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.... after which very low doses of mercury were added to the culture medium for 20 minutes.

Yet at the same time, the 1800's, it was introduced and stayed that mercury amalgam fillings (50% mercury) was somehow okay and a good thing to put in the mouths of people to fill teeth.  How could this happen this duality that mercury is definitely a poison yet it is okay to put mercury in the mouth to stay forever?:  (Backwards 19th century medicine practised today.)

12:24  "And you should adhere to additional laws, so that you will have
           prosperity on earth and peace in your families.

12:25  "Do away with the enforcement of the old law that woman should be
           subject to man, since she is a person like a man, with equal rights and

12:26  "But when a man marries a woman, he should pay to her most trust-
           ed steward of her possessions a price as security, so that she will not
           suffer from lack of necessities.

12:27  "The price should everywhere and always be reckoned such that a
           hundred pieces of silver will be required for each year of the woman's
           age, if her health is not lacking.  Thus she will be measured in accor-
           dance with her knowledge, abilities and strength.

12:28  "The price should not be considered that of a purchase, but as securi-
           ty for the woman, so that she will not suffer any lack.

12:29  "The bond of matrimony between man and woman should be permit-
           ted only if both are mentally competent and capable of conducting a
           marriage according to the laws.

12:30  "A marriage agreement between man and woman should be permit-
           ted only when the price for the woman is paid.

12:31  "If, according to prearranged agreement, no price is paid, the law
           applies that the man must provide for all the wife's necessities.

12:32  "A wife's infertility is no cause for divorce, nor for other judgement or

12:33  "The only basis ever for divorce, besides adultery, is the destruction
           or endangerment of the material consciousness, the body, or the life
           of a member of one's own family.

"she is a person like a man, with equal rights and obligations."

15:69a  "Is he not the son of the carpenter, Joseph, whose wife became preg-
             nant by the son of a guardian angel?

15:69b  "Is not his mother named Mary?

15:69c  "Are not his brothers Judas, Joseph, Simeon and Jacob?

15:70a  And his sisters, are they not all with us?

15:70b  "From where does he get all this wisdom and the power for his
             mighty works?"

"And having that being next to me.  I think that, that whoever that was is often, I think is always with us, but we don't feel it because of this dimension here, I think there's some denseness or something that causes us not to realize"

Confirmation NDE:

Jmmanuel speaking to Judas Iscariot, knowing that in the future, for two thousand years he would be falsely accused of betraying him (Juda Ihariot the son of Simion the Pharisee was the betrayer of Jmmanuel.)

14:13  "He received seventy pieces of silver for your writings and will

            receive another thirty when he makes it possible to deliver me over to

            the executers.

14:14  "Truly, I say to you:  He will certainly succeed at that, and for two

            thousand years you will innocently have to pay the penalty for that,

            so you will become a martyr.


14:20  "And you, Judas Iscariot, will until then be innocently reviled as my

            betrayer and thus be condemned, as a result of the deceit of the chief

            priests and the ignorance of the people.

Accusing an innocent person of something that person never did, and the whole world accusing that person?  How is that not evil?

How Amalgam Fillings Are Destroying The Brain 24 hours a day.

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5:11  "Blessed are you if, on my account and because of our teachings, men

          revile and persecute you and falsely speak all manner of evil against you.

5:12  "Thus those who belittle the truth have persecuted the prophets who

          were before you, so rejoice and be of good cheer; life and the next life

          will reward you.

5:13  "You are the salt of the earth, and if the salt loses its flavour, with what

          should one salt?  It is henceforth useless, except to be thrown out and

          stepped on by the people.

5:14  "You are the light of the world, and consider:  the city that lies on top

          of a mountain cannot be hidden.

5:15  "Nor does one light a candle and place it under a bushel, but on a can-

          dlestick; thus it illuminates all those who are in the house.

5:16  "Likewise your light should shine before the people, so that they see

          your good works and recognize the truth of your knowledge.

"so you will innocently have to pay the penalty for that, so you will become a martyr.".................

Put mercury in the mouths of innocent people so they can be martyrs (victims) like 'the greatest of all' who died on the cross.

He never died on the cross:  He wasnever a martyr.

6:19b  "Truly, I say to you:  Blessed are only those who serve the actual truth

            and knowledge, because only they receive in honesty.

6:20a  "When you fast, you should not look sour like the hypocrites, because

            they put on scowls so that their fasting will be noticed by the people.

6:20b  "Truly, I say to you:  They forfeit their reward therein, because they

            fast only for the self-seeking sake of appearances.

6:21-22  "But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, that you do

               not appear before the people with your fasting, but before your own

               spirit, which is hidden.

6:23  "You fast for the sake of your health and for the expansion of your

          spirit and knowledge.

6:24  "Neither should you amass great treasures on Earth, where moths and

          rust consume them and thieves break in and steal them.

6:25  "But collect treasures in the spirit and in consciousness, where neither

          moths nor rust consumes them and where thieves neither break in nor


6:26  "For where your treasure is, there your heart is also; and the true

          treasure is wisdom and knowledge.

Reinee Pasarow  recounts her NDE

16:61  They asked him if they might only touch the hem of his garment so

            that they would be healed.

16:62  Thus it took place; those that touched the hem of his garment became


Over the next 30 minutes, the neurite membrane underwent rapid degeneration, leaving behind the denuded neurofibrils seen here.  In contrast, other heavy metals added to this same concentration such as aluminum, lead, cadmium and manganese did not produce the effect."

Some people revere poisoning children saying such things as, "Oh, they're wonderful!  See how psychic they are?" or, "He's a savant because of it!"  All the while it keeps uncle Harry in business with his greed and "Look how much money I have."

And capping life, capping Creation (if that is possible), debilitating children who are poisoned, in misery, stifled, not having the fulfilling life they could, because of greed, power-hungry selfishness and self-glorification of those who's mantra appears to be, "No!  Don't look at Creation!  Look at me!"

Those who poison themselves and poison each other and the planet, what kind of bodies are they going to have?  Certainly not the ideal.

1:88  "Behold, god and his followers came from out of the depths of space,
         delivering themselves from a strong bondage, and creating a new race
         and home with the early women of this earth.

1:89  "God deserves the honour of people of earth, for behold:  he is the true
         originator of the white and of the coloured human races of Earth, and
         to him honour should be given.

1:90  "There is no form comparable to him for this human race created by
         him; therefore, people should have no other gods besides him, who
         created other human races in other parts of the earth.

23:9  "Yet beware and know that god and the emperor are people above

          whom is the omnipotence of Creation to which you must give the

          highest praise,

23:10  "for although god and the emperor are indeed rulers over the human

            races and the peoples, above them stands Creation as the highest

            power on which they depend, just as does each human being and all


23:11  They heard this with astonishment, left him alone and went away.

Earth Sustains Us

Women Are Sacred

What is real, valuable and of Creation is sacred with true teachings.

womanhood and manhood are real, valuable and of Creation with true teachings.

55:00 minute mark
"After this experience I went right away to church.  And my husband was surprised because you think after something like that you'd be in bed for two weeks. 

I was very determined to get to church and it wasn't because I needed to go to church.  It was like there was something that was telling me, "You have to be there.  There's something, there's something going on!  You have to be there."  And I just knew, it was one of those things where you get the feeling you're just supposed to be somewhere.  And so I told him, "No.  There's something that's going to happen.  I have to be in whatever this is that's going to happen."  By the way, right after my experience my husband was kind of, you know, freaking out, like, "Do I call 911?  What do we need to do?  What's happening?" 

And I was totally adamant, "There's no way you're calling anyone.  I'm not going to a doctor.  I don't need to ask a doctor if I'm okay."  I was totally sure that I was okay.  I was more okay than ever, so there was no way that I was going to let him call a doctor or anyone.

So we, going back to going to church, I showed up there, and not sure what I was doing, and I sat down there, and then at the part of church where, you know, really with uh many religions the most sacred part where they're passing bread and the water, I felt right then a very strong, very powerful, like "Right now!  This is it!  Get up and go out."  And I just, I didn't know why but I was still very much with my guide, stood up and left.

And out in the main area there was a woman who was sitting in a chair, or actually a double couch, a love seat, and she was crying, very heavily crying.  And she was surrounded by a number of people who were comforting her and hugging her.  And I still wasn't sure what exactly I was going to be doing with her so I kind of walked off, down the hall and I took a break and waited for a little bit and came back and when I came back to her she didn't have the people around her.  So I was able to ask her what was going on.  And she said that she just found out that her daughter had died.  And it was, like right away I got this flash like, 'Oh, wow!'  like, I didn't want to say anything weird or, it wasn't appropriate for me to say anything............."


Dream 3/18/2020

Personal Responsibility


In this experiment, neurons also isolated from snail brain tissue, were grown in culture for several days...

I am inclined to say, follower of The Just.

"so you will innocently have to pay the penalty for that, so you will become a martyr."         Penalty?  Martyrdom is a penalty?

Recently completed experiments by scientists at the University of Calgary's faculty of medicine now reveal with direct visual evidence from brain Neuron tissue cultures how mercury ions actually alter the cell membrane structure of developing neurons. 

To better understand mercury's effect on the brain, let us first illustrate what brain neurons look like and how they grow.  In this animation we see three brain neurons growing in a tissue culture, each with a central cell body and numerous neurite processes.  At the end of each neurite is a growth cone where structural cones are assembled to form the cell membrane.  Two principal proteins involved in growth cone function are actin which is responsible for the pulsating motions seen here and tubulin, a major structural component of a neurite membrane. 

During normal cell growth, tubulin molecules link together end to end to form micro tubules which surround neurofibrils, another structural protein component of the neuronal axon. 

Watch this video again and take some notes.

It's a Boy!

Who benefits from victims?     CRIMINALS

Who benefits from criminals?     VICTIMS

Yogi Bhajan from the distant desert land says, "I am not in favour of the Taliban."  He wanted to make sure I heard that.

I was aware of two god-powers already here.  Later after awaking I understood, the Jmmanuel group is here.

If people foster false beliefs and they have NDE's confirming those false beliefs, does it happen to them that way after they die?  No.  However, their belief systems cannot be interfered with, so their NDE confirms their beliefs whatever they may be.  If they have gotten angry and don't believe in anything due to the bombardment of false teachings on they planet, they might be helped, likely so.

If I said otherwise I correct it now.

34:45  "If it appears to people that there is a duality or trinity, they are the

             victims of deception, because they do not think logically but accord-

             ing to human knowledge.

34:46  "But if they think according to the knowledge of the spirit, they find

             the logic, which is in the laws.


Formerly titled

Go In, Not out

and had content regarding "going out."  It also had the same verses.

Then the craziness due to "the virus" so I changed the title since it related.  That didn't seem to change the nuts, so I'm putting it back in for truth.

3:25  "The lie can never withstand the truth, which destroys evil in its fire.

3:26  As John the Baptist thus spoke, behold, Jmmanuel of Galilee then

          came to him at the Jordan, to be baptized by him.

3:27  John, however, refused him and spoke, "I certainly need to be bap-

         tized by you, because you possess greater knowledge than I, and you

         come to me?"

3:28  But Jmmanuel answered him, "Let it happen so now, because it is fit-

         ting for us to fulfill all justice, since we are both sons of the earth."

3:29  So John consented and baptized him.


Alms, Fasting, Treasures, Caring

6:1  "Take care regarding your piety, that you practice it before the people

        with correct words, lest you be accused of lying, thereby finding no

         reward from them.

6:2  "Choose your words using simple logic, and draw upon the knowl-

        edge and behaviour of nature.

6:3  "When you give alms, you should not proclaim it, as do the hyp-

        ocrites in the synagogues and on the streets, that they may be praised

        by the people; truly, I say to you:  They have forfeited their reward,

        because their alms serve only their selfishness.

6:4  When you pray, you should not be like the hypocrites, who enjoy

        standing and praying in the synagogues and on the corners of the

        streets only for the sake of their selfishness and to be seen by the peo-


6:5  "When you pray, you should call up-on the omnipotence of the spirit

        and not babble like the idol worshippers, the ignorant and selfish,

        because they think they are heard when they use many words.

6:6  "The human spirit does not need many words, however it needs

        knowledge to be powerful.

6:7  "Pray therefore to the omnipotence of the spirit, in the knowledge that

        its greatness and pwoer are infinite.

6:8  "If you do not know how to pray directly to the almighty power of the

        spirit, make use of something which is sacred to you to help you

        make connection to the spirit.

6:9  "But never be like the ignorant, the hypocrites, the idol worshippers

        and the selfish, who worship something sacred in the belief that the

        omnipotence of the spirit dwells in it.


His falter due to her falter due to that falter and that one and their falter and hers and his, and on and on and on.

The basis of a whack out, stop and go, stutter, "hurry up and wait", "No go that way!"  "No go that way!  "No, go that way." world is?

17:13  And his disciples came to him and said, "Do you know that the

            scribes and the Pharisees took objection to your word when they

            heard it?

17:14  "They went out to witness against you and to have you killed because

             of your teaching."

17:15  But he answered and spoke, "All plants that do not live according to

            the laws of Creation, will dry up and rot.

17:16  "Let them, because they are the blind leading the blind; but when a

            blind man leads another blind man, both will fall into the ditch.

17:17  "Let us go away, so that the persecutors remain without booty."

17:18  Peter said to him, "Please interpret your speech about the plants and

            the blind men for us."

17:19  But Jmmanuel reprimanded his disciples and said, "Are you also still

            without understanding and therefore ignorant and doubting in recog-

            nition, comprehension and understanding?

"because god is human as we are."

"There is a difference however, that in his consciousness, wisdom, logic and love he is a thousand times greater than we and greater than all people upon this earth."

"He was immortal, ancient and of giant size like the celestial sons."

My dad hated hospitals.  Even thinking about hospitals literally made him sick. 

After five daughters my mom finally had the son my dad wanted.  And mom and the newborn baby boy were in the hospital.

Where was dad?  After five daughters and finally the son he was looking for, my dad was driving around the land to his farmer buddys handing out cigars.  No doubt that was a highlight of my dad's life, with high expectations with this new baby boy.

1800's Term:  "Mad as a hatter."

Read it thoroughly, the first entry or two: Study this, review this, read it again, ponder this and see, that this is

A Personal Message

for You


14:8  However, at the same time it happened that the writings in which

          Judas Iscariot had reported on the teaching of Jmmanuel were stolen

          from him; so he told Jmmanuel about it.

14:9  And he spoke, "Truly, truly, I say to you, Judas Iscariot:  You will have

          to suffer even greater evils than only the loss of your writings about

          my teachings and my life.

14:10  "For over two thousand years you will be wrongly accused of betray-

            ing me, because Simeon the Pharisee wants it so.

14:11  "But his son, Juda Ihariot, is the real culprit; like his father, Simeon

             Ihariot, he is a Pharisee who is seeking my life.

14:12  "it is he who stole the writings from you and brought them to the scribes

            and Pharisees, so they can judge me accordignly and put me to death.


14:21  "But pay no attention, because the teaching of truth demands sacrifice

             that must be made.

I saw then that there was a group of people that were really the hope of the world.  And these people were "the just", they had a title and they were "The Just."  And as things began to break down they began to bring people together.  As people began to become more and more polarized, more and more divided based on political parties and religious systems and ethnic groups and you know, places of birth, and stations of wealth and of education and all of those things of which we label ourselves, as the world began to break down more and more and more into chaos, these people began to gather the world together into a state of harmony, into a state of renewal into a building of a new civilization.  And these were "The Just."  And they were a religious group.  I didn't know what religious group they were because I never heard of "The Just" before, but I knew that they would be recognized at this point in time because at some point in time every religion would be the source and the cause of wars on the face of this planet when things began to speed up, except for this particular religion.  And in this particular religion, the religion of the people of the just, they were willing to die to maintain peace and to bring people together. 

Associated with this wonderful little group of people who seemed to be quite powerless and insignificant in the whole political and social scheme of things, there was a building, and I saw in this building, from this building rather, uh, great laws and guidance and protection and light coming so that the people could be guided, they could be renewed.  And yet this renewal and this guidance seemed to be ancient and familiar.  I saw two individuals standing on the side of the building, down a colonnade, and they were being handed laws.  And they were dressed in new robes, and yet they were in the style of the perhaps ancient Grecian robes to represent that it was old.  It was new and it was old.  And they were in a land that was both new and old on a holy mountain that they were Mediterranean as they accepted these laws.
And I knew that if I could ever be back in this physical life that I would have to find those people and help those people and help create a new reality and a new way of being, heart by heart, and person by person, and then finally nation by nation and establish peace and unity on this planet so that we could continue to exist as humankind. 

I turned then to the being who was accompanying me and suddenly he began to take a form that I recognized.  It was as if I had been surrounded by holy storm of light, creative and sacred light and he began to crystallize into an individual that I recognized, and I knew him and he was I knew, the blessed beauty.  I didn't know what that meant, but he was the blessed beauty and the ancient beauty.  And he, as he had sometime before in a vision crystallized into a magnificent and glorious being and he again extended his arm to me in a gracious and loving and really a beautiful manner and said, and I understood this in words as I had before, "Here am I.  Here am I."  And with those words it was as if I that was all I could ever want or ever be was to be in that presence and to simply die in that presence.  If I could have given up life, every instant of my life in order to be in that presence it would not be enough to be worthy of such a moment.  And it seemed that I stayed there for time beyond time until my cup or my capacity or my ability in the presence of such incomprehensible glory and beauty was filled.
I found myself again in an instant you might say viewing something that was more recognizable in terms of our existence on this plane in this world.  I saw then a river, what seemed to be a river of light.  And beyond that further a kingdom of beings.  And these being were all working and busy and loving and very much connected with one another, very much connected with this earth, very much connected with me as an individual.  And I seemed to know each and every one of them and loved them all, known them intimately, known them better than I had known my own brother and sister and mother and father.  And there was one man who stood welcoming me into this kingdom and as I moved towards him again not as a result of my own volition or a decision on my part, but rather as a result of my attraction and my love for him and his realm, as I moved towards him I began to cross this river, the light itself spoke, and this was 'the word' is the only way I can describe it, it was as if it was 'the Creative Word.'  And it said, "It is not time."  And with that it was as if all existence froze, it was as if I not only froze, but every woman on the earth froze.  I know it makes no sense.  And then there was the second pronouncement, "It is not time."  And with the second pronouncement I was catapulted down what seemed to be a rainbow tunnel of light that decreased in tone and in frequency of both spiritual intensity and light and sound and sentiment, I was catapulted down this tunnel and my soul itself was screaming back to be taken back home and yet I was aware that it had been spoken that the reality was, "It is not time."  I felt at that instant a grief that was beyond individual or personal grief, it seemed to be an archetypal grief.  It was as if I were Eve being cast out of the Garden of Eden.  It was as if I had been shown the true reality, the ultimate paradise and now suddenly I was being ripped away from this.  And being cast back into this suddenly foreign and harsh world. 

And again in an instant, my consciousness, it was as if it crashed through the sky and it was a very brutal and terrifying instant to me.  I was incredibly disoriented and there seemed to be beings around me and I couldn't distinguish entirely as individuals although I was aware they were individuals who were pushing and guiding my consciousness back to a point above the body.  At this point in time, finally an ambulance had arrived.

22:29  "You know the truth, and yet you deny it, in order to profit in the use

            of gold, silver and goods and to get rich at the expense of the poor,

            who have been led astray.  You mislead and exploit them in the name

            of the faith.

This NDE'er reports seeing flames coming off all the earth.  She was so distraught by all these flames coming off the earth!  Then she used special glasses and looked again and with the glasses she could now see things that made her so very happy!

Earth In Flames

In the 1800's it became known that people in the hat business, hat makers were becoming insane due to their use of mercury in the hat making process.  There were also fictional characters named after this incident:  The Mad Hatter in the book Alice In Wonderland.

He never died on the cross, therefore he was never a martyr - victim. He escapedso he could continue teaching truth.

"Mercury has long been known to be a potent neurotoxic substance whether it is inhaled* or consumed in a diet as a food contaminant.  Over the past 15 years, medical research laboratories have established that dental amalgam tooth fillings are an integral contributor to body burden.          *mercury is inhaled from amalgam fillings 24/7.

In 1997, a team of research scientists demonstrated that mercury vapour inhalation by animals produced a molecular lesion in brain protein metabolism which was similar to a legion seen in 80% of Alzheimer diseased brains.

~ 36:00 mark of the video

The Just

He came here to teach personal responsibility.  What better way to quash personal responsibility than to totally debilitate individuals with mercury poison in each and every individuals mouth?  That mercury is there to stay in the disguise of being a help to that person, when in fact it is a slow torture, constantly, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, agony, depression, "what's going on?  I can't figure out why its not working for me."

How to escape this torture?  Something's wrong.  I don't know what it is.  But I tell you if I have sex it makes me feel better.  How about drinking that bottle of whiskey?  I know!  Wars!  Lets start a war!........ We've got to escape this thing, whatever it is:  Spanish American War,  World War I,  World War II.  More weapons, bigger better weapons!  More more more!  Go Go Go!................. Do you see the Mad Hatter here?  Do you see the Mad Hatter everywhere?

Perhaps Europe did not have mercury fillings, but the United States sure did.

The peaceful European people, "What's going on with the king?  He says we have to go to war?  What?" 

Everybody's looking up to America.  "Look at those yanks go?  They're yankin' all over the place.  They're the leaders."  The kings are thinking they must go to the United States to get the 'superior dental work.'  Or at least have American physicians with their mercury filling come to Europe.

And anybody who doesn't have mercury fillings, whether it be dignitaries or kings or common people, those peaceful people can't fathom that anybody could be so evil.  And then when it's too late, "Why are they so MAD?"

All the while the leaders of false teachings are trying to control the whole thing with more false teachings in place as much as they can.  They are 1 or 2% of the whole population, yet they control the political, they control the "judicial", they control the "entertainment", they absolutely control the money.  And those people its a genetic thing, its in their genes and they don't want to change it.  To them, "Yes!", smile and laugh, "More mercury!  ha ha ha ha ha."

What Everyone Who is Too Self-Critical Needs to Know | Marisa Peer on Impact Theory

"There are rules to the simulation.  As they learn those rules,life gets better."

Shown here is the neurite of a live neuron isolated from snail brain tissue displaying linear growth to the growth cone activity.  It is important to note that growth cones in all animal species, ranging from snails to humans have identical structural and behavioural characteristics and use proteins of virtually identical composition. 

I have upgraded the About Us Won page, just below the goat pictures.

Your mission is decided before you arrive here.  Who decides your mission?  I believe it is Creation, your spirit and other spirits close to you.

Your mission is your fulfillment.

Victimhood aka Martyrdom is revered on this planet

Here is why

~ 36:00 mark

And what was important was not merely the action, but the intent and the motivation.......of the action.  This is what distinguished great from meaningless actions and moments. 

And again, the only proper motivation was the motivation of selfless and altruistic and unconditional love. 

The being beside me then took me to a place that seemed a separate place to answer some questions that I had had in my heart.  These questions were not mere intellectual questions but they were merely concerns of my heart. 

From my early childhood I had been a great reader because I came down with multiple sclerosis at the age of seven.  I had spent a great deal of time in bed, I had spent a great deal of time resting and reading was my great foray into the world.  And I began to read the newspaper every day.  And I began to read every book in the house and books from the library and books just to, incredible things simply because this was my foray into the world.  This was my way of exploring with an ineffectual body.  And as a result of this I repeatedly would question "Where are we going?  Where is humankind going?  Why are we willing to destroy each other, why are we willing to pile up weapons, and annihilate our children and have such hatred towards one another because of the names that we label ourselves or the colour of our skin or our ethnic backgrounds?  Why were we willing to do that and because of that, where were we going as a species as humankind? 

The answer to this question became again a sort of like holographic reliving of the history of humankind.  That is just bizarre in terms of our normal experience in the physical world.  But it was as if I were every human reality from the state of neanderthal through the age of the renaissance through the age of the scientific revolution into the point and time in which we existed then in the 1960's and into the future. 

And I became aware that we as humankind existed at the greatest point of our step in evolution, that we would ever take in our development.  That we existed on the verge of our maturity, that we existed at a point in which we must come to terms with ourselves as individuals in such a way that we can make peace with one another, each soul with one another and therefore each nation with nation, each ethnic group with each ethnic group, each religion with each religion. 

And I realized that we were headed for a time of great darkness and for a time of great tumult and confusion.  There are two processes going on in this world of existence as I saw it at this point and this greatest step in our evolution.  One was the destruction of the world and the breakdown into chaos of all systems and institutions and senses of order around us and the other was the building of a new way of being, a new way of being spiritually and socially in this world, as individuals starting with the smallest of actions and then building from there an entirely new reality an entirely new society an entirely new humankind. 

"Judge according to the logic of the laws of nature, which are from Creation, because only they possess truth and accuracy."

"Judge not falsely, lest you be falsely judged."

Ekhart Tolle is an enlightened individual and here is what he has said in his book, "The Power of Now" page 10:

     "The world enlightenment conjures up the idea of some super- human accomplishment, and the ego likes to keep it that way, but it is simply your natural state of felt oneness with being.  It is a state of connectedness with something immeasurable and indestructible, something that, almost paradoxically, is essentially you and yet is much greater than you."

I mentioned on this site my bout with a book called Science of Mind which initiated in me a self-destructive loop.

From Ekhart Tolle's book, page 15.  If you are in a self-destructive loop, so this loop:

     "The good news is that you Can free yourself from your mind.  This is the only true liberation:  You can take the first step right now.  Start listening to the voice in your head as often as you can.  Pay particular attention to any repetitive thought patterns, those old gramophone records that have been playing in your head perhaps for many years.  This is what I mean by "watching the thinker," which is another way of saying:  listen to the voice in your head, be there as the witnessing presence.

     When you listen to that voice, listen to it impartially.  That is to say, do not judge.  Do not judge or condemn what you hear, for doing so would mean that the same voice has come in again through the back door.  You'll soon realize:  there is the voice, and here I am listening to it, watching it.  This I am realization, this sense of your own presence, is not a thought.  It arises from beyond the mind."


Words are words.  Read the book.  It has some good things to say, and live life.

He taught "escape" and "teach truth knowledge and wisdom."

Hell hath no fury as a woman Just

and peace too

Anything you want, you got it!



Dream (3/18 continued)

The one Jmmanuel in the dream was about heart, helping people, helping the planet.  The other Jmmanuel was all about competition, wicked smile on his face, wanted to win, meaning destroy the other Jmmanuel.

How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration

about 55 minute mark


Many examples in this world at this moment of power-hungry selfishness and self-glorification.

"because the power-hungry selfishness and self-glorification of ________ will bring death and destruction over the land and all the world.

"Turn away from the false teachings of the _________ authorities and their scribes, because they will bring destruction to generations of human races.

"_________ believes itself to be the chosen human race; by no means, because they are more faithless and ignorant than the heathen, who lack the secret of the laws.

"_________ was never one distinct people and has at all times lived with murder, robbery and fire.  They have acquired this land through ruse and murder in abominable, predatory wars, slaughtering their best friends like wild animals.

"May the nation of __________ be cursed until the end of the world and never find its peace.

"Behold, I am sending you among the ignorant and worshippers of idols, like sheep among the wolves.  Therefore be clever as serpents and innocent as doves."

"If they have called the master of the house Beelzebul, how much more will they malign those of his household?

"Therefore beware of _________, because it is like an abscess.

"However, do not be afraid of them, because there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed and nothing secret that will not be known.

The Ideal

Range is from Loud to Subtle


~27:00 minute mark

"Suddenly becoming excited, like, I could ask, I know what I wanted to ask!"  Because I come from a background where, 'This is what it is, and it's not that.  And this is what's true, and this isn't.  And this is the one that's the right one.  And those don't have it all,' and things like that.
I was like, 'Well here it is!  What I want to ask.' and I kind of went up and I didn't even have to ask because the question that was there in my mind, 'Which one is the true church?' It was already in his understanding that it was in my mind.  And at the same time that I was feeling this question, I was in his place, seeing myself from his wisdom and knowledge and background, and the way I saw myself asking was like a little kid who goes up to someone who, someone with some more wisdom or knowledge, and it was as if I were saying, "So tell me, which kind of cheese is the moon made of?  Is it jack, Swiss or cheddar?" 

And it was, he didn't answer me with words or even with that telepathic communication.  He smiled at me.  And he kind of just lowered his head in a way that I understood:  He was going to let me wait awhile, whatever awhile means, until I was ready to figure out what I really needed to ask."

1:1  This is the book and mystery of Jmmanuel, which means "the one with

        godly knowledge,"

1:81  Joseph was the husband of Mary, the mother of Jmmanuel, who

         became pregnant by a distant descendant of the celestial son, Rasiel,

         who was the guardian angel of the secret.

1:82  When Joseph heard of Mary's secret impregnation by a descendant of

          the celestial sons, from the lineage of Rasiel, behold, he was filled

          with wrath and thought of leaving Mary, before he would be married

          to her in front of the people.

1:85 "............................

         to fulfill the word of god, the ruler of those who traveled from afar, who

         said through the prophet Isaiah,

1:86  "'Behold, a virgin will be impregnated by a celestial son before she is

          married to a man before the people.

35:37  "Many sects will be established in my name, but only for the purpose

            of enslaving the human consciousness and freedom, thereby bring

            great powerr over the people and their land and money.

35:38  "But I tell you that no sect is just unless it recognizes Creation alone

            as the highest power and lives according to its laws and command-


35:39  "There will be no sect which preaches truth, knowledge and wisdom.

35:40  "It will be two times a thousand years before the time comes when

            my teaching will be preached anew, without being falsified, when the

            condition of false teachings and sects, the lies, cheating and deceit of

            the conjurers of the dead and spirits, the soothsayers and clarivoyants

            as well as the charlatans will be at their peak.

35:41  "Until then, there will be so many false sects, liars, impostors, char-

            latans, conjurers of the dead and spirits, false soothsayers, clairvoy-

            ants and false mediums who claim to be extraterrestrial, from other

            dimensions and coming from the distant depths of the universe, that

           they can no longer be counted.

Not male dominance.  The women are sacred, similar to the spirit is hidden.

1:2  Semjasa, the celestial son and guardian angel of god, the great ruler
       of the distant travelers who traversed the expanse of the universe,
       together with a terrestrial woman, begot Adam, the father of the white
       human race.

1:3  Adam took for himself an earth wife and begot Seth.

1:4  Seth begot Enos.

1:5  Enos begot Akjbeel.

1:6  Akjbeel begot Aruseak.

1:7  Aruseak begot Kenan.

Sacred, not male dominance.

Mary's security:

2:13  When they had heard Herod Antipas, they departed.  And behold, the
         light with the long tail, which they had seen in the Orient, went ahead
         of them with a high-pitched singing sound until it came to Bethlehem
         and stood directly over the stable where the infant was born.

2:14  When they saw this they rejoiced.

2:15  They went into the stable and found the young child with his mother,
         Mary, and Joseph.  They fell down and worshiped the infant and
         offered their treasures, which were gold, frankincense and myrrh.

It was real gold, not turmeric.

1:53  Dafjd begot Solomon.

1:54  Solomon begot Asa.

1:55  begot Gadaeel.

1:56  Gadaeel begot Josaphat.

"Solomon's Gold."

God and the celestial sons are close to Creation helping humanity become.