Leave the children alone!

You give any diagnosis you want to sell your damn drugs. You destroy their lives for your money. Children's lives! You doctors filling children with drugs, that is child abuse to the extreme.

Your diagnosis is evil and illegitimate when this is the truth:

32:37  "There is a constant restlessness in people, because they have a pre-

monition that Creation is their fate and destination.

"they will be last in spiritual knowledge and small in their wisdom."

20:30  "Many will follow a false teaching about me and therefore not find

the truth, because they mistake me for god or his son, or perhaps even

the son of Creation.

20:31  "They will speak big words and insist that they alone know the truth,

because they have become victims of a terrible mistake and thus fol-

low an evil and falsified teaching.

20:32  "Many will be first among the human races, because they will think humanely in their false teachings, but they will be last in spiritual knowledge and small in their wisdom.

20:33  "Wisdom will only exist where the knowledge about truth bears fruit

and the laws of Creation are followed and respected."


Evil diagnosis, its not even snake oil diagnosis. Worse than that. Its designed

to destroy the human spirit. Because of hatred and envy.

9:38a  And among themselves they spoke, "Who is this......, who pos-

sesses greater wisdom and greater knowledge than we!

9:38b  "His teachings are mightier and more correct than ours, so he endan-

gers us.

9:38c  "We must try to seize him, so that he will suffer death."

All the evil diagnosis is false and violation of the law. They want to sell their

drugs with evil diagnosis when this is the truth,

32:37  "There is a constant restlessness in people, because they have a pre-

monition that Creation is their fate and destination.

32:38  "They may be great, wise and good, yet that is not sufficient, because

they can always become greater, wiser and better;

32:39  "there may not be any limits to love, peace and joy, because the pres-

ent has to be constantly exceeded.

Harsh GMO companies, pharmaceutical companies and other such-like "plastic companies" are guilty of sexually abusing children. See About Us 3

The title of ICY YOU goes to the pharmaceutical companies. I heard about a pill that costs $35,000, with 92% cure rate to what would otherwise be certain death. In other words, "You want to live? You got some money?"

Testimonials on internet say, cures cancer, cures kidney disease (in 22 days), cures diabetes, cures pretty much everything. Look at the testimonials about Miracle Mineral Solution, MMS. About $50 for a a year for a family of 4 .

It's sold as a water purifier. If you try to help people with MMS, even if its helping people for donations only, no charge, guess what? They put you in prison for it. The FDA and the pharmaceutical industry is criminals, shallow perpetrators of greed, "How much more is a person worth than... your deceitful and false teachings!"

13:14  And behold, there was a man with a withered hand, and they asked

him, "Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?" in order that they would

have a stronger case against him.

13:21  "You generation of vipers, you scripture distorters who spread false

teachings because of your greed for money and power, who among

you who has a single sheep that falls into a pit on the Sabbath day

would not take hold of it and pull it out?

13:22  "How much more is a person worth than a sheep or your deceitful and

false teachings!"

13:23a  Then he spoke to the man, "Stretch out your hand!"

13:23b  And he stretched it out; and it was sound again, like the other hand.


It was spring/summer of 2016. Stranded in a town in AZ, I became ill.  I didn't want to go to the hospital because I have heard horror stories about hospitals. "Go to the hospital if you want to die." or centenarians asked how they lived so long replying, "I stayed away from the hospital like the plague." and "I never went to the hospital."

I was afraid ICU meant Icy you. (That turned out to be the case for much of it, but not all of it.)

It got so bad I couldn't walk. I had to struggle with my arms to get to the front of the cab of the RV. I decided, "That's it. I gotta call." So I called emergency and they took me to the hospital.

3 or 5 days and they didn't believe there was anything wrong with me. Then the neurologist came and diagnosed me with Guillain Barre Syndrome. They immediately took me to the ICU. I was hooked up for blood transfusion.

I was impressed with much of the ICU staff who did an excellent job. And the blood transfusion person was very professional and caring. He was a nurse prior to working full time with the dialysis machine. In our discussions he did comment that nurses are not as caring as back when he was doing it. He was disgusted about that fact.

So I got new blood. Then after a few weeks the treatment ended.

I was enjoying the food at the hospital. It was very good. If I were to do it again I would not have displayed such happiness and improvement. I needed a couple more weeks in the hospital, but because I was so happy and had a good appetite they immediately transferred me to a nursing home. Right away I didn't like it there and called a cab and went back to my RV 35 miles away. I still couldn't walk at all well and was very weak, but I did my own physical therapy and recovered.

It turns out ICU stands for "I see" University. Much of the hospital experience was icy like I expected, but there are some very good personnel there too who care for the patient and want to help.

ER's and ICU's are very valuable.

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