I called into and talked on Coast To Coast AM Thursday, Sept 8th 2016, 1st hour.

The Proclamation of the Passion

18:28  From that time on, Jmmanuel began to tell his disciples that he would

           have to go to Jerusalem and suffer much from the elders, scribes and

           cheif priests, because he could not help but keep his teaching from them.

18:29a  Peter went up to him and angrily said to him, "May God or Creation

              prevent that!

18:29b  "This had better not happen to you, because they will catch, torture

              and kill you."

18:30  He turned to Peter, became angry and said, "Get away from me,

            Satan, for you are an annoyance, because you are thinking not in spir-

           itual, but in human terms.

18:31  "Simon Peter, again you make me angry and show your ignorant


18:32  "Truly, I say to you:  Because of your ignorance the world will shed

            much blood, because you will falsify my teaching and spread it erro-

            neously among the people.

18:33  "You will be guilty of the dath of many people, the origin of a false

            name for me and the evil insults of calling me the son of God, and

            calling God Creation itself.

18:34  "But you are still under the grace of my long-suffering patience, and

            you can still improve upon your ignorance."

28:10  He walked away, fell on his face and reflected, saying, "If it is possi-

           ble, may this cup pass me by, not according to my will, but may the

           law of destiny be fulfilled, so that I will be enlightened in this secret,

           which I must fathom."

28:11  Returning to his disciples he found them sleeping and so he said to

           Peter, "Can't you watch with me for one hour, so I'm not alone in my

           difficult hour?

28:12  Be awake and great in spirit and in consciousness so that you will

           not be tempted:  The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!"

28:13  A second time he walked, fell on his face and said, "If it isn't possi-

           ble for this cup to pass me by, I will drink it, so that I may be enlight-

           ened in this secret and fulfill for all time my mission in a faraway


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10:22  "Truly, I say to you:  Many will nevertheless die and shed their blood

            into the sand, because later my teachings will be made into false

            teachings that I never preached and which originate in the minds of

            the scribes and priests.

10:23  "Thereby they will bring the people under their control through belief in

           their false teachings, in order to rob them of their goods and belongings.

10:24  "In all the world there will be wailing and chattering of teeth when the

            blood flows from all those who have made my teachings of wisdom and

            knowledge into false teachings, and when the blood flows from all those

            who in their false belief and through malicious deception believe and

            advocate these false teachings - teachings that are not mine.

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28:55  "There are seven human races living in all the directions of the wind,

            from one end of the earth to the other.

28:56  "God is also lord over them, even thought they serve other gods who

            are also not of this earth.

28:57  "If you consider God as Creation, you are mistaken, and violating the


28:58  "Just as you and I are human, so God is human too, except he is spir-

            itually and in his consciousness more advanced than the human races

            created by him.

15:76  "it will be a time when wars from space begin to threaten, and many
            new gods will seek power to rule over the earth.

1/31/2019 1st draft (is on the drawing board.)

had been translated into German and given to the Swiss man.  That portion of the Talmud of Jmmanuel is the REAL "Book of Matthew."

Celestial Sons Endorsement 9/8, 9/11/16

mid-January 2018

29:45  When the people were gathered, Pilate asked them, "Which one do

            you want me to release, Barabbas, the criminal, or Jmmanuel, who is

            said to be a king of wisdom and the son of an angel?"

29:46  But he knew that the chief priests and elders had bribed the people by

           giving them copper, gold and silver for them to ask for the release of

           Barabbas and the death of Jmmanuel.

29:47  He knew very well that they had turned him over because of envy and

         hatred, since his teaching appealed to the people.

The indian guru way of doing things:

"Oh, here, let me fix it!"


"Oh, Look what you did!"

For 2 years I saw what looked like liquid gold at the bottom of the pit. "Why aren't they building? And what's that gold stuff?" It wasn't liquid gold, but the signature residue from the particle beam weapon attack on the twin towers. If you touched that "gold stuff" you would disintegrate. You can't find those pictures from the 1st 2 years after 9-11-2001 on youtube anymore. If you can, post them and let us all know.

My main guardian angel/wife woke me up at 10 o'clock 9/8/2016. But also there to greet me were all the guardian angels of God, the celestial sons, known as the archangels. I thought, "Something must be up! This must be important." I really wanted to go back to bed but got up and stayed up and turned on the radio to Coast To Coast.

It turns out Jonathan Cahn was the guest on Coast to Coast AM that night, which made me know right away why they all woke me up. I wrote an email about it, which is below here. It was reference to 9-11 attack and how that relates to Cahn's "Prophecy of Doom." 9 prophecies relate to the "Prophecy of Doom" and I called in to counter the claim that all 9 prophecies were fulfilled, therefore USA is doomed. The 9th prophecy was NOT fulfilled! They never rebuilt on the site! They could not rebuild on the site, the 9-11 site. And I explain that in the email below.

However, native American prophecies say the end of the USA will occur. Native prophecy is correct. Something better will happen; the laws of Creation will take precedence throughout the world. Everything good of the US Constitution is fully embraced in the laws of Creation.

That was on 9-8-2016, 3 days before the 9-11-2016 memorial. What happened on the 9-11 memorial? The guardian angels of God, the celestial sons, known as the archangels, in their natural spirit light form, displayed a sculpture of Jmmanuel the teacher, above the 9-11-2016 memorial.


7:9  "You should not give sacred things to the dogs, nor throw your pearls

        before swine, lest they trample them with their feet and turn on

        you and tear you apart.

7:10  For truly, I say to you: "Do not throw your spiritual treasures into the

         dirt and do not waste it on the unworthy, because they will not thank

         you and will tear you apart, for their understanding is small and their

         spirit is weak.

How can a man who is preaching tuth that's going to save the planet be insignificant'?.............           Unless they're all Pharisees.

14:18  "Not until two thousand years will an insignificant man come who

            will recognize my teaching as truth and spread it with great courage.

How can I be what I am not and never was? I am not the son of God. I'm not the son of Creation. Back 2,000 years ago I was not the son of God and I was not the son of Creation. My father 2,000 years ago was angel Gabriel, NOT God. And God is not Creation.

I am not the son of Creation!

Yet people would talk about me, "He does everything absolutely perfectly. He is absolutely perfect. He is the ideal man.", many would say. Much of it the Sikhs when I first encountered them. And even long into the encounter.

Try as I would to be as perfect as I could, I am not the son of God. I cannot be what I am not and never was. Jmmanuel was never the son of God; Jesus was not the son of God, and his name was not Jesus. His name was Jmmanuel.

"the control of what you call god."

10:22  "Truly, I say to you:  Many will nevertheless die and shed their blood

            into the sand, because later my teachings will be made into false

            teachings that I never preached and which originate in the minds of

            the scribes and priests.

10:23  "Thereby they will bring the people under their control through belief in

            their false teachings in order to rob them of their goods and belongings.


Here is the basic email. I will present more of the puzzle pieces in future, hopefully soon; more pictures, more explanations and walk-throughs.

At the time of the below email writing I was indoctrinated that the good guys won WWII. Take a good look at it; who won WWII? Communist China (put in place by president Ronsenfeldt), Communist Soviet Union (run by Dzhugesvili who changed his name to Stalin and the Harriman brothers. Dzhugesvili is pronounced Jewgesvili and it means "son of Jewess.) Who else won WWI and WWII? The banksters who owned the western world led by the Rothchild synagogue of satan.  Germany was unjustly attacked twice in a century by the Synagogue of Satan and their goyim (what zionists call their slaves. But Jews are the biggest slaves of zionists.)

Who were the two emperors who knew the greatest threat to humanity and nature was communism(/corporatism/banksterism?) The emperor of Japan and the emperor of Germany.                      The true story of Jesse Owens and Adolf Hitler  (with pictures and documentation to prove it. Look at their smiling faces; those are not the evil happiness of "envy and hatred.")

My sister joined 5th grade when I went in to 4th grade. It was September 9th 1968, the first day of my 4th grade class. Mrs. Kluge, eh, she was okay I guess. She wanted to keep the peace so I can’t say she was that bad a teacher. But I met her in the hall 2 years later (everybody else was in class; Kluge and I were the only ones in the hall) and said, "Hi Mrs. Kluge!" and she just walked by, just ignored me. That was really a shock to me; really miffed me then.

I was prim and proper. I don’t think Kluge knew what to do with me. I didn’t want to make waves; I wanted to be quiet. I didn’t want to show a bad side of myself. Kluge would smile at me like, “Oh he’s such a nice boy. (What’s going on with him? What the hell is going on with that kid?”) Possibly because I would stare at her. I guess I learned that from David Spencer (baby sitter’s son) before I even went to school, or 1st grade it was. But anyway, 2nd and 3rd grade teachers loved me! They adored me. I think Kluge was thinking of ways she could "use me" but knew she wouldn't get away with it.

I’m just kind of writing off the cuff here.

There were two girls that were beautiful and dressed really nice and I was really attracted to them. They sat together but they were lacking, very much so. I could tell by any brief conversations I had with them. Snobby and uncaring describes them pretty well, especially the one that moved away soon after.

And there was a conquistador girl in my class, they call them Hispanic. I’m going to say conquistador. She had this kind of wicked attitude, you could call it playful, but, hmm, what can I say about it? She wanted to play; things were alright in her mind. But things were NOT right and I knew it. It was just all wrong. But with the Hispanic girl everything was fine. Everything was good with her. And she liked me a lot. She came from a family of 9 kids I think and her parents came from Mexico.

Back then and through high school it was maybe 10% who were Hispanic. Now its 80 or 90% Hispanic there at that school instead of 90% white when I went there. Was that what she was smiling about; she knew that was coming? The takeover? And maybe that was what I knew was wrong; the whites were going down. My race was going down, and my guides knew it and I felt it. That’s my conclusion now even though I wasn’t consciously aware of my guides then.

Mr. Russel taught my sister’s 5th grade class. Seems to me Mr. Russel was the opposite of the dark magicians. My sister loved Mr. Russel and she talked about how great a teacher he was. And she was so happy that I was going to have Mr. Russel for 5th grade teacher. I was going to get whoever my sister had since I was a year following her and that's the way they did things. My mom knew that too.

Biffville was put firmly in place though and I never got Mr. Russel as a teacher. From what my sister said about him, Mr. Russell's calling was to be a teacher. How happy my sister was that I was going to have Mr. Russell as a teacher........... But instead he was “promoted”, no, demoted to principle somewhere.

I got Diversdal for 5th grade. I’m going to say his name so everybody knows. I remember one time he said, the worst thing that could happen in his mind was that his peers would think he was a creep or some such.

I was just trying to be real quiet, not make a peep, not make waves, that’s the way I was doing it. I guess you could call it slim, I was playing the “slim.” Kind of, but I didn’t want “my dad” to come out and display itself; any of that kind of thing. And its like I had to do everything perfect; there's no way I could live up to their expectations.

Diversdal had a habit of sending kids, mostly boys I think, if not exclusively, sending them to the counserlor’s office and then proceed to talk about that kid with the rest of the class. It was evil. It was evil. Totally evil.  I think there were some girls sent to the counselor's office too; yes, there were.

One time he sent me to the counselor’s office. And at the end of the day when we were all running out to catch the bus, my friend Steve caught up to me in the hall, “Ross! They talked about you. And it wasn’t good!” I shrugged it off. I think I went 4 times to the counselor’s office, 3 or 4 it was. And then there were the other times when Bobby Ephrim, a 13 or 14 year old gypsy who was put in our class, Bobby Ephrim and I, for some reason, I don’t know what, he and I were sent outside, regularly, weekly as I recall, to supervise 3rd graders to play baseball............. What? Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking now, “What!?”

It did happen. I remember that. One of the last times I think it was, we pitched to each other. So I’d pitch to Bobby. He’d smack it way out there. I'd keep pitching to him; he'd smack it way out there. Bobby hit everything I sent him! But when I was up to bat I didn’t have the awareness not to swing until I saw what the ball was doing; hey, there’s no umpire. You don’t have to swing if there's no umpire. So he had this wicked curve ball and I’d swing swing swing and never hit it. I was 10. He was 14? So I’d look really bad.

I didn’t know about the dark magicians then. I don’t think any of us did, until they’re on stage now. Was that their intent all along?, “Okay, send him out with Bobby and the class can talk about both of them in the class.” And then the other part about it; “Okay, now he looks really bad (at least in his mind), he looks really bad to the 3rd graders. Okay, job done! Send him back into the 5th grade class with Diversdal.

There were some jocks who later became the football team in high school. For the first half hour to 50 minutes of every single day they would see how much time they could get out of talking sports with Diversdal. And ever day they were successful and smiling about it. One of them, Ron, was “getting out of line” during the day one day and Diversdal snapped really angrily, “Ron! Do you want to go to the counselor’s office?” And Ron backed away, naturally, trying to joke it off and all.

There were some that regularly got sent to the counselor’s office. And I remember looking at that Diversdal guy and saying to myself about this guy standing up there in front of the class, “You’re just a hunch backed old lady gossip. You’re a hunch back old lady gossip.” Later he volunteered that his wife never wanted to have kids.

One time Steve was sent to the counselor’s office and I was trying to laugh it off what they were saying about him. I’d laugh and say something but the words wouldn’t come; what was I to say? I didn’t have a tongue to talk, or what to talk about, you know? I tried to say something, but it just made it worse: “Oh, he’s awkward.” That was not the thing to say; I couldn't say anything.

Why was the guy trying to put people down. Control with fear was part of it; divide and conquer, we were the enemy to him. How can you have friends in that kind of scene. I found out later, studying the subject in 7th grade, Diversdal was basically a communist North Korea prisoner of war camp commandant.

One time a girl really got pissed off and she exploded. “What you’re doing is wrong! You’re sending kids to the counselor’s office! This is wrong!”  Bless her. Bless her! Bless her! Bless her! and her parents too. Diversdal argued a bit with her. But then she said, “I told my parents about this and they said what you’re doing is wrong!” Diversdal hemmed and hawed, “eh, hmm hm hm hm. Well its time for social studies. Everybody get your social studies books out.”

What he did was grounds for lawsuit, big time!

We had a writing assignment and I wrote about some monsters, you know, Frankenstein and whatever I could think of. I showed my composition to a girl I considered very intelligent, she was very intelligent, Cindy B. Cindy liked what I wrote. She really liked it; it grabbed her. I felt it a big compliment that she liked what I wrote. She pleaded and pleaded for Diversdal to read what I wrote to the class. And he was just, “Oh this is junk. Forget it.” I saw the whole thing from a little distance and may have heard some of it. I definitely saw his body language, and then with a huff he finally he gave in. And he read my composition to the class and he butchered it, rolling his eyes and other body language as if saying, "Oh this is really stupid." I do remember one time he paused because he got something out of it, but he shrugged that off too, continuing with, "Oh, this is stupid."-kind of gestures and said so in so many words.

Cindy was really sorry about the whole thing and she came to me right after and said so. I think it depressed her. She really felt bad for that "set up."

Why do some people not like you? Why do some people not like you? Envy and hatred?

End of 6th Grade

So this girl, she was kept back a year and was now in my 6th grade class. Instead of her going to 7th grade, they kept her back in 6th grade, my 6th grade. Set up by the dark magicians for her to be held back? Now I’m thinking "Maybe so. Yep. Sure fits." Are these dark magicians just products of incest and they are just highly developed products of incest?

I didn’t talk to this girl much. We didn’t have much in common. But then one day we were at the swimming pool, wonderful, the high school swimming pool. It was close to the deep end and you couldn’t stand up without being fully immersed under the water. This girl with her curvy body was next to the edge holding on to the edge talking to somebody outside the pool I assumed. and underneath in the water were her feet moving back and forth. Well I saw her curvy body and just instinctively went up and grabbed around her waist. It was a shock for her (me too I think) and I had fear.

From swimming class on the bus trip back to school, I was saying these things, words were coming out of my mouth. One-liners. Maybe it was because she was attracted to me it was pulling these words out of my mouth. What was going on here? Was I courting this girl? The words were that way and where was this coming from?

That day ended and I thought, “I can get back at this Diversdal.... 'I can do it better than you can ever imagine you damn creep'.” Diversdal was into Paul Newman. He’d always talk about Paul Newman and Vince Lombardi. And OJ Simpson and who's that white basketball player of the time? Pete? Pete Meridith was it?* He wanted to be those guys, especially Vince Lombardi; he wanted to make "those guys." And I fell right into his trap**; a worldly man, a “world” world man. A fake. And that’s what I was. I faked it. i woooooed that girl, but it wasn't me. It was fake.         * I've got nothing against those guys. I don't know about OJ to comment.

** Good news is Diversdal was transferred out of the classroom with kids and became principle somewhere.

I didn’t know I was falling into his trap. My intent was, "I'm going to show this damn creep!" So what do I do? How can I do this? Well, Clark Gable was the guy to do it with. I copied Clark Gable. And I’d raise the eyebrow up, you know, one eyebrow higher than the other. The eyebrow thing was easy form me; gave me more confidence, "I can do this, easy!" I’d practice being like Clark Gable. Clark Gable was my model. Robert Wagner does the same thing, raise the eyebrow. And all night every single night, I’d stay up and have a restless night full of fear thinking of one-liners to say to the girl the next day. I'd think, "2 months left in the school and move onto another school and leave them with a grand exit. I can do this. I can deal with the fear until then."

So I did. And the fear came back at me after that. "There’s no way I’m going to continue this. No way. I’m just not going to do it. It’s not me." I thought. How can I be something I'm not?....... Not all those words, more like, "No way, I'm done." It wasn't me. It was fake.

That summer, I spent countless hours staring at the phone trying to work up the courage to call that girl. I would pick up the phone, started dialing, and then hang up. Maybe even dialed, got the ring on the other end and I’d hang up.

She wanted somebody I’m not. It wouldn’t work anyway. I met her sister on the sidewalk and she was really pissed off at me, “Why haven’t you called her!? Why are you doing this? Don't you know how she feels?” I didn't say anything.

The way I felt after pondering it the time thereafter was, "I was in turmoil and building up all this fear and she couldn't see it?" What do I owe an unfeeling woman who couldn't see what I was going through; she was like that conquistador girl. She couldn't see how I felt? In the years to follow, those two girls (the white girl and the conquistador girl) became good friends. By the way, Diversdal was white too.

Uncontrollable, spontaneous crying outbursts/episodes throughout the years to follow...... until 1977 when everything just went dead.

Right after 6th grade though, one of the neighborhood kids, Stan who was a year younger than me, asked me, "What did you do Ross!? What did you do?!" I said, "What are you talking about?". He said, "Miss Salvo talks about you all the time. She can't stop talking about you. What did you do?" I shrugged my shoulders, I didn't want to think about it..... It wasn't me........ It was just a fear dude.

But Stan's brother stuck to me like glue after that. And all the way through 1976. If it were today I would tell him to buzz off. Needy greengo, Mr. nice guy Christian. Can't be nice enough; you can't be nice enough Christian. You're a putz Greengo. You're a putz.

If it were today I would have quit school real quick!


I didn't know why but I knew I had to send this email out right away, that day, 6/17/2017.

The next day I had the feeling to look at crop circles that might have shown up.

A construction saw blade crop circle in the form of a SUN(son.) And thanks but no thanks to yogi and crew for opening the door wide open for that Islam hub (including conquistadors.)

Personal is Personal

Been learning a lot the past 6 years since 2012.

Notice Talmud of Jmmanuel mentions only the celestial sons. Not celestial daughters. Is there a reason for that? False teachings 2,000 years ago and because of that false teachings today.

Like it or not, there are natural roles for men and natural roles for women. And we have to find out what those are. And we're not going to find it with false teachings of the last 2,000 and 3,000 years.

Why would those of the celestial realm give any pictures or illustrations of themselves to the humans of "false teachings" earth? For the cancer to spread off-planet? Not going to happen.

I follow the lead of the celestial sons.

Its enough that I have this website available. But somebody's got to tell the truth.

By the way, 1 month before the terror attack of 9-11-2001, Larry Silverstein took out another $7 Billion insurance on the two towers, insurance specifically in case of a terror attack.

With the plethora of false teachings, and that's all we're given, just false teachings only, who has not been christened putz-worthy?

35:37  "Many sects will be established in my name, but only for the purpose

            of enslaving the human consciousness and freedom, thereby bringing

            great power over the people and their land and money.

35:38  "But I tell you that no sect is just unless it recognizes Creation alone

            as the highest power and lives according to its laws and command-


35:39  "There will be no sect which preaches truth, knowledge and wisdom.

35:40  "It will be two times a thousand years before the time comes when

            my teaching will be preached anew, without being falsified,..


Talking to Creation

When I first thought again about the 9-11 memorial during the time of 9-8-2016, I must have been thinking lightly of it because I realized my lady and the celestial sons were quite somber about it; thinking of those who had died and how tragic it was/is. Its a terrible tragedy and I'm not sure what happened to those who's bodies disintegrated.



Continuing my rebuttal to Coast to Coast guest, Johathan Cahn:

Do you know what the twin towers memorial is, the 9-11 memorial?

Can you think of a better memorial than TWO PITS?............... Anybody can think of a better memorial than 2 PITS. Ask anybody and they smile and shake their head in agreement, "Yeah! I can think of a better memorial than 2 pits."

The upper portion of those 2 PITS is water and you can't see what still lies at the very bottom of those pits.

A couple months or so ago, my upper dimensional team member came to me, very excited said in mental voice to me, "We can fix everything! We can fix it all!!" Very excited! I was happy to hear what my team member was saying, but didn't know the details; at the time I was not too inspired; another ho-hum day trying to "grind it out", you know? But that was then. Here is new hope:

After extensive research reviewing videos of people's experiences with "magic mushrooms" I notice much talk of consciousness raising.

Terence Mckenna has said (paraphrasing if not exact words) that "The mushroom is the only psychedelic that will talk to you.... And it will talk and talk and talk!" Other people's reports confirm this but also that what the mushroom says is very profound.

"Eat this plant and you will come into your birthright." - Terence Mckenna

I believe a reverence to Creation in the form of mushrooms will bring better results. Reverence, awe, gratitude and heart-felt service to Creation in communication with mushrooms I believe can bring wonderful results for those seeking communication with Creation. I have experienced this myself without having ever taken one single magic mushroom. (And its only been 4 days of doing this folks!)

I have never tried shrooms, but already I have great success with this my first direct conscious communication with "Creation"; The mushroom is the closest thing I have found to communicating with all of Creation; it has helped me immensely.

The reason I believe in magic mushrooms without ever trying them, without ever ingesting a single one, is because of what I have gained from just connecting in mind with mushrooms. But what started me off was listening to testimonials of people's experiences with magic mushrooms, describing their communications with mushrooms.

It makes me feel I'm not alone. Creation is with me and for me. I know I'm not alone anymore.

The following videos, I am not saying I agree with everything Terence says.
Terence McKenna - Sacred Plants as Guides: New Dimensions of the Soul - Part 1

Terence McKenna - Sacred Plants as Guides: New Dimensions of the Soul - Part 2
Video 48:00 minute mark:
"The original description of psychedelics was that they were consciousness expanding drugs (not drugs, they are plants). Well if we take the idea that they are "consciousness expanding" seriously, for even a moment, then we have to put a lot of attention in on this because its the absence of consciousness that is murdering us and our planet. We need all the consciousness we can get. We need to ring it out of computers, get it out of plants, raise it in ourselves and our children; wherever we can get it, we need it. And the present situation with the planet is very dire, very dire because of us. Our unchecked evolution in a single direction the gradient of culture has now created a toxic planet that is an endangered planet.

Since this situation has arisen entirely within the confines of history, aren't we going to have to look outside the confines of "history" in order to address this problem? I think so. When we do look outside history, then we find the institution of plant shamanism there, waiting to inform us, to educate us, and to show us how to set a course out of the present dilemma. I don't think we can find our way out by ourselves. I don't think we can get high by ourselves. And I don't think as a species we can save this planet by ourselves. We have to have a partner. We have to get an ally into this situation.

In closing and as an example, the mushroom has a tremendous problem solving ability. And because we can talk to it, we can ask it questions. We can actually get a non-human perspective on human problems.
Me, Ross Purviance talking now:

Talking to the mushrooms, I thought of many questions and many things I wanted. My list was pretty full, 3 pages encouraged by my pendulum, and I couldn't think of much more to ask about or request. Then I thought of a general overall request/command, and it turns out as I am writing this now I realize this general overall request/command is exactly akin to a baby's request(/demand), and so I repeated it at various intervals:

Help me mushrooms.

Help me mushrooms.

Help me mushrooms.

Help me mushrooms. Help me                       mushrooms.

Eventually I recognized a "neediness" in my repeated request/demand, but I was still making great progress with that mantra, so I just kind of let it go (and let the mushroom take care of that too, though I may not have said it that way); in my mind talk I was mentally vocalizing, "Help me mushrooms.", but just the mere thought that it sounded needy to me conveyed that sentiment to the mushrooms and the mushrooms fixed it! It fixed it! (Keep in mind I am not taking mushrooms while doing this; I have never taken a magic mushroom. I am merely communicating to the mushrooms without getting "high on them." The mushrooms are hearing and honoring my requests and communications with them.)

The next morning I was repeating the mantra again, but at some point it wasn't just a repetition. Something changed about the mantra! What was it? I slowed down and pondered a bit and listened to what I was saying. The mantra had indeed gotten re-wired. Instead of "Help me mushrooms." it had become:

"Mushrooms, help me.", then, "Mushrooms help me." Yes, they do! Mushrooms do help me.
So I would draw upon one or the other of those two statements as needed (mostly the 1st one, but realizing

in the back of my mind the 2nd one),
Mushrooms, help me.
Mushrooms help me.

And then I found myself saying this,
Mushrooms, help me............. Thank you.

Mushrooms, help me............. Thank you.

Mushrooms(,) help me. Thank you.

Talking to mushrooms is the only way I have found to talk directly to Creation, or is it mother earth herself?

are the ears and voice
of Mother Earth,
and she will respond to her children,
and she is the best therapist.

3:27  John, however, refused him and spoke, "I certainly need to be bap-
         tized by you, because you possess greater knowledge than I, and you
         come to me?"

3:28  But Jmmanuel answered him, "let it happen so now, because it is fit-
         ting for us to fulfill all justice, since we are both sons of the earth."

Back to the video transcript of Terrance McKenna around the 51 minute mark:
"In closing and as an example, the mushroom has a tremendous problem solving ability. And because we can talk to it, we can ask it questions. We can actually get a non-human perspective on human problems. A few weeks ago I made this statement to a group of people somewhere and after the talk was over, somebody came up to me and said, "So why don't you ask the mushroom how to save the world?"

And I just put it off; thought it was the wrong attitude. But then later I wondered about this question and how to save the world and I thought, "Well maybe I've been too circumspect with the mushroom. Maybe I should just put it to it. So I carried out the experiment and put to them, "How do we save the world?" And now I don't offer this as the solution. I'm going to tell you the mushroom's answer so you can see our backs aren't quite to the wall yet. There are still avenues to be explored. I said to the mushroom, "How can we save the world?" There was a hesitation of 1/3rd of a second approximately. And then the mushroom said, "No woman should raise more than one natural child."

And I said, "What!?" And it said, "No woman should raise more than one natural child." So I took that home with me and I thought about it. Here are the consequences of following that piece of advice: The population of the earth would be cut in half in 50 years. 50 years following that it would be cut in half again. 50 years after that, in half again. In 150 years the population of the earth could be under a billion people. Nobody was shot. No wars were fought. No one was told they could not have a child. No one was coerced. No one was starved.

Then I started looking into this thing about children and population."               Video ~52:45 mark.


About Us 3

What Terence says in his videos is right in line with the times those lectures were given, and the modern-day-Pharisee control of the situation(s) of those times.

Terence McKenna ~ Dreaming Awake at the End of Time

Rebuttal to some of Terence McKenna's comments in the above video,

Yes, your sarcastic comment Terence is actually the truth:
Jews created communism. Carl Marx came from a long line of rabbis. Moses Helms, the father of Zion, taught Carl Marx all he knew about the communist ideology. The father of communism was so revered by Israel that Israeli authorities exhumed his body and sent it back to Israel to be buried there.

President Rosenfeldt funded Mao in the 1930's partially by providing the American air force called the Flying Tigers; a large number of US fighter planes (P-40 Warhawks) and medium sized bombers piloted by US pilots to make sure communism got a foothold in China; US pilots in US airplanes perpetrating bombing raids on Japanese cities (for Mao), BEFORE WWII ever started.

Dzhugesvili (How do you pronounce that? Exactly!; they put in this crazy lettering of the Russian language so you don't know how to pronounce it! Who did? Dzhugesvili is pronounced Jew-gesvili. It means "son of Jewess". Dzhugesvili was Stalin's name before he changed it to Stalin.

The 1917 invasion of Russian and surrounding countries the Jewish-owned western media called "The Russian Revolution" was the destruction/enslavement of the white race of Russia and surrounding countries. "The Russian Revolution" was the Jewish takeover of all those countries, and then the murder of 100 million white people:
Vladimir Lenin - Jew
Trotsky - Jew (from lower Manhattan, where the communist party headquarters still is today.)
Kominev - Jew
Swerdlow - Jew

How does 100 million white people murdered compare to 6 million in a Holocaust that never happened? Do you know if I even were to say this in Germany or France and 18 other surrounding countries I would be put in prison for 3 years? Where did they learn this communism they are perpetrating in western Europe? Maybe you can get an idea from these passages ("Where then is the freedom of speech, thought and opinion."..... They had been bribed.):

29:53 The people shouted, "Crucify him! Have him crucified!"

29:54a But the governor was not willing and asked very angrily, "What evil thing has he done that you want him crucified?

29:54b "He only taught a new doctrine, and for this he shall suffer death? Where then is the freedom of speech, thought and opinion?"

Does that not describe how communists themselves got their foothold?

Yalta Agreement: Winston Churchill (mother was a Jew), Rosnedfeldt, and Jewgesvili.
"Churchill's War" by David Irving

Am I so really down on Jews? My parnts and their friends won the war(s) for the Synagogue of satan! Who is not this world's enemy?         I'm not. And I'm NOT going to cry out, "My relatives and their friends fought in WWII; My relatives! Therefore, they were the good guys!"


Silverstein Tower (across the street.) Silverstein couldn't build on the site of the twin towers; Everytime Silverstein tried to build on ground zero, the foundation disintegrated.  So he had to go across the street.

"We will build bigger and better than before." never happened.

What I am talking about is communication contact with mushrooms outside of any physical ingestion of the mushroom. Just because one may not be able to perceive consciously the "help" requested does not mean the mushroom is any less capable of giving the help requested, offering insights and perhaps corrections to the requester.

I recommend make a list of things you want to tell the mushroom and tell the mushroom as you write. It can only add to "the sacred experience."     

The Zionists felt the same about Germany (and before that Russia) as they felt about Jmmanuel. (not really; both Russia and Germany had only the false teachings of an evil sect, whereas Jmmanuel had the true teachings given to him by the saints of God and the celestial sons. Indeed a large part of the downfall of Germany was the German people creating 2,500 churches, both protestant and catholic from 1933 to 1939 with the full blessing of the 3rd Reich and emperor Adolf Hitler.)

At first, after WWII, when I was a kid in the 60's, "Made in Japan" was a joke, it always broke! But after awhile everybody wanted "Made in Germany" and "Made in Japan" again; envy and hatred was what attacked Germany and Japan; Zionists and their paid for slaves. (The rest of Japan probably saw that Sony and Toyota and Kawasaki and other companies were staying successful making good products the way the Japanese naturally would do things and not getting bashed by envy and hatred for doing it, so Japanese people concluded, "We'll make products the way we naturally make them too, very well."

The propaganda lies perpetrated by western media run by the Jews funded by the Zionists:

9:37  However, the Pharisees spoke, "He drives out the evil spirits through

          their chief, and he blasphemes God, our Lord."

9:38a  And among themselves they spoke, "Who is this Jmmanuel, who pos-

           seses greater wisdom and greater knowledge than we!

9:38b  "His teachings are mightier and more correct than ours, so he endan-

            gers us.

9:38c  "We must try to seize him, so that he will suffer death."

6:3  "When you give alms, you should not procalim it, as do the hyp-

        ocrites in the synagogues and on the streets, that they may be praised

        by the people; truly, I say to you: They have forfeited their reward,

        because their alms serve only their selfishness.

6:4  When yoiu pray, you should not be like the hypocrites, who enjoy

       standing and praying in the synagogues and on the corners of the

       streets only for the sake of their selfishness and to be seen by the peo-


6:5  "When you pray, you should call upon the omnipotence of the spirit

        and not babble like the idol worshippers, the ignorant and selfish,

        because they think they are heard when they use many words.

In 2018 I was in my RV parked backed into a parking space on an outer fringe of Home Depot parking lot in Crescent City, right next to the street. Behind me across the street was Starbucks which I went to later that day. Before that, sitting on my bed in the back of my RV, January 14th 2018, the angels sang for me. I heard outside my RV singing from the heavens. I knew it was the celestial sons singing for me on my birthday. It was very comforting - I felt not alone and my heart felt thanks.

A Brief Lesson in the "Law of Logic"


Turban and Raised Eyebrow

Not too much edited; editing is similar to the "Monster Composition"

If you could print all the money you wanted to, thousands of thousands of millions of dollars (a day perhaps), could you have some significant R&D money the past hundred years?..... The Federal Reserve Bank has always refused an audit...... and gotten away with it.......... And gotten away with it?!... Yes....... largely because it says in "the bible" the Jews are the chosen ones.


And she can clear the slate if she needs to; and I fully support that.

5:9  "Blessed are those who know about Creation, for they do not follow

        false teachings.                                          Talmud of Jmmanuel

4:41  ..........." because Creation is the immeasurable secret."

13:24  Then the Pharisees went out and held counsel about him, as to how to

            destroy him, since he made known their lies and false teachings

            before the people.

Good people want both the truth and the lie to be preserved so you can prove it for what it is! The only ones who want to destroy any evidence at all are the criminals.

The original Aramaic text of Jmmanuel's scribe called "Talmud of Jmmanuel" was hunted down and a whole village in Lebanon (Christian at the time; all men women and children, the whole village) murdered, destroyed by the Israeli army to keep that information from getting to all of humanity. That is never done with the dead sea scrolls and any other text which supports the false teachings in place.

I tell Christians, "Make 27 billion hard copies of your bible; 3 for each human on this planet! I want to preserve it! I want to prove to everyone the bible is a lie, and let them throw those copies in the fire."

3:25  "They lie can never withstand the truth, which destroys evil in its fire."

                                             - John the Baptist

Even if it takes 2,000 years.

There were 50 propaganda films made by Germany during the 3rd Reich. Look at those films!! I challenge you: Look at those 50 propaganda films made in Germany. They were not lies at all; they were films showing the biggest atrocities perpetrated by the Jews (who declared war on Germany 4 times in their newspapers during the 1930's.)

Meanwhile everything from Jew media in the west was total lies: Tens of thousands of Hollywood films, all lies, lies and fabrications and distortions; all the western news and radio and "entertainment" was all lies.

When Joseph Goebles said, "Say a lie long enough, and they'll believe it to be true.", HE WAS OBSERVING WESTERN MEDIA DOING EXACTLY THAT!

my focus of purpose .org

Note: His name is "God" therefore it should be a capital G. God in his language means "king of wisdom."

Terence is incorrect on this instance:

It is not a "male vs female" issue.

The issue is "false teachings vs true teachings."

The true teachings of Talmud of Jmmanuel came only now though, with applications proof of their truth, instead of the 70's, so what else could Terence do but the best he could do, which was to slam gurus (false prophets), and I thank him for that.

Putzism is due to lack of connection to Creation.

The cure to putzism is to connect with the cosmic wireless. Now this is a really soothing connection because once you connect with the cosmic wireless you feel at home, you feel nurtured, cared for, you feel good. You feel like you've got a HUGE family out there. You feel "not alone."

The cosmic wireless wants you to have fun, laugh about things and have a good time, so here's how to connect to the cosmic wireless (and its free!) You repeat this, in the morning , at night, or whenever you're feeling out of sorts.

Try it! Your connection to cosmic wireless.

Here it is:

Help me cosmic mushrooms, help me! Help me cosmic mushrooms, help me!

(Keep going with it!)             (You're supposed to laugh. Don't worry about it.   : - )

A variation:

Help me mushrooms, help me! Help me.

(relax every muscle)

You don't have to ingest a single mushroom and you can have a really good time.

You can laugh all you want, sure. But it works. It really works.

                          Ha!                  Ha Ha!

see Confirmations, 12/27/2019

28:59  "God and his celestial sons are other human races that have come

            from the far distances of the universe in their machines made of


28:60  "Creation alone stands immeasurably higher than God and his celes-

            tial sons, who are the guardian angels.

28:61  "Alone Creation is the incalculable secret that beets life and thus

            stands immeasurably higher above God and all life

28:62  "Understand the truth of this teaching, so that you may attain knowl-

            edge and wisdom in truth."

The raised eyebrow is not me, the turban is not me.

6:20a  "When you fast, you should not look sour like the hypocrites, because

            they put on scowls so that their fasting will be noticed by the people.

6:20b  "Truly, I say to you: They forfeit their reward therein, because they

            fast only for the self-seeking sake of appearances.

6:21-22  "But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, that you do

               not appear before the people with your fasting, but before your own

               spirit, which is hidden.

6:23  "You fast for the sake of your health and for the expansion of your

          spirit and knowledge.

T Mac talking to a high intelligence:

HI:  "I've been on earth 50,000 years."

T Mac: "Living in a cow pie?"

HI:  "What can I say? I'm a mushroom. Living's cheap."