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I am not into "power-hungry selfishness" or "self-glorification."

I want truth, knowledge and wisdom.

See Confirmations page, entry 2/5/2019.

8:15  "The false teachings of Israel will bring bloodshed over the millennia,

          because the power-hungry selfishness and self-glorification o Israel

          will bring death and destruction over the land and all the world.

8:16  "Turn away from the false teachings of the Israelite authorities and

           their scribes, becasue they will bring destruction to generations of

           human races

8:17  "Israel believes itself to be the chosen human race;  by no means,

          because they are more faithless and ignorant than the heathen, who

          lack the secret of the laws."

8:18  jmmanuel spoke to the centurion, "Go, be it done for you as you have

         believed," and his servant became well that same hour.