Celestial sons speaking to Jmmanuel:

"Creation is the immeasurable secret."

The following was spoken to Jmmanuel by the angels of god during Jmmanuel's (aka Jesus) 40 days and 40 nights off Earth 3D with the celestial sons and the saints of god.  (the following is from Talmud of Jmmanuel)

The famous Crabwood Crop Circle was never reported by mainstream media.

Below is the correct translation to the above crop circle formation from 8/21/2002, exactly 11 months and 10 days from the infamous false flag terror attack of 9/11/01.

Chemtrail Burst (turned into clouds)  picture 2011.

Chemtrails dissolved

Refresh the pages; keep refreshing the pages.

Many visit the About Us Too page of my website and read the contents in dismay.

To quell the dismay go to the Spotlight page. I will tell you more in depth the solution to the horror of false teachings, the horror being the threat of losing self-awareness (your spirit) if you do this or do that.

Humans have self-awareness. In other words, humans have spirit. Plants,  animals, fish, insects, birds and non self-aware creatures do not have spirit.

Your spirit is immortal, all-powerful and all knowing. Each spirit is each person's own spirit to be perfected with the task of becoming one with Creation. Perfection of the spirit is the goal of each human and it is the fulfilment. Your spirit is with you forever. Your spirit is given to you by Creation to be perfected becoming one with Creation.

False teachings will say you may lose your spirit if you do this and this and the other; they say that would send you back to non self-aware beings of plants and animals and insects and fish and such.

However, even if this were true and this were to happen you would not be self-aware to know the difference, so what's to be afraid of? However without self-awareness you have no say to get rid of negativity permeating the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe.

With self-awareness you have infinite power of the spirit to follow the laws of Creation making things better for all, everyone and everything, its beyond words.

8:15  "The false teachings of Israel will bring bloodshed over the millennia, because the power-hungry selfishness and self-glorification of Israel will bring death and destruction over the land and all the world."

11:22  "All things have now been given over to mankind, and no one knows the secret of Creation, not even one person, and neither god nor his followers.

11:23  "And all things have now been given over to me by god, whose guardian angels taught me the laws of knowledge of nature and the laws emanating from Creation.

11:24  "So come to me, all who are seeking and are thirsty for knowledge and truth; I will refresh you.

11:25  "Take the yoke upon yourselves of having to learn the new teaching, because it is the enlightenment; in it you will find peace for your life,

11:26  "because the yoke of spiritual development is gentle, and its burden is light."

Make a Purviance Pyramid

Easy to make.  Saves the honey bees.

​Gets rid of pollution.

"according to his knowledge."

"because of the control of what you call god."

No Pictures

No pictures

Important! Very Important!

Take the pendulum out.

Pendulum is evil. It is better to just die.

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​There was a real prophet Mohammed and he wasn't the cad they put in place.

7:15  So if you, now, though being wicked, can nevertheless give your chil-
          dren good gifts, how much more will your spirit give you, if you ask
          for it."

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