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Looking forward to the "renewed life."

Media built up anger at the 3rd eye. Zombie-land. I stopped watching tv and movies in June 2009. I haven't regretted it.

Actually if you look at it, it was financial stuff. I was heavy into commodity trading up to about 2003. It is really fascinating that I only broke even at the end of it.

Sweetheart! Oh Sweetheart!

Lloyd and JoAnne were college friends of my mom and dad. What generation? Llyod was a pilot of B-17's in the Pacific.

I worked with Lloyd for a couple years when I was 22 around 1981. I stayed at his place then too and in the spare room in the basement on the top shelf of the closet were all these Playboy magazines. Mostly Playboys. Some Penthouse. Magazines were from the 60's and early 70's, with some special issues showing models from the early 60's.

At 22 years old and not a virgin* I was having a real time with those magazines and thinking about some of the women in town. Impulses during the day and hours at night.  *If I was a virgin I wouldn't be doing that; that was my programming when I came here.

Fantasizing about women, I was always worried, "Oh, she's with someone. She's with someone." That fear just made me more impulsive doing it more! more! more! It was real turmoil. If I had the pendulum back then I would have been all set, no worries. Pendulum would have said, "She's good..... No! Not her, not that one...... Yeah her, she's really good! Go with this one..... etc." And I wouldn't have been afraid.

But I didn't have the pendulum back then. Remember, in 1981 we only had land lines! You don't know what a land line is? No cell phones. No internet. Cable tv was just starting up. Actually I think it was too soon for cable tv too. At that house I was staying in the tv showed 4 channels. With rabbit ears. (If you don't know what rabbit ears is, do a search.) So we definitely didn't have any internet for me to search "Pendulum use".

Some of those ladies in the 60's magazines looked really really good back when those magazines were published. The ladies in town were current age. Older now though. So in 1981 those ladies in the magazines were getting up in age.

A lot more innocence in the 1960's. Is innocence coming back? With true teachings replacing false teachings innocence will be back and more.

"Fear and it will appear."; this is a false teaching. "What you fear will come upon you."; false teaching.

I just had a fear of the end of the world soon, therefore its going to happen. I just had a fear she is going to cheat on me, therefore it happened or is going to happen for sure.

You are better off using your pendulum!

And that's what I do now since 2008, use my pendulum. And it has changed everything. If my pendulum says everything's a-okay, I don't have to fret about it, I don't have to worry about it at all. I may ask and get confirmation (or not) 5 times. And if pendulum says move on, I move on. I always have my pendulum.

I wouldn't use the pendulum if the pendulum wasn't consistently correct. If I had the pendulum at 10 years old I would not have been in fear and turmoil (all that time wasted away) and, by 16 years old I would be where I am today (with both the pendulum and the Zyac Game. Then soon after discovering the Talmud of Jmmanuel.)

It didn't happen that way and now I want every child to know about the pendulum and the Zyac Game.

Look at the chalk board.

3 hearts on the chalk board.

Turns out only one of those 3 ladies is my lady. The other two are support group. Can you guess which 2 ladies are the support group? (I believe this is the case. I will know more as time goes on.)

Light upon the tower. The attention from above is right there! Right there!

The Master's Feet

I was involved with the Sikhs for 20 years.

In Sikhism its all about "being at the feet of the master, touching the master's feet, the master's lotus feet will carry you across." Well you don't want to touch those feet....



Question everything I say? Examine it. See the logic of it. If you can find better logic that comes to a different conclusion, present it. You can trust my good intentions 100%. However mistakes happen. see chapter 18.

Talmud of Jmmanuel you can trust 100%.


Can you bomb whole villages, is that within the law? What verses give insight into that?

I read Talmud of Jmmanuel every day. And I am amazed how a section will pop out a message to me, a secret revealed. I'm not sure how much the following pertains, but these are a few verses that came forth when pondering this:

27:1  After Jmmanuel had finished speaking, the disciples were very excit-

         ed and said, "Why don't we catch juda Ihariot and stone him so he

         can't betray you?"

27:2  But Jmmanuel was furious and said, "Don't you know that the law

          says, 'You shall not kill in immorality?', and don't you know what I

          prophesied to you, that I would be crucified in order to attain a cer-

          tain knowledge?

27:3  "how dare you disregard the destiny of the laws, since this is given

          and intended!

Also 5:43 to 5:47 of Talmud of Jmmanuel.

Obama sweating it. I was very angry then and said, "Obama is going to have a hell of an eternity for a life review. Literally hell for all the bombs he has dropped daily on the civilians of Pakistan." I was wrong. I don't know what Obama is going to face. That is between Obama and his own spirit. Maybe Islamic countries like Pakistan are in such violation of the laws of Creation that even their sovereignty may be attacked.

The tower; sperm on top.


Ah! There's my lover! There he is!

About Us For

5:30  "if a thought causes you annoyance, eradicate it and ban it from your

          brain. It is better to destroy a thought that incites annoyance than to

          bring the whole world of thought into and uproar.




After Jmmanuel escaped from the tomb.

31:49  Long after Jmmanuel had disappeared, it happened that the disciples

            were fishing on the Sea of Tiberias,

31:50 and they caught nothing the whole night, so by daybreak they were


31:51  When they came to the shore, there stood a stranger who asked,

            "Haven't you anything to eat? I am hungry."

31:52  They answered, "No, we have not caugh one fish in our nets."

31:53  Then the stranger said, "Throw the net out to the right side of the boat,

            and you will bring in a large haul."

31:54  The disciples were astonished by what he said and threw out the net.

            And behold, they could not pull it in because of the multitude of fish.

31:55  They came ashore and prepared a meal, because, like the stranger,

            they were hungry.

31:56  He uncovered his face, and, behold, it was Jmmanuel.

31:57  And while they were eating and in good spirits, he said to them, "Go

            to Galilee to such and such mountain; there I will join you, because

            our time together has ended and each one may go his own way."

Guilt and error, yet an overlord at the same time.

"guilt and error" shows conscience.

Sweetheart, Oh Sweetheart

in a tower

The Feeding of the Five Thousand

16:20  In the evening his disciples came to him and said, "This area is so

deserted and night is falling; tell the people to go away so that they

can buy food and drink in the villages."

16:21  Jmmanuel said, "It is not necessary that they go away; give them

something to eat and drink."

16:22  But they said, "We have nothing here but five loaves of bread and

three fish."

16:23  Jmmanuel said, "Bring them to me."

16:24  Telling the people to sit down, he took the loaves of bread and

the three fish. Then he said some secret words, broke the loaves of

bread and the fish and gave them to his disciples, who gave them to

the people.

16:25  They all ate and were filled and saved what had been left over, twelve baskets of morsels.

16:26  And there were about five thousand who had eaten.

The tower close-up

My dad and I had "a guy thing" going to the barber shop every weekend. That was when we were still on the farm, I was about 6 years old. Always kept it short, real short, crew cut.

My dad had some property near town. My grandmother (my dad's mom) was standing next to me on the dirt road going on and on, "Oh, you have such beautiful hair! Let it grow! Your hair is so Beautiful! Its a shame to cut it! Let it grow!"  "How far?"  "As far as it will grow."  "As far as it will grow? What?"

I did have beautiful auburn hair. Later I let it grow.

Where is my lover? Where is he?

I must lure him in with my magic. Steady. Steady..

5:8  "Blessed are those who have a clear conscience, for they need not fear.