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"It is well known among the people on the planet that the time of chaos that has long been predicted appears to be manifesting into reality. These predictions were purposefully implanted in some of the religious teachings. However, the indigenous tribes long ago taught similar predictions clearly defining this time frame. That appears to make both coincide. The difference is that some of these predictions were promulgated for a purpose and those of the indigenous people are genuine prophecies. Their prophecies contain identifiable time frame predictions (The Mayan calendar for example, calculates/prophesying the end of the current 26,000 year cycle as ending on December 12, 2012.) while those of deliberate intent to induce fear assured those that hear them the exact time cannot be known. This enables them to use various sets of conditions as indications of their possible manifestation and through the years to manipulate the believers over and over again. American Indian prophecies tell of a time of chaos to be followed by the time of the “rainbow man”. Zuni Indian art contains depictions of a rainbow man in (pg 82) anticipation of that future event. It is the purpose of these messages to bring that prophecy to fruition."

Embracing the Rainbow (book 2)

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If you know and like Nostradamus prediction of 5,000 years of peace then you will like this story.

My name is Ross Purviance.  My birth name is Ross Purvine, but since the original family name from France is Purviance and my art is the Purviance Pyramid I have opted for the more artistic original family name, Purviance.

I was involved with the Sikhs for a number of years.  I had a contractor's license.  My company was called CDK Construction.  I also got a commodity brokers license and that company was called CDK Trading Company.  Now for the paranormal story.....


In June 2008 I wrote a blog about a lame Microsoft "innovation" that was much less than innovative.  In the blog, referring to the head of Microsoft I said, "You're heading in the wrong direction there Billy Boy."  That same day I also watched a youtube video where Delores Cannon was talking about Nostradamus prediction that if humanity goes the right path then we will have 5,000 years of peace.  I was already familiar with that Nostradamus prediction from an old movie I had seen, a documentary on Nostradamus.

4 days goes by and riding my bicycle past the ashram on my way to Peet's Coffee Shop, I notice they are serving Chinese food at the ashram, so I stop and get a plate.  I ate lunch and put the fortune cookie in my pocket and headed for Peets.

At Peets Coffee Shop at that time you would buy something and get a random access code for 2 hours internet access.  I was sitting down on the internet and I remembered, "My fortune cookie!" and pulled it out of my pocket.  The fortune said, "You are heading in the right direction.  Trust your instincts."  Wow!  4 days earlier I said in the blog, "You're heading in the wrong direction there Billy Boy."

So I sent emails out about this interesting event.  My 2 hours was up so I needed a new access code.  The code I got was another amazing communication!  The code was


My company was CDK Construction.  Here it was, June.  I figured "8" must mean reinstate my contractor's license by August (8th month).

I went to bed that night pondering these fascinating communications.  I woke up next morning 4:30 AM on the dot.  "Wait a minute!" I said to myself.  "CDK stands for the Sikh term Chair Dee Kuhlaa! which means, 'bliss and happiness in Source frequency!' - Peace!  Nostradamus is wrong!  It's 8K! 8,000 years of peace, CD8K.

4 years goes by.............

It's March 1st 2012.  On February 28th I had listened to Kimberly Ruff on my Coast to Coast AM Insider Subscription.  Kimberly Ruff is the Hopi Tibetan Prophecy Messenger and she was so excited she told George Noory, "We did it George!  We did it.  We did the impossible!  No other planet in the whole universe has ever done it, but we did it."  George Noory responded, "Did what?  What did we do?"  Kimberly responded, "We're on the path of one heart, infinite peace!"

So the next day or two I'm at Starbucks outside, its evening, twilight and a friend stops by, sits down and I tell him the CD8K story.  My friend tells me, "Well you know!  The 8 on its side is the infinity symbol."  The realization struck me immediately, and I said to my friend, "You just made history!  CD8K means infinite peace!  Just like Kimberly Ruff said on Coast to Coast AM Feb 28th 2012!  It's infinite peace."

I made at least 20 copies of the access code CD8K and the fortune "You are heading in the right direction.  Trust your instincts." both together on a piece of paper.  In my haste moving out of my apartment into my RV I left them all in my apartment.  I thought for sure I had at least a couple copies in my two folders I carry in my backpack.  Apparently not.