Definition of Slander

The secret is in this passage


Creation does not consider the rank or status/esteem of a person.   Creation considers only the truth.  Vicious lies are slander.

Chapter 23

Tax Money

23:1  When the Pharisees held counsel as to how they could catch

          Jmmanuel in his speech, they sent to him their followers, including

          Herod's people.

23:2  Then they spoke, "Master, we know that you are truthful, teach the

          law properly and do not consider the rank of a person, because you

          do not respect people's esteem but only the laws of God and Creation.

23:3  "Therefore, tell us your opinion.  Is it right to pay tax unto Caesar, or

          is it not?"

23:4  But Jmmanuel sensed their malice and said, "You hypocrites, of what

          low mentality are you to want to temp me in such a sick manner?

23:5  "Show me a tax coin so that I can heal you from your sick stupidity."

           And they gave him a coin.

23:6  He said to them, "Whose image and whose inscription are on this


23:7  They replied, "They are the emperor's."

23:8  He then said to them, "Therefore, give to Caesar the things that are

          Caesar's, and give to God the things that are God's, and give to

          Creation the things that are Creation's.

23:9  "Yet beware and know that God and the emperor are people above

           whom is the omnipotence of Creation to which you must give the

           highest praise,

23:10  "for although God and the emperor are indeed rulers over the human

             races and the peoples, above them stands Creation as the highest

             powre on which they depend, just as does each human being and all


23:11  They heard this with astonishment, left him alone and went away..