I was going to record the following information (pictures below here) and my Panasonic camcorder stopped working.  It wouldn't turn on.  I tried it later for the next couple days, opening the view flap and closing it, opening it and closing it.  One time opening the flap the red power light came on for 3 seconds and then turned off.  The dark magicians again!, exactly what I was going to talk about in my video.

Then I ordered a new Vivitar camcorder.  It arrived and as soon as I pressed the power button the camcorder did not turn on.  Dark magicians again.  Its best to have a video presentation of these pictures below, so I have ordered another camcorder.  Until it arrives here are screen captures describing some of the wonderful content of the "original hyphened version" of Becoming.

Special thanks to George Green.  Thank you for all your work.  We're here to support you.

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Videos (Coming soon)