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"Humanity has itself blocked the answer to its long standing
cry for relief from enslavement by the outside forces,
because it has been educated to ask for its “rescue” to come
from an unknowable being that is in actuality a part of the
controlling forces. Deception for control has been very successful
for thousands of years. “Worship your controller” has
been the ploy. Mankind has very little time left to wake up
to this strategy and cooperatively agree that it is time to end
this charade once and for all. Those who would assist must
be a group that is willing to research and prove to itself
beyond a shadow of a doubt the truth of this astounding
pronouncement of the global situation. It must realize that
humanity has to create its own future or remain in the circumstances
of terrible slavery that are planned for them."

"It allows for a total change in perception with regard to the
self and how this self fits into the composite picture of experience.
This results in a change in the perception of “God’’
which suddenly allows for an understanding that “God”
equates to cosmic/galactic citizenship rather than a
father/child relationship. It is a shift from “being or experiencing
as powerless” to the awesome responsibility of being
a contributing portion to the totality of what constitutes
“God” or the creative energy of potentiality being focused
into experience in order that it can be defined and understood.

The pivotal point at which this change takes place is not
a shift from negative to positive. It is rather an uplifting to a
new point in the spiral of experience that allows for a greater
understanding and ability to utilize the positive/negative
energies that are part and parcel of the outflow of creative
energies in the individual and collective foci that result in the
larger matrix or design of the whole pattern of a galaxy."

"The age-old question arises as to “why God allows
this to happen?” Here again we face the fallacy of what
“God” has been represented to be. The question is addressed
to an outside Supreme Being that holds power over each
individual life expression. It is the transfer of the awe held
long ago when beings of apparent superior status brought
forth the human in partial likeness of themselves for the purpose
of exploiting their physical forms in slavery to an all
knowing superior being that promises benevolence but seldom
provides it. In other words, this “God” with the expected
power to control all things, does not now and never has
existed." Becoming

"The “God” so sought by the disillusioned
members of humanity as a source of rescue exists only
as the composite of all manifested awareness as focused with
in the confines of each expanding unit of awareness adinfinitum.
It is necessary to recognize and decide to become
a part of this manifested awareness as a responsible and contributing
part of it in order to proceed within its process."

"Where does one go when there is no capricious god to
direct one’s wishes, desires and fears toward? Can that empty
place that was once filled by the “God” perceived to give and
take, answer or not answer, hear or not hear, depending on
whim ever be filled again. Indeed! Now is the time to
remember the Laws of the Universe and to read them again
and to practice them. Each must become the god in their
lives, for the laws are the premise of life expression. The messages
are written so that each time they are read a different
perception is received, more is understood and the desire to
experience real freedom is kindled. There is no freedom
without responsibility. As responsibility is relinquished, freedom
dissolves into slavery, no matter what clever face is
painted over it. The choice between these realities, the fork
in the road has been reached. It is indeed decision time."

"Those who will bring about this phenomenal reversal of
the planned scenario for the future of this planet and its
remaining inhabitants will learn and apply well the 4 primary
Laws of the Universe. These Laws will become the “god”
of their lives and upon the wisdom of these Laws will rest the
future. They are the foundation of the new paradigm of existence.
All building blocks will be shaped by their application.
Their simplicity and the energies and intelligence that
their interaction with focused minds that hold clearly their
intent for the highest and best good of all will bring forth
changes for the good of this planet and humanity that are
beyond anything the present human mind can ever imagine.
It is the clear and present desire for this incredible experience
that must call and hold the minds of all that read and resonate
with this information. Upon your mental shoulders
rests the future of this planet. The question remains as to
whether there is enough commitment and focus to bring
about the desire to own and shepherd this planet and your
continued progress. A galaxy of fellow god beings awaits
your decision and your follow through."

"Now is the time for these self-appointed ones to lead
mankind from being into becoming what was intended. Human
being is a misnomer; each is a human becoming! Knowing this
and referring to themselves in this way, each would be constantly
focused upon the true purpose of incarnation. Then the internal
cry of those on the planet and the planet herself in this moment
of time would become “I am a human (god-man) becoming! Help
me to do this! Then response is possible. It changes the focus
from “I am a victim, help me!” which implies help me to continue
being a victim, to a focus of desire for self-empowerment.
After centuries of calling for someone or some ritual or miracle
to accomplish the impossible, man has been unable to figure out
that it must come from within his own awareness and the
empowering of himself so that it can be accomplished. Instead
the self-empowerment urge was distorted into self-aggrandizement
and the result is seen all around you. The shift of your own
consciousness toward your desire for this end has brought forth
your ability to attract these messages. As the wake up triggers are
tripped, the ripples of the pebble shall become waves. Then the
action shall begin and many levels of links shall form and wheels
shall begin to turn. A beleaguered mass consciousness shall experience
a shift as will the planet. This will not be the shift, but will
be the beginning of the necessary upliftment that must precede
that process." Handbook for the New Paradigm

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