6:26  "For where your treasure is, there your heart is also;  and the true

          treasure is wisdom and knowledge.

6:27a  "The eye is the light of your body.

6:27b  "If your eye is clear, your whole body will be light.

6:28a  "If your eye is evil, your whole body will be dark.

6:28b  "If the light within you is dark, how great will the darkness be!

6:29a  "No one can serve two masters:  either he will hate the one and love

             the other, or he will adhere to the one and despise the other.

6:29b  "You cannot serve your spirit and mammon.

6:30a  "Therefore I say to you:  Be concerned about the knowledge of your

            spirit, food and drink, your body and your clothes.

6:30b  "For are not the spirit, life and body more important than all the treas-

             ures of the world?

6:31  "Without the body, the human spirit, which is thirsting for truth and

          knowledge, is incapable of preserving its earthly life, because body

          and spirit are one.

6:32  "Thus you should be concerned about increasing the knowledge of

          your spirit, about the laws of life and about food, drink and clothing

          for your body.

24:46  "You brood of snakes and vipers, this will happen to you into the dis-

             tant future, yet not by accident you then will also have a fortunate

             experience when my teaching of Creation, rights and laws will again

             be spread, so that you may then seize the opportunity to end and set-

             tle the world's hatred against you by means of an honest peace.

24:47  "Therefore, in the future, heed my teaching, which is truly the teach-

            ing of laws and commandments of Creation;  pay attention when it

            will be newly taught, because it will be the sign of the time at which

            many things change, and the power of the mighty and tyrants will

            break apart, so that nationalities of all human races will become free.

24:48  "In the distant future, heed the renewed presentation of my teaching

            of the spiritual and creative forces and laws and commandments.  It

            is valid for all times and universal, and you will be able to act accord-

            ing to my counsel, and there will be quiet and peace among you and

            all human beings in this world.

24:49  "Truly, truly, I say to you:  All this will be fulfilled and shall come

            upon you and upon your race and continue long into the future, as I

            have told you."


They had killed the administrator's son.  They thought they killed the administrator's son.  They were a little afraid because of that:  Looking over their shoulder quite a bit, particularly then.

The fear subsided a little though and soon they thought, "God doesn't know what he's talking about.  Who's afraid of who?  We're not afraid of him.  Nothing's happened to us."

A thousand years, two thousand years goes by:  No need to fear of the administrator's son; "We killed him and took over his inheritance.  Nobody's stopped us all these years.  Nobody's stopping us now."  And today they say, "Forget about God.  What does God know?" 

So now they don't even talk about god anymore, except maybe this:  "God said we'd be afraid.  Humph.  What are we afraid of?  Nothing.  We're in control of the whole thing.  Hijacked god's position too."

So, me?  Well I'll play my part, to fulfill prophecy, prophecy from god himself:  "They will be afraid of the administrator's son."  We'll see how it plays out.  See what happens.

22:30  "But listen to another parable about a vineyard, and perhaps you will
            understand, if your mind still works.

22:31  "There was a lord who owned much.  He planted a vineyard, built a
            fence around it and dug a cellar in it, and he built a tower, leased the
            vineyard to vine-dressers and left the country.

21:32  "When the time of the grape harvest arrived and with it the payment
            of the lease, he sent his servants to the vine-dressers, so that they
            would receive his loan.

22:33  "The vine-dressers seized his servants, beat one, tortured the other
            and stoned to death the third one.

22:34  "Again the master sent out other servants, more than the first time,
            and the vine-dressers treated them the same as they did the servants

To bad blood invaders:

24:43  "You will find neither rest nor peace in the country stolen by your

             ancestors by means of falsehood and deceit, because you will be

             haunted by your inherited burden of murder with which your forefa-

              thers killed the ancient inhaitants of this continent and deprived

              them of life and property.

24:44  "So all the just blood will come upon you, blood which was shed by

             your forefathers and through you, and which is still being shed by you

             and your close and distant descendants until the faraway future.

24:45  "There will be hatred against you in this world, and even the future

             will bring you neither rest nor peace until you retreat from the land

             stolen by you, or until you make a conciliatory peace and create

             brotherly trust and unity with your enemies and renounce your false

             and stolen rights..

6:40a  "Therefore, you should care for the wisdom and knowledge of your

            spirit, and take care that you do not suffer from lack of food, drink

            and clothing.

6:40b  "Truly, I say unto you:  If you suffer fom hunger, thirst and naked-

            ness, then wisdom and knowledge will be crowded out by worry.

6:41  First seek the realm of your spirit and its knowledge, and then seek to

          comfort your body with food, drink and clothing.

6:42a  "Therefore, take care for the next day, for tomorrow will not take care

             of you by itself.

6:42b  "It is enough that each day has its own cares, so that you should not

             have to worry about your physical welfare."

26:22  "If people receive daily in due manner just a little wisdom in their

             consciousness, they grow like the waxing moon during the light half

             of the month.

26:23  "Wisdom is the greatest asset of humanity and so is the created will,

            which is lord over love and happiness, but all this is meaningless

            without the power of the spirit.

26:24  "Fools who wait for fate to act without doing anything themselves

             perish like an unfired pot in water.

26:25  "Those who take care of a cow always receive milk;  likewise, those

            who nurture wisdom and apply it through the power of the spirit bring

            forth rich fruit.

The Administrator's Son

26:26  "Understand each law of Creation and once you have understood it,

            adhere to it and live accordingly, because the laws are the greatest


26:27  "There is no eye equal to wisdom, no darkness equal to ignorance, no

             power equal to the power of the spirit, and no terror equal to poverty

             of consciousness.

26:28  "There is no higher happiness than wisdom, no better friend than

             knowledge, and no other savior than the power o the spirit.

26:29  "Those who have intelligence may grasp my speech so they will be

            wise and knowing."


22:35  "At last he sent the son of his administrator to them and said, 'They
            will be afraid of the administrator's son.'

22:36  "But when the vine-dressers saw the son of the administrator they
             spoke among themselves, 'This is the heir, come let us kill him and
             take over his inheritance.'

22:37  "They seized him, pushed him out of the vineyard and killed him, so
            they thought.  While presuming him to be dead, they put him in a tomb
            where he was in a state of near- death for three days and three nights,
            and then he fled.  Then he returned to the lord of the vineyard and
            reported to him.

22:38  "When the lord of the vineyard heard what had happened to the son
            of his administrator, what do you think he did?"

22:39  They said to him, "He probably had the villains punished and ban-
            ished and turned his vineyard over to other vine-dressers who paid his
            lease at the right time, and he most certainly turned over the inheri-
            tance to his administrator's son earlier."

Things are okay with me.  They're alright.

People for Israel are in trouble.  And people for Islam are in trouble.

10:25  "Many of these false believers will lose their lives, including many

             Israelites, who will never find their peace until the end of the world,

             because they are ignorant and unwise and deny the power of the spir-

             it, of love and of knowledge.

10:26  "Truly, I say to you:  The nation of Israel was never one distinct peo-
            ple and has at all times lived with murder, robbery and fire.  They have
            acquired this land through ruse and murder in abominable, predatory
            wars, slaughtering their best friends like wild animals.

10:27  "May the nation of Israel be cursed until the end of the world and
            never find its peace.

"Jews Against Israel" sounds like a good idea.  However, if it doesn't have heart its not going to fly.

The heart will fly.  The heart will fly.  The heart will soar!

32:42 "Since this is the final goal of humanity, people must take care that

            this must and shall be so, for this is their destiny.


12:19  "Truly, truly, I say to you:  These laws of order were given by nature

             and should be followed, or human beings will bring death to them-

             selves and to the masses.

12:20  "This earth can nourish and support five hundred million people of all

             the human races.  But i these laws are not followed, in two thousand

             years ten times five hundred million people will exist, and the earth

             will not be able to support them any more.

12:21  "Famines, catastrophes, world wars and epidemics will control the earth,

            and the human races will commit suicide, with only a few surviving.

12:22  "Truly, I say to you:  There will be wailing and chattering of teeth

             when so much human blood is shed upon the sands of the earth that

             new life forms will arise from it, which will bring the final horror to


12:23  "But on this day you have been allowed to receive all good things,

            and the laws have been given to you by which you should live.

12:24  "And you should adhere to additional laws, so that you will have

            prosperity on earth and peace in your families.

Israel includes Islam (Same animal, different name.  Same M.O.)

15:23  "For the people of Israel are unfaithful to the laws of Creation and are

             accursed and will never find peace.

15:24  "Their blood will be shed, because they constantly commit outrages

             against the laws of Creation.

15:25  "They presume themselves above all the human races as a chosen

             nation and thus as a separate race.

15:26  "What an evil error and what evil presumption, for inasmuch as Israel

            never was a nation or a race, so it was never a chosen race.

15:27  "Unfaithful to the laws of Creation, Israel is a mass of people with an

             inglorious past, characterized by murder and arson.

For utopia you must want to follow the laws of Creation today and every day.

There are many many laws of Creation.  The more you read about them and ingrain them into your life the more satisfied/fulfilled and overall happy you (will be.)

6:30a  "Therefore, I say to you:  Be concerned about the knowledge or your

             spirit, food and drink, your body and your clothes.

6:30b  "For are not the spirit, life and body more important than all the treas-

             ures of the world?

6:31  "Without the body, the human spirit, which is thirsting for truth and

          knowledge, is incapable of preserving its earthly life, because body

          and spirit are one.

6:32  "Thus you should be concerned about increasing the knowledge of

          your spirit, about the laws of life and about food, drink and clothing

          for your body.

If it is your choice of wearing little or no clothing, whatever amount of clothing, it is your choice.  That is always good:  Choice.  This website is for good choices.

Praise of the Spirit and of Knowledge

11:20  At that time Jmmanuel began to speak, "Praise be to Creation, maker

            of the heavens and the universes and the Earth, that it has kept hidden

            the knowledge and power of the spirit from the unwise and unintelli-

            gent who spread the false teachings, and is now revealing it to sincere


11:21  "Yes, it has been very good of Creation, and consequently of god and

             his celestial sons, that they have thwarted up to now the misuse of

             power among the human races.

11:22  "All things have now been given over to mankind, and no one knows

             the secret of Creation, not even one person, and neither god nor his


11:23  "And all things have now been given over to me by god, whose

             guardian angels taught me the laws and knowledge of nature and the

             laws emanating from Creation.

11:24  "So come to me, all who are seeking and are thirsty for knowledge

            and truth; I will refresh you.

11:25  "Take the yoke upon yourselves of having to learn the new teaching,

             because it is the enlightenment; in it you will find peace for your life,

11:26  "because the yoke of spiritual development is gentle, and its burden

             is light."