30:62  Joseph of Arimathea sought out Jmmanuel's friends from India and

            went back  with them to the tomb  They went in through a secret sec-

            ond entrance unknown to the henchmen and to the soldiers and

            nursed him for three days and three nights, so that he was soon in bet-

            ter health again and his strength was restored.

30:63  The tomb was guarded on the other side by the soldiers, because the

             chief priests and Pharisees had gone to Pilate, saying,

30:64  "Governor, we considered that when this crazy man was still alive, he

              said to the people, 'I shall return after three days and three nights and

              rise, because I will be only half dead.'

30:65  "But, since it was established through a soldier that he was really

             dead, his tomb should be guarded so that no one can come, steal the

             body and say, 'Behold, he has risen from the dead after all!'

30:66  "Therefore, command that the tomb be guarded for three days

             so that the last deception may not be worse than the first.

30:67  Pilate said, "Take my soldiers as guardians.  Go and watch the tomb

             as well as possible."

30:68  They went away, watched the tomb, and sealed the stone in front of

             the door.

30:69  But they did not know the secret of the grave, namely, that it had two

            exits and entrances, so that Jmmanuel's helpers could, without being

            seen, go to him to apply healing salves an herbs, so that on the third

            day he was again strong enough to walk.

Chapter 31

Jmmanuel's Flight from the Tomb

31:1  When the first day of the week had come after Passover, the three

           days and nights had passed following which Jmmanuel would live

           again after near-death, as he had foretold.

31:2  Behold, a great thunder arose in the air, and a radiant light came down

           from the sky and landed on the earth, not far from the tomb.

31:3  Then a guardian angel came out of the light, and his appearance was

          like  lightning and his garment was as white as snow.

31:4  He went to the tomb, and the soldiers got out of his way because they

           feared him.

31:5  He lifted his hand from which came bright lightning that hit the sol-

           diers one after the other.

31:6  And they fell to the ground and did not stir for a long time.

31:7  Then the guardian angel stepped up to the tomb, rolled the stone away

           from the door and said to Mary, the mother of Jmmaneul, and to Mary

           Magdalene, who were both there,

31:8  "Do not be afraid.  I know that you are seeking Jmmanuel, the cruci-


31:9  "But he is not here.  He lives, as he said.  Come here and behold the

           place where he lay.

31:10  "Go quickly and tell his disciples that he has risen from near-death.

31:11  "Also tel them he will walk ahead of you to Galilee, and there you

             will see him.  Behold, I have told you."

31:12  But Mary asked, "Yet he was dead and lay here dead, how can he


31:13  The guardian angel answered, "Why are you seeking someone alive

             among the dead?

31:14  "Go now and spread the news among his disciples, but beware, and

             do not tell anyone else."

Jmmanuel Makes No Argument

"Get it over.  I've got to move on."

Put these puzzle pieces together.  The Pharisees were into fasting (and making it known to everyone that they were fasting.)  Jmmanuel was not into that.  The Pharisees said that Jmmanuel fasted in the desert for 40 days and nights;  that is false teachings of the scribal distorters.

"he spent his days with the wise saints of God and with the guardian angels, the celestial sons."

3:30  When Jmmanuel had been baptized, he soon came out of the water of

          the Jordan, and behold, a metallic light dropped from the sky and

          descended steeply over the Jordan.

3:31  Consequently they all fell on their faces and pressed them into the

           sand while a voice from the metallic light spoke,

3:32  "This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased.  He will be the

           king of truth who will life this human race to knowledge."

3:33  Behold, after these words Jmmanuel entered into the metallic light,

          which climbed into the sky, surrounded by fire and smoke, and passed

          over the lifeless sea, as the singing of the metallic light soon faded


3:34  After that, Jmmanuel was no longer seen for forty days and nights.

Chapter 4

The Secret of Jmmanuel

4:1  From this day on Jmmanuel no longer lived among humankind of

        these human races.

4:2  Jmmanuel was lifted up from the earth, and no one knew where he

        had been taken or what had happened to him.

4:3  But then he was let off by the metallic light between North and West,

        where the guardian angels had received cords with which they had to

        measure the place for the chosen ones.

4:4  Thus, he lived for forty days and nights between the winds of the

        north and the west, where he received the secret of knowledge.

4:5  Meanwhile, he spent his days with the wise saints of God and with the

        guardian angels, the celestial sons.

4:6  They taught him the wisdom of knowledge.

After the 40 days and nights with the saints of God, Jmmanuel heard some unfortunate news about John the Baptist:

4:51  Thus they spoke, the celestial sons between the North and the West,

           before they took Jmmanuel in the metallic light back to Israel, to the

           land of Galilee.

4:52  When Jmmanuel heard that John the Baptist had been imprisoned, he

           left the town of Nazareth, came and lived in Capernaum, which lies

           on the sea in the land of Sebulon and Naphtali.

4:53  From that time Jmmanuel began to preach, saying, "Repent and turn

          to the truth and knowledge, because they alone bring you life!".

From this time on knowing that John the Baptist had been imprisoned, Jmmanuel knew why John was put in prison (for witnessing against Herod and Herodius.)  Jmmanuel must have figured out what would most likely happen after these events.

King Herod The Anal

and his city Jerusalem

Now that I caught your attention, let's use modern (as of this writing) terminology to describe this king frought with fear, and his like-minded city, Jerusalem.

The wise men from the orient speaking to King Herod (the anal):

2:2a  "Where is the newborn king of wisdom of the Judeans?

2:2b  "We have seen a bright light in the sky and heard a voice saying,

2:3  "'Follow the tail of the light, because the king of wisdom of the

        Judeans is born, who will bring great knowledge.'

2:4  "Therefore we have come to adore the newborn king of wisdom.

2:5  "He shall possess the knowledge of God and be a son of the celestial

        son Gabriel.

2:6  "His knowledge will be boundless and his power will rule the spirit

        of human beings, so that they may learn and serve Creation."

2:7  When Herod Antipas heard this, he was frightened, and with him all

        of Jerusalem, because they freared that the newborn child might exer-

        cise dreadful power.

King Herod was so afraid of this newborn baby boy that immediately his intent was to kill this little child as soon as possible!  But first he had to find out where exactly the child was:

2:11  Thereupon, Herod Antipas called the wise men secretly and diligent-

           ly inquired of them when the bright light with the long tail had

           appeared in the sky.

2:12  Later he directed them to Bethlehem, saying, "Go and search diligent-

          ly for the young child, and when you find him, let me know so that I

          may come and adore him.

The celestial sons tipped off the wise men from the oreint about Herod's true intentions:

2:16  However, the voice again rang out from the light high above, saying

          that they should not return to Herod Antipas because he planned evil

          for the young child.

2:17  So they returned to their country by another route.

Next, the celestial sons informed Joseph of Herod's true intentions:

2:18  After the three wise men had left, behold, the celestial son Gabriel

          appeared to Joseph, saying,

2:19  "Rise and take the infant and his mother Mary with you and flee to

           Egypt.  Stay there until I tell you, because Herod Antipas is planning

           to seek out the young child to kill him, since he fears that the little

           child might wield terrible power.

2:20  "While you are in Egypt, I will send my messenger to Herod Antipas

           to teach him the truth."

2:24  When Herod Antipas and his followers had had a change of mind,

           behold, the celestial son Gabriel appeared again before Joseph in

           Egypt, saying,

2:25  "Arise and take the young child and his mother Mary and move back

           to the land of Israel;  all those who sought the child's life have had a

           change of heart."

2:26  And Joseph rose, took the child and his mother, and returned into the

          light that had once more appeared;  it took them to Israel.

Jmmanuel was determined to fulfill his mission to teach the three human races created by God.  The first of those races was in Israel.  The three races were the three white human races, one of which migrated north of Israel, and the other migrated east toward India.  Israel region was the home of "Adam, the father of the white human race."

28:53  "God has come from the far distances of the universe and brought the

             world under his will, so he is the supreme emperor of these three human races,

28:54  "one of which is here in this country, which you have deprived of its

             rights and subjugated, another in the East as far as the land of India,

             and the third in the North from the land of the king with horns to the

             sea where icy mountans drift in the water.

Jmmanuel was determined that he would fulfill his mission to teach the three (white) races, NOT just the one (white) race in Israel, but ALL THREE (white) races created by God.

13:24  Then the Pharisees went out and held counsel about him, as to how to

            destroy him, since he made known their lies and false teachings

            before the people.

13:25  When Jmmanuel learned of that, he withdrew from there;  and many

             followed him, including many sick people, and he healed them all.

13:26  He threatened them not to spread the news about him, becuase he was

             afraid that he would be captured and die the death of a martyr.

13:27  But his determination to spread the truth prevailed, so he continued to

             reveal his teachings and wisdom to the people.

The escape from martyrdo/victimhood by going on the cross, his body in a state of near-death, "so that the sign of Jonah will be fulfilled."........ 18:5  "This wicked and faithless generation is seeking a sign;  there shall be no sign given to it but the sign of Jonah hwo disappeared alive into the belly of the fish, stayed therein and came again alive into the light."

From the Jmmanuel;s birth to his time on the cross, Herod was driven by fear.  As you can see, every reference to King Herod displays a king full of fear, driven by fear.

Herod would destroy any and all who he felt threatened his status and kingship.  Herod was also very superstitious and easily manipulated by the Pharisees:  "Yes, yes!  This Jmmanuel is certainly John the Baptist risen from the dead!  He must stopped.  King, we have an idea, but it requires some funds.  We must "convince" the people so see it 'our way.'"

16:1  At the time that Jmmanuel dwelled in Nazereth, news about him

          reached Herod.           

16:2  And he spoke to his people, "This surely is John the Baptist, who has

          arisen from the dead and therefore possesses such migty powers."

16:3  For Herod had seized John, bound him and put him into prison

          because of Herodias, the wife of his brother Philippus, and had him


16:4  It occured that John reprimanded Herod, saying, "It is not good that

          you have taken Herodias, because you have committed adultery with

          her and you have to be punished according to the law."

Herod had to figure out a way to kill John the Baptist but he was afraid of the people because they considered him to be a prophet.  He figured out how to do it.  (Read Chapter 16 to find out how.)

16:12  Thus Herod sent someone and had John beheaded in prison.

But Herod heard about Jmmanuel and thought "This surely is John the Baptist who has arisen from the dead!"  Kings have a lot of money.  King Herod gave the Pharisees whatever money they needed to "get rid of this guy once and for all!"

Herodias' daughter:

16:14  She kissed the brow of the head that had been cut off, cried bitterly

            and said,

16:15  "I did not know that love tastes so bitter."

16:16  Then she brought the head of the Baptist to her mother.

16:17  His disciples then came, took up the body and buried it.  Then they

             went to Jmmanuel and told him what had happened.

16:18  When Jmmanuel heard this he was overcome with fear, and he went

           away on a boat to a deserted area.  When the people heard that, they

           followed him on foot from the cities.

16:19  Jmmanuel saw the large crowd from the water.  Feeling sorry for

            them, he went ashore and healed their sick.

What would happen if Jmmanuel escaped to the East or to the North without people thinking he was dead and gone forever?  King Herod had connections with other royalty in the east and the west.  The other royalty was committing violations of the laws of Creation all the time, and "this guy was still alive going to come after them?".....  "No way!  We've got to get this guy." If King Herod thought this guy was still alive, he would make sure the other kings killed him.  Herod's fear was driving him.

But what if "this guy" was dead?  If Herod thought he was dead, Herod wouldn't have any fear of him!

31:17  The soldiers recovered from their paralysis and were surprised;  so

             they went into the city and spread the news of what had happened.

31:18  And they came together with the chief priests and elders of the coun-

            cil for a secret meeting to decide what to tell the people

31:19  The chief priests and elders gave a lot of money to the soldiers and

             said, "Tell the people his disciples came at night while were were sleep-

             ing and stole his body."

31:20  And the soldeirs took the money and did as they had been instructed.

31:21  Mary and Mary Magdalene went away and did as they had been told

             by the guardian angel.

This applies to Jmmanuel too:

15:29  "These, however, do not belong to the generation of vipers who have

             pledged themselves to the false Judaic faith,

15:27  "Unfaithful to the laws of Creation, Israel is a mass of people with an

             inglorious past, characterized by murder and arson.

15:28  "Only few fathers in the masses of these unfaithful have an honorable

             past and a traceable family tree.

15:29  "These, however, do not belong to the generation of vipers who have

             pledged themselves to the false Judaic faith,

15:30  "to the false beliefs and false teachings that they took over from

             Moses who in turn stole them from the Egyptians.

15:31  "These few patriarchs are knowers of truth and true knowledge, and

             they recognize only the laws of Creation.

    What is it then that the messages found in these small
books would replace as currently held beliefs:
    Responsibility and freedom are interchangeable terms.
    Power and permission are retained or given away by
    Purposeful focused intention is an all-powerful tool.
    What is believable must be logical.
    Responsibility negates victim/abuser attitudes.

    Where the attention is, is where the intention is.
    Like attracts both sides of the “likeness experience.”
    There is an important distinction between indifference
    and allowance.
    Humanity has a choice about its future experiences.
    Rescue without participation is not an available option.
    The new is invoked in kind before the end of the old.
    Chaos is a necessary stage in the process of change.
    Commitment to a goal attracts assistance to aid its com-

pg 148  Becoming


1:89  "God deserves the honor of people of earth, for behold:  He is the true

           originator of the white and of the colored human races of Earth, and

           to him honor should be given.

1:90  "There is no form comparable to him for this human race created by

           him; therefore, people should have no other gods besides him, who

           created other human races in other parts of the earth.

1:91  "outside of God there is nothing of comparable form worthy of repu-

          tation.  Only the omnipotence of all creation reigns over him and his

          celestial sons:  Creation itself, which should be revered.

1:92  "Behold, therefore; over the earth reigns God, the master of the celes-

           tial sons and the people of the white and of the colored races.

Escaping Martyrdom/Victimhood

(Escape!.... Not Martyrdom.)

"The tragedy of religious teachings of an outside primal source
as a personified rescuer is that it not only instills a victim con-
sciousness, but also feeds it. A victimized personified deity hang-
ing on a cross as a status of veneration draws to those believers
what they venerate, the victim experience. If poverty is vener-
ated, poverty is attracted. If hard work is venerated, then life will
be filled with hard work. If killing is venerated, then death is
attracted. What ever the dominant focus of thought, attitude,
and opinion, is will influence the overall matrix and dominate
the attraction of experience."

                                                pg 86  Embracing the Rainbow



Jmmanuel (Jesus) was NOT a Jew.

He is/was not a member of the false Judaic faith, but he is the prophet of the Judeans and all human race; if they are criminal they won't want to hear it.

(Jmmanuel's three healer friends from India were of the white race that went and lived in India.)  His mission was with the three human races created by God.  (All races were created by God, but the most recent races were these three.)


Judeans? Israelites? Both?

25:3  "The Judeans trespass against life and truth, and they built this city on

          the blood of people; but these people are divided into Israelites who

          call themselves sons and daughters of Zion, to whom I am not close

          and who want to kill me, and into Judeans, who are misled believers

          of their sect, and to whom I bring the teachings of truth, as I do to all

          human races.

25:4  "The Israelites have plundered this land through rapaciousness and

          murder, they have killed their friends with whom they had drunk

          wind, and they have deceived and misled their fellow-believers of the

          Judean sect, who are actually Israelites but only followers of a sect.

25:5  "Thus the Israelites betrayed their own friends and murdered them

          because of their greed, but it will likewise happen to them on the part

          of the rightful owners of this land whom they have deprived of their

          rights and subjugated since ancient times.

25:6  And when he sat on the Mount of Olives his disciples came up to him

         and said, "Tell us, when will this happen, and what will be the sign?"

3:34  After that, Jmmanuel was no longer seen for forty days and nights.

4:2  Jmmanuel was lifted up from the earth, and no one knew where he
       had been taken or what had happened to him.

4:3  But then he was let off by the metallic light between North and West,
       where the guardian angels had received cords with which they had to
       measure the place for the chosen ones.

4:4  Thus, he lived for forty days and nights between the winds of the
       north and the west, where he received the secret of knowledge.


my focus of purpose .org

29:32  Pilate asked, "Don't you hear how severely they accuse you?  Don't

             you wish to justify yourself?"

29:33a  Jmmanuel answered, "Behold, I will carry my burden as it is destined.

29:33b  "But it is also a fact that many are against me and will testify falsely;

               I will not find justice in this process.

29:34  "Truly, I say to you:  Many dogs kill a hare, no matter how many turns

             it makes.

29:35  It is also customary among people that the most just person does not

            find justice, because it does not matter whether many or few testify

            against him, as long as they are highly regarded.

29:36  "Justice rules only in the laws of nature, because they are the laws of


29:37  "But among people there is little justice, and they determine justice

             according to their social status and their wealth.

29:38  "Therefore I ask you, how could I expect justice by this standard?"

29:39  Pilate said, "Judging by the way you speak, you are very wise and I

             see no guilt in you.

29:40  "I question the teaching you just uttered, but in this, too, I see no evil,

             because all people should be blessed according to their faith.

29:41  "But since you have nothing to say regarding your innocence that

             would counter the denunciation of the chief priests and the elders, I

             have no hope for you, because their will is my command, which I

             have to obey."

29:42  Jmmanuel didn't answer him, which surprised the governor very


29:43  At the time of the Passover feast, governor Pilate was accustomed to

            releasing to the people whichever one of the prisoners they wanted,

            except those guilty of murder or causing death.

29:44  At this time he had a special prisoner named Barabbas.

29:45  When the people were gathered, Pilate asked them, "Which one of

            you want me to release, Barabbas, the criminal, or Jmmanuel, who is

            said to be a king of wisdom and the son of an angel?"

30:43  Behold, a last great thunder clap ended the storm, the whole land
             trembled, and the earth shook.

30:44  With the tremendous thunder clap all about, Jmmanuel cried out
             again, but nobody understood him, because his speech was confused.

30:45  Then his head fell forward, he slipped into near-death, and they
             thought he was dead.

30:46  A soldier took his lance and stabbed Jmmanuel in his loin to ensure
             that he was dead.

30:47  Blood mixed with water came from the would, as is the case when a
            person is dead or near-dead.

30:48  Since the soldier thought that Jmmanuel was dead, he informed the

30:49  They were all astonished, because it was unusual for those crucified
             to die so quickly.

30:50  But since the soldier told them, they believed him and went away.

2:7  When Herod Antipas heard this, he was frightened, and with him all
        of Jerusalem, because they freared that the newborn child might exer-
        cise dreadful power.

Herod the Devious:

2:12  Later he directed them to Bethlehem, saying, "Go and search diligent-
          ly for the young child, and when you find him, let me know so that I
          may come and adore him."

30:31  Those who were around him blasphemed, mocked and ridiculed him.

30:32  They shouted, "Since you are the king of wisdom, help yourself!

30:33  "Since you are the son of a celestial son and possess great power, why

             don't you get off the cross?"

30:34  The scribes, Pharisees, chief priests and elders of the people likewise

             mocked him, saying,

30:35a  "You helped others, but you cannot help yourself.

30:35b  "Since you are a king of wisdom, get down from the cross and help


30:35c  "If you do that, we will believe in you and your teaching.

30:36a  "He trusted in his wisdom and in being the son of the angel Gabriel,

30:36b  "Thus, may his wisdom or the angel Gabriel save him now if ge so


30:37  Likewise, the murderers crucified to his right and left mocked and

             reviled him.

30:38  Then the sky clouded over, the sun became dark, and a great storm

             arose across the land, which happened not often at that time of year,

             but only occasionally.

30:39  The terrible storm roared for three hours before the sun broke through

             the clouds again.

30:40  At that time Jmmanuel cried out, "I'm thirsty!  Give me something to


30:41  Then one of the chief priests got a sponge, soaked it in vinegar, put it

             on a pole and gave it to him to drink.

30:42  When the others saw that, they scolded the man, saying, "Stop!  Do

             not give him any more to drink.  Let us see how long he can bear this."