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"...., because Creation is the immeasurable secret."

My sweetheart!!  This smile face was made in my pocket.  The stone was 3 months in my pocket and the smile face appeared.

Your tiny connection to Creation has all the attributes of Creation like a drop of water in the ocean of Creation.  Creation is all powerful and all knowing.  Your tiny connection to Creation is all powerful and all knowing.  Your tiny connection to Creation is just for you, specifically for you personally.  It's your personal connection to Creation and it is your source of all power and all knowledge.  And it is divine!, so divine that its name alone is holy.  It is your spirit.

This is NOT to say that god does not exist.  God exists and is the ruler of the celestial sons and these human races.

The following was spoken to Jmmanuel by the archangels during Jmmanuel's (aka Jesus) 40 days and 40 nights off Earth with the celestial sons and the saints of god.  (the following is from Talmud of Jmmanuel)

And here is what Jmmanuel (aka Jesus) himself says about god and Creation.  This again from Talmud of Jmmanuel.  Understand!  This is what god sent the prophets to teach the people.......

, except all the prophets were conspired against and murdered and their teachings falsified, including the bible written by the serial killers of the prophets, the zionists. (spell checker says I should capitalize zionists, just like it says I should capitalize satan.  Nope!  Not going to do it.)

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The famous Crabwood Crop Circle was never reported by mainstream media.

Below is the correct translation to the above crop circle formation from 8/21/2002, exactly 11 months and 10 days from the infamous false flag terror attack of 9/11/01.

Chemtrail Burst (turned into clouds)  picture 2011.

Funny video, good pictures too.

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