The Boar Wars of 1880's on were to steal the land to mine diamonds and gold with slave labour. 

Slaughtering white people even today!  Where is the media coverage? 

What does the land have for the murderers this time?

11:12  "Since the days of John the Baptist even to now, the earth has suffered

             from violence, and those who commit violence seize the land.

I was raped as a baby         by my mom and dad.

                                    "If only you knew what's inside of me now
                                              You wouldn't want to know me somehow,"

                                                                                           Never Comes The Day

My dad was raped as a baby          by his mom and dad.

Check and see:  Do pregnant animals in nature ever have sex with their mates?  I've never heard of it, even after the birth for awhile.

Yet the AMA and medical school buffoons say its okay.

Dr. Who?


The AMA and medical schools are run by the Jews.

"Oh Dr. god I worship you!  Dr. god, you make so much money and everybody listens to you, the media says so."  Talking to a doctor, my dad was like a cult member talking to a high priest.

Brief history of the medical "INDUSTRY."

Yet The Laws Are So Obvious


12:9  "Truly, I say to you:  There are no animals under the sky that are like

          people and would go against the laws o Creation and nature;  but are

          you not much more than the animals?

12:10  "No animal under the sky can be found whereby male cohabits with

            male, or female with female, because both male and female animals

            follow the laws of nature.


26:14  "Truly, I say to you:  Wisdom has to be learned from the laws of

             Creation, which people recognize in nature.

26:15  "But if they do not think and search, they will not attain wisdom and

             remain fools.

26:16  "The wise do not cry over lost things, over the dead and over things

             of the past.

26:17  "Fools cry over things that are not worth crying over, thereby increas-

             ing their grief, need and misery.

26:18  "Those who are rich in wisdom and live according to the laws do not

            allow creatures to suffer even the least hurt, if they are without fault.

26:19  "Fools who do not conquer their senses mistake damage or advan-

            tage, advantage for damage and great suffering for joy.

26:20  "Because people do not follow wisdom and do not seek knowledge,

            nor understand the laws, they are filled with imprudence and vice.

26:21  "The dishonest, stupid, defiant, greedy, unscrupulous, uncouth and

             angry will be hurt like people who are poor in consciousness.

26:22  "If people receive daily in due manner just a little wisdom in their

            consciousness, they grow like the waxing moon during the light half

            of the month.

love of money and power*

South Africa


The white race of South Africa is being attacked, raped and slaughtered!  Where is the media covering this?  Babies are being raped.

26:23  "Wisdom is the greatest asset o humanity and so is the created will,

             which is lord over love and happiness, but all this is meaningless

             without the power of the spirit.

26:24  "Fools who wait for fate to act without doing anything themselves

             perish like an unfired pot in water.

26:25  "Those who take care of a cow always receive milk;  likewise, those

            who nurture wisdom and apply it through the power o the spirit bring

            forth rich fruit.

26:26  "Understand each law of Creation and once you have understood it,

            adhere to it and live accordingly, because the laws are the greatest


26:27  "There is no eye equal to wisdom, no darkness equal o ignorance, no

             power equal to the power of the spirit, and no terror equal to poverty

             of consciousness.

26:28  "There is not higher happiness than wisdom, no better friend than

            knowledge, and no other saviour than the power of the spirit.

28:29  "Those who have intelligence may grasp my speech so they will be

             wise and knowing."

Isn't love strange
A word we arrange
With no thought or care
Maker of despair

*And everybody in the universe considers them the scum of the universe, on this little blue spec.

A guy in the coffee shop told me once, "Its not the love of money that is the root of all evil;  its the love of money above everything."