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The expansive flow of the Universal energies that underlay the manifestation of potentiality into expression requires that knowledge be experienced into wisdom. There is at the center of all, infinite patience for this to be accomplished within non-linear expression. This is a concept that the human mind, unless fully activated, has great difficulty in understanding. Within holographic experience, simultaneous interactions are occurrings without the limitations of (pg 29) linear, sequential time frames. In other words, what appear to those of less active mind/brain capabilities as experiences happening one after the other are indeed being played out in other experiential formats simultaneously. Thus a picture is being completed with more than one activity going on with no time constraints for beginning or completion, for all is in constant motion with only momentary rest periods of inactivity. These momentary periods of inactivity are those incidents of realization of wisdom acquired through the experiencing of knowledge to points of understanding. Thus wisdom is gained so that the process is continued expansively.

The apparent character flaws that have held mankind in a delusional state of false and misleading knowledge that is impossible to experience into wisdom, has been a two fold situation. First the flaw by the more knowledgeable, self appointed over-lords of this planet who have jealously guarded their perceived superiority and the flaw of humanity in thinking they are lessor and thus the pawns of these beings. Because ones have less understanding does not make them of less potentiality. It is potentiality that is the measure of worth and mankind has equal potentiality with any and every other expression of self awareness. It is in making this realization and demanding the opportunity to self-express into this potentiality that will free mankind on this planet to accomplish this purpose. This demand as a personal decision made within each one’s own inner knowingness will bring about the change from victim/slave to sovereign owner of his/her future individually and collectively. It is a rising up from within that will in proper order progress into the reality of known experience for this planet. How long this process will take within the linear time reality that is processed through (pg 30) the human ego (the ability to observe) at this stage of evolution remains to be chosen by humanity itself."


"Through the research of the artifacts of past civilizations that are now available and have been studied, cataloged and conclusions drawn, it is clear to the few that have availed themselves of this knowledge, that humanity has been lead down the primrose path. One ideology after another has been thrust upon innocent mankind in their search for their purpose and their origins to keep them in darkness and ignorance. The question is why? What purpose could beings of more intelligence have for deliberately causing their planetary relatives to be misled and their evolutionary progress diverted into a backwater rather than leading them onward and upward into full citizenship and responsibility within the Galactic family? Could there be a character flaw within the genetic expression of that particular group of beings? Could that character flaw have been carried on through to those of humanity that have the intermingled blood of those particular apparently superior beings?  Could that character flaw have been carried on through to those of humanity that have the intermingled blood of those particular apparently superior beings?

"The shift to higher dimensions is earned (or remembered)
by practicing now. At the basis of dimensional shifts
is appreciation of the gift of self-awareness. This is not
accomplished through or in tandem with self-deprecation.
The “self ” always does the best it can within the environment
that is provided by its own surrounding thoughts. As
it is immersed in self-appreciation it grows in expression.
However, if surrounded by criticism and thoughts that belittle
it, it shrinks and is robbed of the ability to express its Life
energy effectively. The difference between self-appreciation
and self-aggrandizement must be thoroughly understood.
The important factor is whether or not the process is based
on comparison to/with others. What is considered within
the self without the necessity of measuring/comparing the
self to others is the key. Each rises within its own world of
self-awareness. What others think or what self thinks it has
accomplished compared to others is of no value in the overall
journey through 3rd dimensional experience. Each journey
is self-contained."

pro sea'd

in it she ate

WWI song "..... and it won't be over til its over over there."
bee       over
JFK - Jack Kennedy.  Hi Jack!  Jack, how are you?  Hi Jack!  Hi Jack!  Hi Jack!  hijack the presidency

WWI song "..... and we won't be back til its over over there."
bee back

And therein lies the rub!
The quote itself is a misquotation from Hamlet’s soliloquy about suicide:
“To die, to sleep
To sleep perchance to dream:
Ay, there’s the rub.
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come”
Therein lies the rub – or to quote exactly – “there’s the rub”   means – that’s where the problem/obstacle is.”

there "in" lies            the rub
"in" crowd

in corp
in corp poor rate (veterans homeless)
"in" corp   (promotes competition)
incorporation!!  in corp attention!!               military industrial complex.

"It is totally amazing that this has been literally programmed out
of the present mass conscious awareness."

"literally" programmed

"The creative aspect built into all is listening and takes
those thoughts and statements literally, especially if the
momentary intention is sincere and supported by emotional

The Mormons have it together.  Have you noticed that
more mans


fami li                    fami Lee

hu mans    hue mans
history is "in" the language
"thee" language
"in thee"

enough is enough
enough isnuff

re leave

Embracing the Rainbow
Am bracing thee

do you see what the kids see

A whole      A-hole

you get an "A"

free dumb

watch out
watch in

stew ward  (well done.  mixed messages in the language.  no wonder.  know wonder)
I always thought ward was related to steward, as in nurture, care for, allow to grow, let it become.
I looked in the dictionary and found that version is militaristic.  trying to hijack words for centuries.
V for peace

peace fully

"in" tend

light li
light Lee

Bee coming

how many "thing" do you have.  how many "its"
it does knott

It    does knott matter

how many nyits

harmon knee
metal rings does it not

harm money

wise li
wise Lee


I see you


I See University

Saw an ad this morning

"Mother deserves your consideration."

At first it made mi cringe, then I looked it over closer

Mother de- serves your.  Consider.  "A" shun.

Mother de- serves "your consider "A"."  shun.

icy u

The interpretation you choose is correct.   Remember the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.  What you give is what you get.

uh fish in sea

lie bury

character      care actor

man kind              wise guy            cool man

"Man and (wo)man meaning mankind with
and without a womb is one and the same."

Embracing the Rainbow


Am bracing thee

In freak, when see?