God, the Creator

(Terminology of the Pharisees)

4:38  "They believe that God is Creation itself and not the ruler of the celes-

          tial sons and these human races.

4:39  "Earth people attribute to him the omnipotence of Creation and glo-

          rify him as Creation itself.

4:40  "But God is a person, like all the celestial sons and the human races,

          except vastly greater in consciousness than they.

4:41  "Creation, however, is of immeasurably higher standing than God, the

          lord over the celestial sons and human races, because Creation is the

          immeasurable secret.

28:63  Then Caiaphas, the high priest, tore his clothes and spoke furiously, "He

             blashpemed God, the Creator.  Why should we need further testimony

             against him?  Behold, now you yourselves have heard his blasphemy.

28:64a  "What punishment do you think he deserves?"

28:64b  They answered, "He deserves death."

28:65  They beat him with their fists and spat into his face.

28:66  Some of them hit him from the back and said, "Prophesy, you great

            king of wisdom and son of a celestial son, who is it that is beating you?"

16:51  And great are they also, those who came out of space, and the great-

            est among them is God, and he is the spiritual ruler of three human


16:52  "But above him is Creation whose laws he faithfully follows and

            respects;  therefore he is not omnipotent, as only creation itself can


16:53  "Thus there are limits for him who allows himself to be called God

            and who is above emperors and kings, as the word says.

16:54  "People are ignorant and immature because they consider God as

             Creation and follow the false teachings that were adulterated by scrib-

             al distorers.

16:55  "Thus, when people believe in God, they do not know about the truth

             of Creation, because God is human as we are.

16:56  "There is a difference, however, that in his consciousness and wis-

            dom, logic and love he is a thousand times greater than we and greater

            than all people upon this earth.

16:57  "But he is not Creation, which is infinite and without any form.

16:58  "Thus, God is also a creature of the Creation, which, according to

             illogical human judgement, has no beginning and no end."

If one violates the truth, one will not have the truth.

28:57  "If you consider God as Creation, you are mistaken, and violating the


I had told a girl, you woman the access codes story.  Then I gave her the card for my website.

She wanted to know some more things apparently, I don't remember the exact conversation.

Then she said, "Well its a matter of terminology." and continued saying more along that line, as if that's the way it is and there's nothing wrong with having a variety of terminology meaning, 'the same thing.'

My response, I spoke to her, "'If you consider God as Creation, you are mistaken, and violating the truth.', but you can do whatever you want." I said as I walked off.

That's a real touchy topic for me.  I have to plead the 19th (Chapter 19 "The Mistakes of Your Fellow Men")

Much ignorance out there, at this time, 6/9/2019, this having been true for so long:  "There will be no sect which preaches truth, knowledge and wisdom."  That's why I talk about things I've discovered and hand out links to my website, for more intelligent spirit conversations.  I love to learn from my own spirit and other people's spirits.