21b  "Your speech should always be only 'yes, yes' or 'no, no.'

24:22a  "Those who swear by anything on earth or in the universe swear by

               something fleeting, which is without permanence.

24:22b  "Therefore, an oath is also without permanence..